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Welcome to the Guest Book. This is where viewers have expressed their opinions on BAPS' work and Web site.
In order to prevent unwanted e-mail to them, some of our visitors have asked us not to list their e-mail addresses.

You can also add your opinion by signing our Guest Book.


Welcome to the Guest Book. This is where viewers have expressed their opinions on BAPS' work and Web site.
In order to prevent unwanted e-mail to them, some of our visitors have asked us not to list their e-mail addresses.

You can also add your opinion by signing our Guest Book.


Chandresh Patel
Mogri India
April 30 2001

Very good site. Thank you all for doing such marvellous job for spreading the message of Bhagwan Swaminarayan. Congratulations ! Keep it up Chandresh
Payal P.
Houston USA
April 29 2001

Jai Swaminarayan. i enjoyed this website for the 50th time. thanx to all the people who set this up for us. i hope that this website will always be an inspiration to me and other as well. thank you.
Kinjal Patel
Tucson United States
April 29 2001

This is a great site, it gave me all the latest news I needed, theres a lot of information I didn't know before, and found out...It's really easy to's the best site i have ever seen!
Ashwin Rathod
Loni India
April 29 2001

jay swaminarayan it's one of the best religeous web is also best. please provide fecility to dowan load kirtan and bhajan.
Hiten Meghji Manji
Mombasa Kenya
April 28 2001
Exellent site among other religious sites. Keep it up and keep on updating this site.please e-mail me a newsletter monthly if you have one onsite with some photos of Lord Shree Swaminarayan.
Ashita C. Parikh
Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania/Africa
April 27 2001

inspiring n wonderful our greatest jai swaminarayan to our beloved param pujya pramukh swami maharaj. also thankful for those who have created this web site. it keeps us in touch with our satsang sampraday.
Hatal A. Joshi
Guttenberg USA
April 27 2001 every way... just one small request... we also do Sabha here in New Jersey and we want to tell our Kishores where Bapa is and what is he doing. But we can't give them current would it be possible for someone to update it atleast once a week. See today is April 27, 2001...we want to tell our Kishore about Bapa's Vicharan during this month...but we only have news when Mr. Clinton visited Bapa & Akshardham... Jay Swaminarayan
Shilpa Patel
Illinois USA
April 27 2001

JAY SWAMINARAYAN:) This site is superb!!!I am a Kishori who lives in South Illinois. I think this site is excellent because it teaches you about the satsang and tells you about what bapa is doing. Specially for us so far away from our mother country INDIA. This is for bapa from our Kishori Mandal WE LOVE BAPA 4EVER!!!!
Trishna Patel
Erie, PA USA
April 26 2001

Jai Swaminarayan.i think that this website is very useful to people like me. It shows me where bapa is and where is will be next. It even answers all the questions that i need to know.
Anil M Bhikadiya
Bharuch India
April 26 2001

I,myself and my family members have visited the swaminarayan vidyapith at karamsad and all are delighted by the infrastructural development there, in all aspects. At the initial thought, i have just pressurised my daughter to appear in the examination, but with such a marvalous atmosphere, she have opt for the admission. Wish all the success to the new achivements of the sanstha.
Krishan Patel
Los Angeles USA
April 26 2001

Jay Swaminarayan to all, i've been visiting this website for a really long time. As a matter of fact, i think since its conception. Therefore, i think it's about time that i FINALLY sign the guest book. To state the obvious, i think that this is an excellent website. i try to wake up and look at the 'Daily Darshan' murti piece every morning and i believe it makes my day run a lot smoother. Thanks to those who keep this website up.
Tejal Shah
Dar es salaam Tanzania
April 25 2001
An absolutely brilliant organization with the most powerful leader. Very well organized and have the most creative people to work for them.
Komal Patel
Inglewood USA
April 24 2001

jai swaminrayan! i really like the pictures, news, and all the other activities that are being posted on the web site. but, i have one suggestion. is there anyway we can put the audio clips of bhajan, and kirtans online? This would be a very good idea if possible. thank you. and jai swaminarayan.
Janki Patel
Elizabeth U.S.
April 24 2001

Jai Swaminarayan! I really like the website for the swaminarayan sanstha and i like what they are doing for the earthquake
Kirit Joshi
Bharuch India
April 24 2001

it is very useful and constructive work for our Hindu Culture and the the work you are doing will achive the goal because the great Saint has already achieved but Thy particapte their followers and give them to do good Karma.
Gopal Patel
Philadelphia USA
April 23 2001

Jai Swaminarayan This site features one of the best sources of the life and philosophy of Lord Swaminarayan. This site shares with everyone, who is in search of enlightenment, essays that strengthen one morally and spiritually, and countless morally uplifting and inspirational examples from the lives of the spiritual heirs of Lord Swaminarayan and his followers. Everyone who comes here to visit will be amazed at how well they share what Hinduism is about. By coming to this site I have saved countless hours of searching the internet for research papers on what Hinduism truly stands for.
Nishit Fumakia
Toronto Canada
April 22 2001

a commendable job done by the should also start putting kirtans. the pictures are just awesome.well done!! thankyou bapa.
Jayesh Maniar
Dubai U.A.E
April 22 2001

Jay swaminarayan we had a greatest oppotunity of being blessed by our beloved H.S.D.H PRAMUKH SWAMI MAHARAJ for 7 days of divine bliss this will stay with us till the end of our life we pray to our guru for keep blessing us again & again finally to build one of the greatest temple in human history
Patel Niraj
Vadodara India
April 22 2001

I am very impressed by the work being done for the uplifting of Human Values and its environment for a better future. May GOD bless you all
Gaurav Dave
Kearny USA
April 21 2001

Jay Swaminarayan I may be a guest for the site but not to the sampraday...I feel great proud to be a devotee of Swaminarayan Sampraday. It goes without saying that the site is excellent and a great combination of Dharma and present cutting edge technology... Jay Swaminarayan
Vinod Vankiani
Abu Dhabi U.A.E
April 21 2001

Jay swaminarayan to everyone, really it is wonderful site and wonderful work doing for our society and for humanbeing really in need, I appreciate their work.
Deepak Kanjibhai Raghvani Ahmedabad India
April 20 2001
A commendable job, indeed. Regularity is best. I,m glad to get greater details about our sect every fortnight.
Nimesh Singhania
Phoenix USA
April 18 2001

Jay Swaminarayan to all webmasters of, nice website. pl include phoenix mandir information into Global Network Section. thanks.
Haredra Rathod
Gandhinagar India
April 18 2001

I was in search of Swaminarayan website, or else I was thinking to develop the same with help of Almighty God and the Guruji. But when I found this site, it has really given me the relief that Swami's blessing is with us always when we think to take a step inthe direction of worship.
Yogashish S. Raval
Nadiad India
April 17 2001

Jay Swaminarayan, Its a great expireance to visit the spiritual site like this. During my US trip I was missing India and Swamishree, I oftenly visited the site and get the Murti Darshan and speech of swamishree. So it helps me out in very worst conditions. Thanks a lot for giving me moral support direct or indirect.
Kiran B. Mistry
Kandivali (West)
Mumbai India
April 17 2001
Jay Swaminarayan, Our site is the only spiritual site in the world which updates every seconds and gives the latest news. I was searching one thing, i did not find it. Please tell me if it is there. I want postal addresses with the telephone/fax nos./e-mail of all the (450) temples. I think, it is not difficult to give. It will be helpful to communicate with the temples. Please add this in our most powerful site. Please do this.
Rathod Tushar
Ahmedabad India
April 16 2001
I m very impreshed by this site. It is very good site for all haribhakkt. and it is very good for downloading bhajans and photo. I m very thankfull to BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha to give right knowledge and way. I watching every day morning this site and see Nitya Darshan "MURTI". thanx.
Hinesh Chauhan
Birmingham Enlgalnd
April 16 2001

I think the web site is very good and it is aranged well and has a variety of pictures and sources. I think the web site is very good and it is aranged well and has a variety of pictures and sources.
Dubai U.A.E
April 16 2001

Jai Swaminarayan! Swami bapa has just visited Dubai.and we all had a fantabulous time here in dubai. i like this site a lot. Keep up the good work
Hitesh Arvind
Kakaiya Mumbai India
April 15 2001

I want to download pictures of lord swaminarayan. But computer is giving error. please check & send me screen server of lord.
Dr Jitoo Patel
Entebbe Uganda
April 15 2001

jay swaminarayan we sine out side of india BAPS swaminarayan sanstha's sewa is realy doing restructure of human society in a good way when university and goverment is fail to build good samaj. in gujarat,goverment complitly fail in earthquake to halp to puaple but pramukh swami maharaj prove and done sewa through his spiritual power to reconstruct the effected socity and given world best contribution to rebuild gujarat again better then goverment gujarat goverment should learn from this sanstha how to do work.God give very long long life to swamiji best regard and jay swaminarayan to all
Manoj Kulkarni
Manama Bahrain
April 15 2001

Jay Swaminarayan! It is very good site, I have seen forever. I hope/sure in Bahrain we will have a very big Swaminarayan Mandir very soon, which will break record of London Mandir.
Sama G
Dar Es Salaam Tanzania
April 15 2001
"Our mahima knows narad,sankadik.....,but not this lalobader,bechermanki...." said shreeji maharaj. Who are we to give opinion or statment that will be able to know who is he! The great and the greatest and real opinion or statement to pramukh swami maharaj has allready being given to us from our great guru pj.shastriji maharaj, pj.yogiji maharaj. I think this is the first step to realise "swaroopnistha" there is much more to know and realise.
Sardar Sinh
New York USA
April 14 2001

Jay Swaminarayan to Pramukh Swami Maharajji, After earthquake your Sanstha is doing excellent work for Drought in gujarat. Swamiji you are doing work of God, and God is always with you, My Namaskar and Jay Swaminarayan to you.
Pravin Tora
Edison USA
April 14 2001

Jay Swaminarayan I want Swamibapa's detail in website, i found only one page about him, can you provide Swamibapa's detail information about his satsang vicharan, excellent work, statical information from 1981 to 2000. At present he is our Guru and Satpurush, pl help me for providing these details.
Baroda India
April 13 2001
It is nice site no doubt but i want some more photograph of Lord swaminarayan. this is just what i want Thank u for making us anthu to do our work in posative way by satsang. Sants are very much thakful who bless us all
Chirag Brahmbhatt
Baroda,Gujarat India
April 12 2001

occ. visit this site . pls. place some big(fullsize photographs of h.d.h. pramukh swami maharaj. &also send me mail & good tips at my e mail id.
Jay Patel
Bristol, PA USA
April 12 2001
!!Jay Swaminarayan!! It's very kind of you for keeping "BAPA'S" photos and we can even see Murti's of different Mandirs everyday. I Love Bapa 4ever.
Nisarg Patel
Bristol PA
April 12 2001

I love your web site. It's pretty cool. I like the way you change your Daily Darshan Murti. Keep up the good work. Good Luck.
Gaurav Gauri
Patna India
April 12 2001
This site provides great insight to all the people searching to resolve their common problems in life through beautiful short incidents n experiences of the saint himself.The students must pay a visit to enlighten their wisdom. May God Bless all.
Umesh Patel
Columbia USA
April 11 2001

this is the first time that i am visiting swaminarayan site. i do believe in god but after hearing the vichran of SHRI PRAMUKH SWAMI MAHARAJ, now i am thinking that it is very much necessary to have somebody in your life that can showe you the aim of life which will bring you more close to god. JAY SWAMINARAYAN.
kashyap sanghvi
Boston USA
April 11 2001

Experiencing spirituality is basically not tuff for anybody. But getting started is of importance. Once you gear up there is no stop for you. Let us hope this site help people to acomplish this. JayShreeKrishna.
Mili Khatri
San Antonio USA
April 10 2001
I visit the Baps website very often, and it is an excellent website. I am thankful that the happenings of India are listed or shown, and also other satsang related things are kept to see(such as Pramukh Swami's Vicharan). Especially with the earthquake, since I am far away, I can actually get a glimpse of what is going on in India, and the Baps relief work.
Prakash Patel
Silvassa India
April 10 2001

jayswaminarayan, i am very much happy to see this wonderful site of BAPS on the net as it leads to all the information which a person or a haribhagth would not even know all this by even visiting the akshardham or any other place,this place on the net would let the people know about all the detail things about the swaminarayan sampraday. i am very much pleased and proud to view swamiji every day and be in touch with them and all other activities which are going on by our institution.
Rajkot India
April 9 2001

i dont many more thing about Swaminarayan Sampraday but i feel very peace when i go to Swaminarayan Temple.its great feelings always.Thans for The great Temple in Rajkot.
Mitesh Patel
Fort Worth Texas
April 9 2001

i have just visited the site and it is cool. i want to come to the temple in web chaple. please meial me back!
Asit Patel
April 9 2001

I feel so sorry for the earthquate in india. I hope everyone will be fine.

Vinit Bhagat
Ridgecrest USA
April 9 2001

Fabulous job on covering Bill Clinton's visit to Akshardham on the site. Congratulations! Vinit
Meesha Patel
London England
April 7 2001

||Swami Shreeji|| This site is superb! I am a Kishori who lives in South London. I think this site is excellent because it teaches you about the satsang and tells you about what bapa is doing. Jai Swaminarayan
Manish Mistry
Himmatnagar India
April 7 2001

Maru Browser Kharaab Hovaathi ane Monitor Badha Colors Display Nahin Kartu Hovathi Hoon Poorna Darshan Kari Na Shakyo Pan Havethi Hoon Aa WebSite No Regular Viewer Choon Jai Swaminarayan
Ujjaval Shelat
Ahmedabad India
April 7 2001
jay shree swaminarayan This is very good site, i'm highly oblised if some one give like from where i can download "Aarati" in any formate. js
Ahmedabad India
April 6 2001
sir i regularly visit the site and i jumped out in joy when i saw swami bapa's pravachan in mp3 format but when i treid to download it gives me a message"page or file not found" sir there are many such entries on the download pages for which ther is no linked file exist thank you jay swaminarayan Bhargav
Mayur Patel
Anand. India
April 4 2001

Jai shree Swaminarayan, It is a excellent School, I have never seen before. It reminds "Ashram's" of Prachin Study System. As our kids are one is too younger(4 yrs)to get admission and another is 11 yrs, who is in 7th std. I suggets you to start Non-residencial school, so we can get the chance to have a Brillient as well as 'Sanskari' child.
It is good for NRI Students to have Residencial School but it for those children of your Satsangies who are nearest to the school, there is no need to reside in school, they can live with there parents and attend the school regularly.

Ajay B Parmarb
Bhavnagar India
April 4 2001

'I would really like to appreciate the part of daily moorti darshan where you get to do dashan of lord swaminarayan,mul akshar moorti gunatitanand swami,anadi mahamukt gopalanand swami and other moortis as well.doing darshan early in the morning daily,really refreshes your day'
Raji Rahejo
Fremont USA
April 3 2001

Can u published a cd of screen saver of LORD SWAMINARAYAN, & PUJYA BAPA'S MURTIS. Thank u so much.
Rakesh Patel
Mwanza Tanzania
April 3 2001

JAY SWAMINARAYAN It the most beatiful WEB SITE to have as it keeps us informed about almost every in our SANSTA. Specially for us as very so far away from our mother country INDIA.
Shivani Desai
Dubai U.A.E
April 3 2001

Jai swaminarayan! I have been visiting this site for about 2 years or so and it is so informative, it provides information about the vicharan of our guru pramukh swami keep up the good work .!
Tejas Brahmbhatt
Mumbai India
April 3 2001

jai swaminarayan pramukhswami maharaj ni jai, kindly requeting to you that try to provide screen saver of swaminarayn & i am prouding my self by serfing this site. jai shreeswaminarayan.
Nirav Patel
Nairobi Kenya
April 2 2001

Jai Swaminarayan. Heartiest felicitations to all involved in the development of this website. I am a daily visitor of the murti darshan - a very good idea which makes my day better! I have a few suggestions to enhance the website, so please forward me an address where I can write in to. Thank you very much for giving us such a wealth of easily accessible spiritual knowledge and information.
Rajesh Dholakiya
Amreli india
April 2 2001

jay swaminarayan. dear satsangis. i impressed by watching the site of my god. i want to congratulate for making so impressive site and worship bhagavan swaminarayan in such new era style. please continue these type of work.
Leena P Udani
Mumbai india
April 2 2001

This website is very very important and became a part of my daily routine. As we visit mandir every day for aarti, like that I feel like personally visiting every temples especially outside India mandirs and murtis, as we are unable to visit there as and when we want. Online updation too gives lates news of the activities done by our Sanstha, which impresses non-satsangis also towards us.
Ajay B Parmar
Bhavnagar India
April 2 2001

Jay swaminarayan. I have visited this web site from the place where there is almost no satsang,the only way to remain in contact with satsang and do maharaj and bapa's darshan from remote places like this,is this website.i am doing darshan of aksharpurushottam maharaj on this very very pious day,that is chaitra sud nom,2nd april 2001,and i am very delighted to enjoy this satsang session by viewing different photographs of bapa and maharaj.this is my 3rd visit to our site in last few days. Jay swaminarayan.
Sonal Joshi
April 2 2001
Jai Swaminarayan.Its a wonderful thing to know about the Swaminarayan Vidyapith in Karamsad.I wish, it would have been there, when I was younger.Also, I want to request you,if you can please post Swaminarayan e-cards in this site,so I could mail our cards to my friends,rather than other e-cards.Love this site.
Sanat Jaradi
Ahmedabad India
April 1 2001

jai swaminarayan. everything is fine you are doing perfectly. we all are like it very much. pl.if possible gives us blessing and advise at our email address thank you.
Jigar Bipinchandra Pandya
Killa Pardi Gujarat India
April 1 2001

i am too much impressed and happy with the workdone by you in kutch may bhagwan swaminarayan gives you more strength and power to serve the needy persons my hundreds of pranams to poojya pramukh swami maharaj
Horst Altmann
Osnabrück Germany
April 1 2001
I am so much impressed of your mandir at Neasden that I have included a visit to it in my programme for my bi-annual group trips to London ever since it was erected.

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