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Welcome to the Guest Book. This is where viewers have expressed their opinions on BAPS' work and Web site.
In order to prevent unwanted e-mail to them, some of our visitors have asked us not to list their e-mail addresses.

You can also add your opinion by signing our Guest Book.


Welcome to the Guest Book. This is where viewers have expressed their opinions on BAPS' work and Web site.
In order to prevent unwanted e-mail to them, some of our visitors have asked us not to list their e-mail addresses.

You can also add your opinion by signing our Guest Book.


Pritesh Patel
Norcross USA
April 30 2002

Shreeji Maharaj has said in the Vachanamrut to remember the divine leela of God. In the Bhaktachintamani Prakaran 164, Sadguru Nishkulanand Swami that the leela of the Pragat form of God are redemptive. Here is a site where the leela of the Pragat is recorded on golden pages. This is the place where we can reflect on divinity by viewing the many leelas of Swamibapa. I am pleased that we can connect with Bapa with this website. When the speed of the wordly life disturbs your mind, this website provides the much needed peace. Jai Swaminarayan.
Gopal Panchal
Baroda India
April 30 2002

hello, jai swaminarayan.... i visit yor site but i fil yor url is very slow plz note this and react properly realy i am very impress h.d.h pramukh swamimaharaj realy he is very inspireman personality in the world i pray to god pramukh swami live very long years... gopal panchal
CK Boston
April 30 2002

Enlightening essays are amazing... it's like swami bapa is litening to our needs and requirements every single second of our life... Essay of lonliness is a great essay...i would like to read more of these kinds of essay --- Thank you very much for writing that essay....can you also let me know who is the perticular writer of that essay. Jay swaminarayan
Jignesh Chauhan
Leicester England
April 29 2002

Jai Swaminarayan to all fellow brothers and sisters. I surf the swaminarayan pages on a regular and find it very very helpful. It helps build knowledge on our satsang and reminds us we are part of Swami Bapas royal family.The site gives us information on beloved Swami Bapas vicharan and everything to do with satsang,its truly great.
Ketan Upadhyaya
Holtsville, NY 11742 USA
April 28 2002

Excellent web site. Good job you all. This is all due to Swamishri's Aashirwaad. Please keep up the good work. Jay Swaminarayan! Upadhyaya Family 24 Mayflower Lane Holtsville NY 11742
Yogesh Parekh
Toronto Canada
April 28 2002

Jai Swaminarayan to all. I think that this website is very creatively designed and maintained. It provides valuable information about BAPS worldwide activities and gives everyone a deeper insight of what BAPS and Pramukh Swami Bapa is all about. I really enjoy all the bhajans available for download and i would recommend everyone to check out bapa's blessings since 1999, this is simply amazing.
Nirav D. Bhatt
Dubai U.A.E.
April 27 2002

I'm not a visitor on this site. I'm a devoted satsangi & is blessed by Lord Swaminarayan & Pramukh Swami. This site is giving us a valuable opportunity & knowledge of knowing all about our BAPS even staying away from our country. In fact my family has been blessed by Maharaj Swami & we as Bhatt family here in UAE are obliged by Pramukh Swami for letting us serve the BAPS with the best means of flowers. Since 1990, we have been making flower garlands for Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman mandirs. I myself had very devine opportunity of arranging Pramukh Swami's "POOJA" for 14 times during Bapa's vichran here in U.A.E. I'm bless by getting such opportuinty & is praying that Bapa remain with us till .............. infinity.
Sudhir Ramji
Dar-es-salaam Tanzania
April 23 2002

jay swaminarayan to my beloved satsangis well i thanks to all this team work for all reports of over sansthafrom all over the world and aslo goodwallpapers for us .I just request you to give daily darshan murti of all over the world specially from East Africa if possible. JAY SWAMINARAYAN
Vijay Patel
Mehsana India
April 23 2002

i wanted the information of fast &ekadashi but i could not get it so , please send all the details at prescribed e-mail address. * JAY SWAMINARAYAN *

Contact the Swaminarayan mandir at Mehsana.

Gordhan M. Patel
Maple Hts. USA
April 22 2002

I am BAPS Satsangi from Cleveland, Ohio, USA. I am regularly logging on this Web site for Daily Murti Darshan, Bapas' Vicharan, current events and etc. BAPS Web Site provides many good things to all level of people and citizens. Gordhan Patel Cleveland, Oho, USA
S. Radhakrishnan
Vasai - Near Mumbai India
April 22 2002
i want to know whether you have a centre in vasai. there was a plan to come up with a huge temple of swaminarayan and the land is bought already it seems. can u let me know whether in vasai the authorities of your temple conduct any vedic classes, teaching daily prayers, teaching cultural values and basically teaching and imparting religion and teaching good values and also make understand about god to children, who have no knowledge about anything and just watching television soap operas and and flirting around enjoying the atrocities happening around in the world. pleasse revert and reply in positive. so that i will enlist my son first there. i am in the gulf.
Contact the Swaminarayan mandir in Dadar, Mumbai.
Mangalore India
April 19 2002

excellent work i was a sevak during amrut mahotsav but after that i loose the touch when i came for my further studies in karnataka in rec surathkal we dont have satsang in south so plz see to it
Shantu Patel
Albany,ga USA
April 19 2002

DEAR FELLOW SATSANGI'S: JAI-SWAMINARAYAN.I have truly enjoyed visiting this site from time to time.One of the things I plan to do from now on is to make this a daily routine prior to starting my daily work related duties.I enjoy reading the section 'ENLIGHTENING ESSAYS'.Is there a site to ask questions regarding VACHANAMRUT,AS I frequently run into problems interperting it?Thanks to all the people that take their time to set up such an inspiring web site, jai-swaminarayan,from a person trying to become a satsangi.
Uresh N. Jadia
Surat India
April 16 2002

This site is wonder and divine. I had download photos of Lord Swaminarayan. I will read philosophy of Lord Swaminarayan. Now I want to visit Shree Swaminarayan Temple.
Anand India
April 16 2002

ESSAYS r of very highnquality. try to provide facility so that we may send those to someone via e-mail. Thanking u... JAY SWAMINARAYAN
Hiten Waghela
London UK
April 16 2002

A truly amazing site, the “Daily Murti Darshan” makes a fantastic start to the day. I have only recently started visiting the site and strongly believe I have missed a lot. There is not much in me saying "keep up the good work" as I know anything associated with Swaminarayan Sanstha has unparallel calibre. Excellent!!!!
Praful V Timbadiya
Surat India
April 16 2002

Jay swaminarayan I regular visitor of this site, but i found one mistake is that swamishree's old programme was updated but next programme will be very important because If any devotee is neraby this place he can go there and get darshan and samagam. by the way our site is very good and really appreciated work is done by our sanstha. My college friends are also visited this site and same opinion is also given by those friends. jay swaminarayan
Madhu Shah
Brockton, Massachusetts u.s
April 13 2002

We are very much delighted to see your various activities for poor and needy people of the world. We hope your mission to help mankind will success.
Savan Patel
Houston USA
April 11 2002

hey. waddup. jai swaminarayan. this place is pretty cool. i enjoy seeing Bapa's vicharan and other news about our sanstha because it helps me to stay in touch with whats going on in keep it up
Ahmedabad India
April 11 2002

jay swaminarayan to all viewers of BAPS. I do visit this freqently. This is really well-prepared and well-managed site. I like the photogallary of pushpdolotsav very much.
Pranav Patel
Sydney Australia
April 10 2002

jay swaminarayan to all viewrs of this website. We started yuvak mandal here in sydney of bapas blessings and in our first sabha around 40 yuvaks were geathered and we done sabha here and now we will gethere every two weeks for our sabha here. from bapas blessings our sydney mandal is now going on very progress more then 100 satsangis come together in sabha here. jay swaminarayan to u all from me and our sydney mandal.
Kapil J . Dave
ES Salaam Tanzania
April 9 2002

jay swaminarayan to all. satsang has really changed my life. swamishree has always blessed me whenever i have remembered him. jay swaminarayan kapil dave
Avani Patel
Auckland New Zealand
April 7 2002

Jay swaminarayanto all viewers and non viewers. Thanks to swamibapa to give a beautiful gift for us in 21stcentury. I am very very pleased to have murti's darshan. Many happy returns to bapa. Jay swaminarayan to all our satsangies.
Akshar Dave
Mumbai India
April 7 2002

Jai Swaminarayan, I am in satsang for last 10 years and really intrested in making our e-satsang community. I have many ideas and will be intrested in getting some ideas from you.Cheers
Divya Dewa
Durban South Africa
April 5 2002

I am 17 yrs of age and I was in India 2 yrs ago. I went to visit family close to Akshardham. My family wasn't too keen on going because we were due to leave the area that same day. With much persuasion and after the cancellation of our trip back to Pune we left for Akshardham. I am so absolutely grateful to my cousins for giving me the opportunity to behold something so beautiful. It was so breathtaking and serene. I was so happy that I had seen Akshardham and i feel blessed that I was able to experience the tranquility and holiness of Akshardham. Thank you for giving me the opportunity. It is truly a haven of our Dharma. Jay Swaminarayan
Philadelphia US
April 3 2002

Jay Swaminarayan. Im glad to see that we have some new backgrounds on the site, but was wonderin if you could add some screen savers also. Thanks. Jay Swaminarayan
Shaynil Lalla
Johannesburg South Africa
April 3 2002

Jai swaminaryan to all. This is definitley one of the best sites i have ever visited and the swaminarayan site is a site that i visit at least once a day, very informative and a good way of getting news across to all satsangi's.Keep up the good work!!!!
Nimish H Patel
Ahmedanad Gujarat India
April 3 2002

Ansuya Bhagat
San Antonio.TX USA
April 2 2002

jai swaminaryan; Thank U for the beautiful,daily Darshan.Dharmkul was beautiful and cannot take their eyes off Ghanashyam Maharaj(Gondal).once again Thank U,J.S.
Pranav Patel
Sydney Australia
April 2 2002

jay swaminarayan puspadolotsav pics are very nice and first time in my life i miss this samaiyo cause of i am studies here in sydney. but when i saw pics of this festive i fill that i am very close to bapa. and also gem of vachanamruts, free wallpapers are the excellent part of this website. jay swaminarayan to all viewrs!
Ghanshyam H. Parikh
Underhill Center USA
April 1 2002

I browsed this Swaminarayan web site few times. It is excellent piece of work and full of very good information on religion, Our Indian Culture, Calender, festivals etc. It is a great resource for anyone as reference.
Shobhna Budhdeo
Calgary, Alberta Canada
April 1 2002

I really enjoy the website and all the photos of different murtis from different temples of India and abroad.
Vinesh Govind
Auckland New Zealand
April 1 2002

Jay Swaminarayan I would like to say that this has to be the best swaminarayan site i have ever seen on the web. I enjoyed downloading the bhajans onto my computer which was easy and fast. I liked the way u have put the auckland pictures on the site so fast that anyone can access the pictures quickly and have headings which are clear to read. Everyone in Auckland has seen their pictures on this site and so have I which was great thank you for making such a great site with updates every few days. I hope u keep up the good work Jay Swaminarayan.

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