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Welcome to the Guest Book. This is where viewers have expressed their opinions on BAPS' work and Web site.
In order to prevent unwanted e-mail to them, some of our visitors have asked us not to list their e-mail addresses.

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Jignesh Dawda
Calcutta India
August 31, 2000
Jai Swaminarayan the site is just marvellous although i have visited it so many times still i long to visit it. i hope this site last and spreads all over the world JIGNESH
Atul M Patel
Navsari India
August 31, 2000
JAI SWAMY NARAYAN. I am near by swaminarayan temple. I was an adict of chewing Tobacco. Daily I used to take Gutkha packet manickchand,vimal,Tulsi minimum 20 packets. Now i had avoided using packets. Due to bagwan swaminarayan Followers. So I hope I got the big Kohioor Diamond PRAMUKH SWAMY MAHARAJ.
Kunjan Choksi
Vidyanagar via Anand INDIA
August 31, 2000
i was searching for swaminarayan arti and maha mantra.. could you please help me finding it. thanking you Jai swaminarayan
Hemant Brahmbhatt
Ahmedabad India
August 30, 2000
This is the world's greatest site for the satsangis. i am proud of my relegion. i love my relegion.
Mukesh D Patel
Hobbs USA
August 29, 2000

"Jai Swaminarayan" Best sight ever seen! sitting here in Hobbs, a 'No mans land' I can actually visualise P.P.BAPA pleasing all his 'children' around the world. I sincerely Thank p.p.Saints and haribhakts who have given their valuable time in creating such a wonderfull site. Hats off to this website and Jai Swaminarayan to you all.
Sita, Raman, Hemal+ Family Aaltham USA
August 29, 2000
This is a wonderful site for us to experience the power of bapa, and for those new people to learn and join the satsang.

Mina Patel
Ndola Zambia
August 28, 2000

I was extremly delighted to visit your website.i really enjoyed it.there is no word to explain it.
Ashwin Rathod
Surat India
August 28, 2000

Jamnagar India
August 28, 2000

Web Site Is Very Good But There Are To Difficult To Understand How To Download. So Please Do Easy Ways to Download Your Pictures, and Other Things. Thanking You, Jay Swaminarayan Your's Faithfully, Rohit Shah

Sanjay Patel
Santa Cruz U.S.A
August 27, 2000

Jay Swaminarayan, This site is very useful to the people who don't know about the hindu Dharma. After visiting this site I learned so much.

Mahesh P. Patel
Niles IL
August 26, 2000

We are mailing you because me and my whole family love your website very very much. I hope you can that this as a burst up on workin even more on this website. I usually go on this site every week lookin at new thigs. Thank you! -Mahesh
Poonam Jani
Dar es Salaam Tanzania
August 26, 2000
Jay Swaminarayan, I think i am getting the most updated news of Bapa through this Web Site. It is also very useful to gain my Satsang Knowledge. I think i am with Bapa all the time. Keep it up. I am proud to be Swaminarayan. Jay Swaminarayan
Sushma Patel
Carrollton(ATL) USA
August 25, 2000
Jay Swaminarayan! I am astonished at the broad varity of information this site offers. It is an excellant site for everyone. I appreciate and would like to thank those behind this, for an outstanding job.

Rahul Joshi
Dar Es Salaam Tanzania
August 25, 2000

Simply the best site for me to spend my free time looking at. I can follow exactly whats happening in the sanstha and above all get to know lots more abt Bapa everyday! Excellent site! Jai Swaminarayan
Hehal Patel
st.petersburg,florida USA
August 24, 2000
jai swaminarayan,what to say about this site.its just great to watch it.its really great ,coz it makes me feel near to all our mandirs&dear bapa too.i can see him here.this site is helpful to all those people who want to know more about our satsang.this will help to reach many people who are intrested to know about bapa,but cant get to i want to suggest that we should get provision to mail bapa and other sadguru we can ask our que. to is this site is BEST IN ALL.

Jayantibhai Patel
Brighton U.K
August 23, 2000

Extremely interesting and fasinating web site with interesting information.
Surat India
August 23, 2000

Sohum Karia
August 23, 2000

this site is very good for promoting satsang and the growth of BAPS.
Bachal Bhambhani
Foster City USA
August 21, 2000
What a beautiful website! I truly enjoy going to the Swaminarayan temple in Milpitas. Jai Swaminarayan Bachal
Surat Inida
August 20, 2000
Jai Swaminarayan, It was a great experience.Please,put havile's photos,and also Mandir's complex's photo,if u r give on-line bhajans than it will be very fabulous!!!!
Ansuya Bhagat
San Antonio,tx USA
August 20, 2000
looking at swamishri's murti, arouses a special kind of feeling in one's heart. tears whelm up in our eyes.looking at photo gallery of other towns shows how much every one cares to please swamibapa,heartfully.looking forward to swamibapa coming to S.A.thank u so much for the news and the photo gallery.thank u.

South Africa
August 19, 2000

I am very happy because we the the best riligeous web site in our hindu culture. I will say if you want to see pure hinduism go to the baps web site and they only kept our culture and sanskar in hindu riligeon. thank you to all.
Raj Ghedia
London England
August 18, 2000

Excellent web-site! I am also a wed designer just wanted to know how offtent do you update your site. I think you should have section on child info and awarenss for very young if you can get a cartoon or some sort so that swaminarayan can be understood by 5 - 10 years old childen. please update site!

Jigish H Bhatt
Kisumu Kenya
August 18, 2000



Punita Shah
San Diego United States
August 18, 2000

i just attended the Sawminarayan Shibir in Atlanta, Georgia on August 9-13 of the year 2000. My expereince was so spectacular that it is hard to put into words. i did sleep through some of the lectures but most of the time i was up and listening to all te great stories and histories of all the swamis. i am so grateful that i got to attend this shibir, so many magical things happened during the shibir and also when i got home. i changed a lot of things when i got home, the way i do things, to changing my bad habits and getting rid of them. my family is happy and i am very proud of myself. so many things have changed in the past week to good things and i am very happy, i am so very very grateful that i attended the shibir and i thank swami bapa and all of the santos that took their time out to change my life, or part of it. i can't tell you how grateful i am and i hope that this letter will show my gratitude and appreciation towards the shibir. i am not sure if swami bapa will be able to read this but if does get to then please extend my full gratitude and happiness that he and the santos have put on me. thanks once again punita shah (kishori) san diego mandal

Aravind Dagadu Suryawanshi. Dharangaon -425105 India
August 17, 2000

JAY SWAMINARAYAN. I visited Akshardham in June2000.It was a great experience for me to see the worlds most beautiful cultural monument.I think it is not enough to live in Akshardham the whole life being the SADHU or PUJARI to know the exact source of eternal peace. Say Jay Swaminarayan to H.D.H.PRAMUKHSWAMI MAHARAJ and all other SADHUS. DHANYAWAD. Yours Loving, Aravind. Bhagwan Mahavir Marg, Dharangaon-425105. Dist -Jalgaon. Maharashtra.
Dipak Lalbhai Patel
Ontario Canada
August 16, 2000

Right from the beginning to the end i have made a Darshan of Pramukh Swami Maharaj after long time. I am there at Ahmedabad. I like this web site very much who helps me to make cyber darshan all the time while going out side from house without attending mandir what I had never missed in Ahmedabad.
Khatri Sanjay
Sanjose US
August 15, 2000
Jaiswaminarayan . i wish more and more people visit this site as everybody can not go to mandir . Request to keep bapas photograph so i can make screen saver.
Bhumika Patel
Waltham U.S.A
August 15, 2000
I think this website is great! I found out about the website and its great. I feel right at home. I feel inspired and I visit it often. Its excellent. I recommend it to every satsangi.
Sharina Garach
Durban South Africa
August 15, 2000
An excellent sight! It allows devotees worldwide to be in touch with Swamishri. Also provides excellent coverage on festivals internationally. This sight is undeniably professional and deserves a praiseworthy applaude. Jai Swaminarayan!
Rohan Patel
Indore India
August 14, 2000
its too good to visit our gives me vary nice feeling.i can watch bapa here.and get to know about all our news.i got to see hindola utsav.this gives me new ideas to make hindolas for my harimandir at indore.i am thankful to all santos for this.keep it up.
Ahmedabad India
August 14, 2000
Shrijimaharaj has said in gadhda pratham - 1 that" To establish an unbroken communication of mind with the divine form of god is the most difficult sadhna".This site is so beautiful as it keeps me in touch with our guru HDH Pramukh swamimaharaj who is truly the divine form of god, thanks to the saints and haribhaktas who have worked very hard in making such a pious site giving us noble and wonderful gestures of our sanstha.

Dharmesh Patel
Nairobi Kenya
August 14, 2000

I would appreciate if you could broadcast the entire life-history of Lord Swaminarayan from the time he was born, including all the lilas.This is because the modern generation has little or no information about Swaminarayan Religion. I would like to suggest that these website should be accessible to other common Indian Languages,so that language barrier can be eliminated. If possible, please broadcast videoclips for Shri Pramukh Swami for certain main proceedings or functions.
Brijesh Kansara
Miami USA
August 13, 2000

The site has been developed very nicely and also maintained very nicely.
Maulik Patel
Ahmedabad- India
August 13, 2000
NIce Web-Site. This is useful for our devotees for knowing VICHARAN of BAPA and Ustav's of this month , and for another people to know about our religious,How we differ from other religious and our Sanstha's WELFARE Activities. pls provide us facility to printout BAPA's GUINNESS World Records Certificate.
Sameer S.Arabatti
Mumbai India
August 13, 2000
I am really impressed by Shree Swaminarayanji,his thoughts and ideas are divine.
Nisheet Patel
Sydney Australia
August 12, 2000
Jay Swaminarayan, I live near the swaminarayan mandir here in sydney and i attend the kishore mandal and we really enjoy surfing the swaminarayan web site. Jay swamibarayan.
Piyush Patel
Ames, IA USA

August 11, 2000
I think that you should put some swaminarayan songs on your website for people to download. Because i love swaminarayan bhajans & stuff like that. Thank You
Devang Bhatt
Dubai UAE
August 11, 2000
Keyur M. Shah
Dubai U.A.E
August 11, 2000
I was shocked to visit this divine site. And hope that this site will last for ever and gives us a full desciption of "Lord Swaminarayan". And I would Wish the webmasters all the best of luck of their Next Update
Sandip G. Shah
Statesville USA
August 10, 2000

I appriciate for this website and for knowledge histry of our god and culture, future activities Bhaktirush. We hope in future you will batter success. Thanks Jay Swaminarayan
Sandeep S. Bhat
Vadodara India
August 10, 2000
As a satsangi of the sanstha, I feel the information coverage has been comprehensive. By the grace of Shreeji Maharaj and HH Swami Bapa, a very good work done has been done. My prayers to Maharaj-swami to grace all of us to make our sanstha the greatest and unique of its kind in the world.

Atul Gordhandas.
Sachdev New York USA
August 10, 2000

Durgesh. K. Chauhan Surendranagar India
August 10, 2000
I happy Because any time i want to saw my god by this web Thanks Very Very Thanks.
Chicago USA
August 9, 2000
Jay Swaminarayan , all of you sadar pranam, who made this. i have no words to say anything about this.
Kirit Shroff
Ottawa Canada
August 9, 2000
It's really a wonderful site to have loads of information in one place,like "Gagar ma Sagar".With thousands of centres now worldwide where regular weekly satsang sabha is conducted,it will be very helpful if you can include Sabha Programme also.Due to unreliable postal services many far away centres do not receive the programme in time.Thanks...
Divyesh Sagar
Bombay India
August 9, 2000
It seems that the Album of Divine Moments " Satsang " has not ended with few hundred has reincarnated on the Web......for it's length of experience, which is not as short as smile, but as long as life....
Priyesh Maheshbhai Patel
Baroda India
August 9, 2000
i have very much impresed with your site. this is one of best idea to put small icon before any categary

Mr. Bipin Popat
Rushden,Northants U.K.
August 9, 2000

This website is a must for all Satsangis with access to the internet.Not only is it full of intresting articels but it also establishes a closer link with Swami Shree. I hope that we are able to build up a network of Satsangis who are able to communicate with each other over the internet. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

Vaibhav Navaghare
Mumbai India
August 8, 2000

Nice to see that internet is used for some good purposes too.I thank the makers of this site for givivng us a "Cyber Mandir". I am sure this will take them one step closer to attainment of Moksha! But don't forget it's a long journey still!
Krishnakant Bhojani
Toronto Canada
August 8, 2000
It is good to be a 3rd generation Satsangi as I'm doing my best to please Swamishri by instilling his blessings and helping my family to do the same. Seva for family is as good as seva for mandir! This is what Bapa told me himself and I've cherished his words all my life.
Hemal Karson
Leicester England
August 8, 2000
i think this is a very good web site. but the pictures take to long to view.

Vishal Makwana
Leicester England
August 8, 2000

it is a very good web site, i think that it still needs a few more pictures.And is there anything on guru bhakti, because i took part in it! if there is anything can you please put it on the web site
Ashesh H Desai
Sunnyvale USA
August 7, 2000
This is an Excellent Site for all the Swaminarayan Bhaktas.Very much informative.This web-sites can become a global connection point for all the Bhaktas all over the world.It should provide a common platform to all bhaktas where they can share and exchange their spiritual ideas-it can be a web-based discussion/openion giving platform with the help of latest web technologies.
Namrata Patel
Edison NJ
August 7, 2000
Our Swaminarayan website is a good way for otherz to learn about our satsang....keep up the awesome work that your doing..Jai Swaminarayan
Hitesh Patel
Bhavnagar India
August 7, 2000
jay swaminarayan this web site is really good and it shows about our priceless heritage and our culture. swamiji' work is excellent. plese continue updation
Aashish Patel
Sydney Australia
August 7, 2000
Whenever I open this website I feel that I am not 6000 miles away from Satsang.Today I did darshan of Lord Harikrishana Maharaj(Sarangapur) and I felt,I am in Sarangpur.I also did darshan of all holy saints and got pleasure. More,the new look of web-site is appriciated.I regularly open
mihir salla
Mumbai India
August 7, 2000
the website started is really good as it informs us about the programmes which are going to be conducted by the sanstha and also it gives the update information of the activites jai swaminarayan
Ashwin Rathod
Surat India
August 6, 2000
hellow, i am ashwin , studying in degree course in civil engineering in pune university. i visit this site regularly. it is a very good site one of the best religeous site.we know where pramukhswami is now which si the unique holly person on the earth.
Warren USA
August 5, 2000
Jay swaminarayn, I am one of the frequent visiter of our site.I like this website because it is as devine and "Bhavya" as our tempals.I have great respect and feeling of thankfullness towards our "santo" and our "Guru" and "Guruhari". I would like to do Shastang dandvat to all our santo and Our Lord Shree Swaminaryan for this great Job.
Mahesh Anerao
Calcutta India
August 5, 2000
I am impressed with the information. I have a great faith in Swaminarayan cult & have visited its temples at various times. I am sure the good work started by Lord Swaminarayan would continue to grow in days to come. Please let me know if I could be of some help to the noble cause.
Johannesburg South Africa
August 5, 2000
Jay Swaminarayan from Yogi S.A. i only wants to tell that this is a very good web of our sanstha and it is helpful of any kind of quirie and i am very happy of and geting much much more knowkedge then before. and i wanted to be provide more facilities in our web site.
Jon Mcpeak
Atlanta USA
August 5, 2000
This was a beautifully done web site .I read most of the web site and I believe the philosophy is filled with wisdom. I think first seeking the KINGDOM of GOD is our first duty in life.The first feeling we experience when we return to this world is LOVE,LOVE for our mothers, which is god given and NATURAL,and SUPERNATURAL.I dont think we individually need to worship a worldly figure to find the love of god. Our primary goal is to meditate upon and allow the INFINITE!!! amount of LOVE within us to grow,and fill ourselves and the world. GODBLESS
Niharika Patel
Edison USA
August 4, 2000
jai swaminarayan, i really love this website.... it really show what our satsang is about, and it give us so much knowledge and information on our BELOVED GURU PUJYA PRAGAT PRAMUKH SWAMI MAHARAJ... but it would be even more beautiful if has you enter into the website your ears would shower down with harmony from listening to a bhajan, while enjoying the website... ...JAI SWAMINARAYAN...
Rashmi Patel
Dar Es Salaam Tanzania
August 3, 2000
The best web site for the followers and for the non followers. The site is so attractive that anybody would be temptaed to go through it. People leaving far can hear bapa any time they wish through real player.One can also know the entire programme of the sastang activities any where in the world.

Bhupendra Rana
Rajkot india
August 3, 2000

Very please to see all news about our baps news on web only thing is that our web site is very slow in opening i hope to get it faster
Yogesh Patel
Beltsville USA
August 3, 2000
This is a good source of information to get the latest news on Bapa's vichran. This site also has lot of good things.
Vijay M. Parmar
North Arlington,07031 USA
August 2, 2000
I like this web site and I am regularly going to Woodbridge Mandir which is located at Edison,NJ,USA. I consider Pramukswami Maharaj as my Guru and with his blessing I got everything which I wanted.

Haresh C Patel
Chamblee (Atlanta), GA USA
August 2, 2000

Regular update is required. Atlanta madir page shows old information. We also wants to see more and current details. Or you can add new section like "New & or Current temple Projects", where one can find more and current details of that project.
Darshana Jani
San Jose USA
August 1, 2000

Great work. The new version is informative. Could we update Bapa's vicharan every week? Otherwise, that section is like "old news". Congratulations.
Gherul Patel
Dallas USA
August 1, 2000
Jai Swaminarayan to everyone. I really like this website. It gives me all the info that i need about SWAMIBAPA and SANSTHA's update. Thanks to all. Badhaa ne Jai Swaminarayan maaraa taraf thi.
Manish Kumar
Abu Dhabi UAE
August 1, 2000
still i ve not viewed this site as a whole as this is my first attempt. but was pleasent. i m happy to ve swamiji's darshan on nets. this is my first exp. & hope to login whenever i happen to sit on nets.
Purnima Soham Desai
Parsippany N.J U.S.A
August 1, 2000

Jay Swaminarayan. We, Me, my huaband and my son are the followers of Pujya Bapa. My whole family from my side and from my husband side half of the family is followers too. We all pray Lord Swaminarayan for Pujya Bapa's good health. Thanks!
Bharvi Depala
London England
August 1, 2000

It is a great site, and makes me a proud satsangi, to be able to show friend. I myself have learnt many new things already, and find that the Enlightening Essays are brilliant.
Hetal Ghanshyambhai Patel Anand India
August 1, 2000
I like Very Much The Photography Of Lord Swaminarayan.

Jitendra Sikotra
Bergen. Norway
August 1, 2000

Jai Swaminarayan, This is an excellent site for all the Bhaktas.I will be visiting the site often.
Chetan Patel
Jersey City U.S.A.
August 1, 2000

Jai swaminrayana. This is very useful website who is who dont know what is " DHARMA ".You can Learn evrything for life.

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