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Welcome to the Guest Book. This is where viewers have expressed their opinions on BAPS' work and website.
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Mitesh M,Thakkar
ahmedabad(shreepur), INDIA
March 31 2010
jaynam mukesh bhai sharma
bodal, INDIA
March 30 2010
Jay Swaminarayan, I am verry glad for daily darshan of our guru and bhagawan swaminarayan,I am request for our monthaly PRAKASH,BAL PRAKSHASH dowenload for out of country haribhakta,my son Mr.jaynam sharma is studdy but he says that on line reading the mantion bal prakash so i hurbely request..............jay shree swaminarayan bhavgan ni jay
Panchal Mrugesh
Godhra, INDIA
March 25 2010
We are daily downloading the youtube videos and photos from this site and showing at Godhra temple. Thanks.
Rajendra C. Vaya
Manama,Bahrain, BAHRAIN
March 24 2010
Jaiswaminarayan to all Haribhaktos, On this auspicious day of Harijayanti 24/03/2010,I take the oppurtunity of congratulating all santos and bhaktos who have done a splendid job in providing us with a site, where we can have daily Devine Darshan of our Pran Pyaaya Guruhari Param Pujya Pramukhswami Maharaj and other Satsang related happening. On this day I pen down a few couplets,which are inspired by SwamiBapa. " Aaj Swami Madya Chhe Amunne...... Swamishri Madya,sarrve dukh tadya,Jyar thee Pragat Jadyaa chhe Amunne, Aaj Swami Madya Chhe Amunne......"
Bony Patel
Rajkot, INDIA
March 24 2010
JSN,I visit this website mostly.I do darshan of Maharaj & Bapa.After Bapa's darshan I feel that Bapa is with me. Actually,the entire site is so good that it can not be expressed in the words.Thank you :)
quater borne, MAURITIUS
March 23 2010
with this website i contect with ineternet world.daily murti darhan n about sastang exam every information is to good.
March 20 2010
jai swaminarayn to everyone ! this is very good site i can have all info. about satsang but it will be very nice if we have some RINGTONS (bhajan, dhun,) for downlode its very nice to have swami's darshan everyday feel like i am home agin! thank you
Shailesh Malaviya
Mumbai, INDIA
March 19 2010
sarvopari sarvavtari Bhagwan swaminarayan ni sarvopari sanstha - Jay Swaminarayan.
Harshad Thaker
Ahmedabad, INDIA
March 19 2010
Param Bhagvadiya, JAY SHRI SWMINARAYAN, Our Daily Satsang Page is best, for all the Satsangis to visit, bu my suggestion is for GURU DARSHAN, as we have details that from where THE photos of Pu BAPAA we got , so it is my humble opinion that if you write so me basic details viz: the name of he place, and a line of the Prasang.then it will give us remembrance also so start it on trial base also.Jay swaminarayan.
ram patel
baroda, INDIA
March 18 2010
this site is very good all the activities of baps is world best
patel amitkumar pravinlal
paris, FRANCE
March 17 2010
jay swaminarayan to everybody.i'm staying in paris since feb. 2009 n going in every weekly sabha on tuesday. i'm a regular user of this web never checked satsang sabha portal n once found it n its really amging, therz no words to say about it n even for entire web site. this information n technology team of baps org. doing great great job to take a person towards "brahmroop" situation. many many thanks. jay swaminarayan
Vaghela Dharmesh Harikrushnabhai
Rajula, INDIA
March 16 2010
Jay Swaminarayn,because of this site without going Mandir at early morning due to job, i can see Daily Darshan.My word will be too short to describe Swamibapa`s work for humanity/society.
tanvi patadia
rajkot, INDIA
March 15 2010
actually i m not a guest but im the part of this organization.. i love my organization.its amazing facility for followers that they can get information and etc from this site... please put swami's dincharya on site...
Pritesh Patel
March 14 2010
Jai Swaminarayan.I love to do daily darshan of maharaj & bapa's.
amar patel
surat, INDIA
March 14 2010
there is only 1 ORGANIZATION WHO IS THE destany of ''HINDU'' RELIGIOUS,HERITAGE and remember to world that hindus are 1st on earth in any criteria...and thats u people ,,,good going...well done..keep it up...thanks....
Pankaj Patel
Mehsana, INDIA
March 13 2010
Jai Swaminarayan, I Realy love this website! It gives us daily images of maharaj and swami.It gives me daily updates of bapa's Vichran.I wish swamijee would shower me his blessings so that i can become a good citizen of my country and maitain our rich Indian culture. Mahrajswami no jay jay jay kar..,
Sapan Patel
Boria(Anand), INDIA
March 11 2010
This is an excellent site.I always learnt a lot because i am far away from my native place.In view from my site the visited place on site and darshan had tremendous impact on my routine schedule.
March 09 2010
JAI SWAMINARAYAN TO YOU ALL...Iam visiting MAPUTO.Every asian i meet,i give them little murti of our guru parampara and put up large calenders in temples,shops and offices.In this way i get happiness and feel that i am doing something for our sampradhay....
Manisha Thakur
Mumbai, INDIA
March 08 2010
Jai SwamiNarayan I had visited Sarangpur for the Holi Utsav on March 2010. I stay in Mumbai (Borivali) and I got the honor of taking darshan labh of Param Pujya Pramukh Swamiji Maharaj at Sarangpur. I am very happy to attend the Holi Function and am blessed to be a part of this community. May God Always shower HIS blessings on us and on all fellow followers. JaiSwamiNarayan.
Kashmira Patel
March 07 2010
Jai Swaminarayan to all,I love doing daily darshan of maharaj and swami actually we have team and we all do a daily darshan everyday and send email to everyone explaining the feelings of darshan , we all do daily satsang everyday
swapnil patel
March 07 2010
B.A.P.S swaminarayan sanstha is good this sanstha is number one all over the world
Jitendraa Thakur
Mumbai, INDIA
March 07 2010
Jai SwamiNarayan, I am a great follower of the principles tought by Shri Param Pujya Pramukh Swamiji. I have herd that he receives and replies to letters sent to him even by any common person. Though I am not Gujrati by caste me and my mom we are serious followers of Shri Param Pujya Pramukh Swamiji. We wish Good Health, Luck and Prosperity to all.
Bhavin Patel
March 06 2010
Really....such a nice web-site.... We can know our religious in more depth. Everyone should visit this web-site everyday.
nadiad, INDIA
March 06 2010
Jay Swaminarayan Thanks a lot for the satsang sabha an opportunity to hear some very nice discourses from vadil santos like SantSwami, DrSwami, MahantSwami. Can you please upload more of these discourses as they really do help. Thanks, Samil JaySwaminarayan
lina patel
March 05 2010
JSN it is very beneficial specially living far from India all the devottes can have darshan of Maharaj in each of our centers.
Narendra R Patel
anand, INDIA
March 05 2010
The life and dedication HDH pramukhswami maharaj as it is, which are described in the biography of lord swaminarayan
krunal joshi
rajkot, INDIA
March 03 2010
i am enjoy vry wel puspodolostev at sarang pur
amita patel
enterprise, UNITED STATES
March 02 2010
thank you so much ghar betha rangotsav na darshan !!!! its realy good site ! bapa's darshan, maharaj's darshan everyday very nice this far away from india i can have all darshan of all samya i realy appriciate!!!!! feel like i am there at SARANGPUR !! JAI SWAMINARAYAN
Bhavesh Patil
Vadodara- Mathura Nagari, INDIA
March 02 2010
I'm a regular visitor of ths website. News, P.Swamibapa's vicharan photos and Sw. Bliss are very valuable for me and all Satsangis. I would appreciate if you can upload regularly a pdf copy of Sw. Prakash. Anyway, thanks much for making this site better day-by-day.
Vipul Patel
Baroda- Jambuwa, INDIA
March 02 2010
This site is the best ever.Every day we can do darshan of maharaj and swamibapa anywhere with cell phone or computer and it feel as we are in mandir.
Mak Jig
ahmedabad, INDIA
March 01 2010
thank you for quick upload of Pushpadolotsav coverage.. very first i am having closer look with photos on next day early morning.. this is world class work of web-team.. thanks

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