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Welcome to the Guest Book. This is where viewers have expressed their opinions on BAPS' work and website.
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kalpesh Brahmbhatt
Toronto, CANADA
December 30 2009
This site is the best ever.Every day we can do darshan of maharaj and swamibapa anywhere with cell phone or computer and it feel as we are in mandir.
Kiritkumar Patel
Baroda, INDIA
December 30 2009
When samaiyo is go on, I dont miss out becose I see all picturs on this website. I feel like i am thare. It is grate. Jai Swaminarayan
Bhavesh Patil
Vadodara, INDIA
December 30 2009
!!! Jay Swaminarayan !!!, It is an excellent site covering all aspects of life viz social, spritual and educational.
Nilkanth Patel
Cinnaminson, UNITED STATES
December 29 2009
Everything is very inspiring from A to Z. I can spend entire day going thru the Vicharan, news, downloads etc & still hungry for more next day.
Neelam parmar
Nashik, INDIA
December 29 2009
It's really very good to visit this website. There are so many photos of temples. It is always updated. Jay Swaminarayan.
Rushikesh Darji
December 28 2009
I'm a regular visitor of ths website. News, P.Swamibapa's vicharan photos and Sw. Bliss are very valuable for me and all Satsangis. I would appreciate if you can upload regularly a pdf copy of Sw. Prakash. Anyway, thanks much for making this site better day-by-day.
Mitesh M.Thakkar
Ahmedabad(shreepur), INDIA
December 28 2009
Vachanamrut Vartal-10 Shriji Maharaj guides, “When God is not manifest on this earth, one should seek the refuge of the Sant who has the realisation of God – because the jiva can also attain liberation through him. When even such a Sant is not present, one should keep firm faith in God’s murti and perform bhakti while observing swadharma – because doing so can also grant liberation to the jiva AS PER SHRIJI MAHARAJ'S VACHANAMRUT..WE ARE ATTAINING LIBERATION BY SURRENDERING OURSELVES AT THE HOLY FEET OF GURU HARI PRAMUKHSWAMI MAHARAJ..SEE,ITS A VERY BIG ACHIEVEMENT,LIKE AN ANT SHAKING HANDS WITH AN ELEPHANT..EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE AT "BAPS"..BE BAPS BE HAPPY FOREVER.
patel bharat
anwterpen, BELGIUM
December 25 2009
i like neasdon , london mandir is very nicely planned for a foreign country, the devotees are very warm hearted for this temple in uk.
vikram raval
mumbai, INDIA
December 25 2009
swamishri's health be good & come's to mumbai as early as possible
December 24 2009
Can we possibly get an iphone app for the vachanamrut and shikshapatri? It'd be greatly appreciated...
uday kapasi
December 24 2009
Music is a thing that connects one with God and during my days after return from Hospital I do not know but some one sends me Bhakti sangeet and I simply bow down to the Compassion shown by Bapa Parivar.
Dhruwal Patel
Nagpur, INDIA
December 24 2009
Bapa giving adbhut labh to all charotar area currently . we have great opportunity to take labh of bapa's dharshan , now bapa going to nadiad for gunatitanand swami dikha dwistabdi mahotsav , Dhabhan so can we have arrengment to see that live through web or so.
Mukesh Morjaria
December 20 2009
the result of BAPS Mandir Darhsan is the Darshan of God's Gunatith Sadhu, Pujya Pramukh Swami Maharaj and the result of HIS darshan is darshan of God in everyone.
Jatin N Patel
December 20 2009
Thanks for daily photos and videos of swamishriji and i am waiting everyday for updates...I wish this momentum continues when bapa goes to other mandirs...this website is wonderful....Jay Swaminarayan
pravinkumar R Macwan
gandhinagar gujarat, INDIA
December 19 2009
prasshanth nair
jamshedpur, INDIA
December 19 2009
i like this site every time i visit here.main reason being i like worshiping God. and have great respect for those who serves in the form of imparting education or other services..keep rocking!
mukesh mangukiya
panyu,Guangzhou., CHINA
December 18 2009
JAY SWAMINARAYAN! This site is realy wonderful,site opens anciant world of traditional Hindu Sanskruti. I listen Bapa's blessing through out this site and remove all confusion of my mind. I feell pramukh swami maharaj always with me. I pray to Maharaj-Swami give long life for Bapa, Apana Charnoma Koti Koti Vandan.......!
sankalp patel
levittown, UNITED STATES
December 16 2009
baps is awesome!
Mayur Patel
Shanghai, CHINA
December 14 2009
Jay swaminarayan to all... It is a very great this only we r informed here about new activity of BAPS and BAPA's vicharan. I am very much thankful for this site. Everday i start my work after watching this site. I have a little suggestion..If it is possible plzz put some gujarati books in PDF format.I think some Satsangsixan exam books were putted here.Like this please put some other books also.
Jatin Jayendrabhai Brahmbhatt
Surat, INDIA
December 12 2009
I start my work after "Darshan" of Maharaj & Swamibapa. I request you add Indian BAPS temples with US and UK. really I am very thankfull to you for daily 'NEW DARSHAN' of Maharaj & Swami. Jay Swaminarayan
satyen shah
baroda, INDIA
December 11 2009
I am not a guest but an indivisible part of Swaminarayan Sampraday. I am very happy to see its growth, seems like a realization of Shriji maharaj's wish: "May god, the destroyer of all miseries of His devotees, the defender of Bhakti and Dharma, the giver of all cherished object, spread His goodness and glory everywhere.." JAY SWAMINARAYAN
Patel Pinakin Pravinbhai
Ahmedabad, INDIA
December 10 2009
JAY SWAMINARAYAN! this website tells you everything what u needed.. no need to make any clarification... everything is clear that BAPS is Great!
geeta bhatt
North Carolina, Charlotte, UNITED STATES
December 10 2009
please show the video of bapa"s puja daily wherever he is. so that elders in the home can also take the advantage of puja darshan. Jai Swaminarayan.
gayatri patel
smithville, UNITED STATES
December 09 2009
jay swaminarayan, i like to thanks bapa. because this website help me for aksherderi dershan, and pray to god.
Vishal Amin
December 08 2009
jay swaminaryan 2 all nd i m very happy 2 say that this websit is really helpful 2 see my presepter prmukhaswami maharaj has heart wherein everybody can liv happily nd everday i see daily satsang on tis website. Jay Swaminaryan
Rajesh Patel
Atlantic City, UNITED STATES
December 08 2009
Jay Swamiarayan My name is rajesh patel i am really thankful to baps website because of when ever i want to see swamishri darshan & updated feed is very hepful to me my knowledge
Meha D Patel
December 08 2009
Jai Swaminarayan Thank you for creating such an amazing website. it keeps me updated about Swamishri's vicharan and all videos are truly amazing, special Thanks to Ahmedabad AV & IT Teams for everyday video darshan smrutis back in Aug-Sep. And Prerna Parimal/Divine Inspiration under Daily Satsang are the best articles to read before starting the day. Thanks again. We love you Swamibapa. JS
Laxman Somaiya
December 07 2009
Jay Swaminarayan.i need BAPA's blessing. i want bhaakti of shreeji maharaj and pramukhswamiji maharaj so give me blessing baapa and please visit our Gandhidham.jay swaminarayan.
Nimisha Viral Narsihn
December 06 2009
One can be a great from visiting this website. For more than 10 years I have been vising this this website. I have a little boy who is 5 years old and he learned reading and writing gujrati from the daily stories that come up every month. It has helped him Thank you for this website.
Dhira Jayesh Sharma
Toronto, CANADA
December 06 2009
Not even one religion besides Swaminarayan religion have I seen such adbhut website. Why? Because nothing can beat this marvelous website. Go on go on to be a great website.Sarva ne Jai shree swaminarayan
Harish P. Patel
December 06 2009
"Muje gnaan shikhaya mera guruji me..." is a perfect exmple of this line from a kirtan. When I read Prerna Parimal and Enlighten Essays, I gain so much knowledge of satsang and Hinduism.
Parth Vipinbhai Patel.
Sojitra, INDIA
December 06 2009
Hello and how are you to all haribhakts jai swaminarayan friends i pray to shreeji maharaj "give good helth to swami bapa" in my pratah puja. so you will also pray him long life.
Umakant Parmar
Washington D.c., UNITED STATES
December 06 2009
Jay Swaminarayan. This website shows me lot of inspiration and puts me on the path to akshardham. Also, iot begins my day making it speacial by doing darshan of maharaj and swami in daily Satssnag.
Nalin Govani
December 06 2009
I love this website alot but i m so anxios to see worldwide(atlanta) guru hari jaynti photos for saamiyo.
Meera Doshi
Mumbai, INDIA
December 03 2009
I simply love our kids site bcz it provides us amazing knowledge about our sanstha which every satsangi should be aware of...its a great gift to all the BAPS KIDS...!!!
Ramat Gan, ISRAEL
December 02 2009
Jay Swaminarayan!! I want all the ceremony when it will hapen & if you can send pics . Than it will be good for me.

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