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Welcome to the Guest Book. This is where viewers have expressed their opinions on BAPS' work and Web site.
In order to prevent unwanted e-mail to them, some of our visitors have asked us not to list their e-mail addresses.
You can also add your opinion by signing our Guest Book.

Sujal Patel
Toronto Canada
December 31 2002

Jay Swaminarayan to all! Right now we are building a very beautiful mandir in Toronto which is gonna be one of the best and the largest in North America. I'm so lucky that Maharaj has given me the oppertunity to do some seva. P.S. Its very cold up here!!!!!!!
Vinod Dogra
Alpharetta USA
December 31 2002

send me all functions that will be goin on.. Appreciate.
Dilip Patel
Glendale U S A
December 31 2002

The best orgenisation,Mandirs,Work,Sadhus,Satsangis,Web site
Ketan Shah
Navsari India
December 31 2002
Good Devotion. We pray to God that you spread Bhakti to whole Universe & Bring Peace & FAITH.
Hasmukh R Patel
Derby. ct. 06418 USA.
December 31 2002

Jay Swaminarayan. Wish you all a verry happy and prosperous new year.
Kapil Dave
dar es salaam tanzania
December 31 2002

jai swaminarayan! my prayers to swamishree for his krupadhrishti on me.
Naman Patel
Auckland New Zealand
December 31 2002

Jay Swaminarayan to all satsangi this is very good web site i had ever seen

Akshar Patel
Rome USA

December 30 2002

lord do good to all
Bhavin B Modi
Mumbai India
December 30 2002
I like ur site very much. Also I follow the same Swaminarayan Dharma. I visited new temple located at Nerul,Navi Mumbai
Jay Gadhia
Thane India
December 30 2002
i am satisfied with your work. But we want more wall papers of bapa
Parth and Swati Patel
Scarborough Canada
December 30 2002

I absolutely love the website!!and beloved swaminarayan bhavagan and guruji. The Daily Murti Darshan and listen aarti and dhun is my first activity in the morning. because I love my Great India and Swamigi.The murtis pictures bring back memories and I'd enjoy going for a visit again. Jay Swaminarayan Sincerely:
Patel Amish Bhupendrabhai
Aklacha India
December 30 2002

Sandeep Gaudana
College Station, Texas USA
December 29 2002
I was too happy to go through this web-site. I am a student and unfortunately we don't have any Satsang sabha in College Station but i have started to visit this web-site for 2 hrs twice a week to compensate the loss of Satsang sabha. But i am happy to say that i can consider myself more lucky then others as i can get more material on this website. This is a great work done. Hats off to all people behind this. Especially the efforts made by my guru Pramukh Swami Maharaj is really laudable. He is a person who can bring the glory back to my dear India. I will try to do all that i can to help the BAPS center in future.
Nikhil Amin
London Uk
December 29 2002
Jai Swaminarayan, i think this site is excellent and is constructed nicely I think there should be screensavers on the site of Bapa
Haresh Kumar
Dubai U.A.E.

December 29 2002
The site is well maintained, very much informative, keeps us in touch with "Gyan Sagar". The Calender information is very good. Overall the site is very well maintained. Thanks, Haresh
Hitesh Mistry
Mumbai India
December 28 2002
Prathana Patel
Lodi U.S.A.
December 25 2002

Jay Swaminarayan th everyone!! The site is simply the best. You cannot find a site better than this one. Well atleast I have not. There is really nothing to say, but keep up the good work!!
Charlotte USA
December 25 2002

Ilove my guru and my swaminarayan sansta

Vinod S.Patel
Ahmedabad India
December 25 2002
We are very thankful if you can arange darshan of Pujya Bapa's pooja by closely of each and every prasadi items. Very excellent daily moorti darshan. We pray to Lord Swaminarayan and Guruhari Pramukh swami Maharaj to gave more and more inspiration your team to create such a class web design. Vinod Patel
Madal Bhinar
Patel Pareshkumar Chhotubhai
Navsari India
December 25 2002
jay swaminarayan, i am also satsangi of BAPS i am join with swaminarayan mandir,grid,navsari. i am offen surff i am from satsang
Rakesh Dineshbhai Sharma
Vdodara India
December 25 2002
jay swaminaryan.
Hasrh Manek
Mumbai India
December 24 2002
its very good
Amit G Dolia
Ahmedabad India
December 24 2002
Jay Swaminarayn, This is very good site which is far better then other site. It is very use ful to every body who want to join in these and who already join in this satsang.
Ramji Nanda
Nerul, Navi Mumbai India
December 23 2002
koti koti vandan our beloved guru hari pramukh swami maharaj
Darshan Mehta
Hyderabad India
December 20 2002

I like this site a lot. Here in Hyderabad, I am not able to goto temple everyday but this site is giving me a feeling of temple. Thanks to . I have downloded some songs also. Really very good site. Jay Swami Narayan
Pavan Kumar Upadhyay
Hyderabad India
December 20 2002
Inspired By the Architecture of the Various temple around the world
Yojan Patel
Worthington USA
December 19 2002

website is cool....i want to make one myself..just can't find the time to make one. Well i thought signing this would be i signed it. Bye...Jai Swaminarayan
Vishal Patel
Miami, Florida USA
December 17 2002
Jai Swaminarayan Too all... This web site is the best!! All the latest downloads and pictures for all the events that take place around the world at all BAPS Mandir's... Good Job ....Excellent way to show other people about our culture and religion.. Take Care to all Jai Swaminarayan
Toni Brown
Orlando, FL USA
December 16 2002
Jay Swaminarayan. Just let me thank Swamishri and BAPS multimedia cell for this site. Having all this information in english is such a blessing. Maharaj has given us such a gift in Bapa and our satsang. I have only one request, english translation of "ashirvad". One day I will be able to understand Gujarati. But until then, there are a few of us non-gujarati speakers who hunger for all that we may gain from Swamishri's discourses. Many thanks and prayers for Maharaj's blessing upon all who visit.
Jay Sureshchandra Thakkar
Vadodara India
December 16 2002

Simply Superb site. One can learn many things from this site. This is a great job with the blessing of Swamishri. Jay Swaminarayan
Shaunak Mankad
Valsad India
December 16 2002

Rasik Patel
December 16 2002
Jay swaminarayan, a great site with excellent layouts and scripts makes the site more dedicated to lord Swaminarayan. I really appreciate the type of activities being carried out by our satsang mandals.
Satpal Malik
Delhi India
December 15 2002
I find this site very knowledgeable. Calendar 2003 is very useful. In fact, the information-wise and over all, this site is one of the best spirituals sites.
Pranav Patel
Sydney Australia
December 15 2002
jay swaminarayan. first time i got swamibapa's birth celebration's labh on website by pics of bapa's birth celebration. i hadnt miss this oppertunity to get this labh while i was in india. but first time after coming here in australia i got bapas labh on website. so in the real mean of technology the website is so much useful specially on the meaning of religious matter. so baps is the best and bapa is the best in the "anantkoti brahmands!"
Toral Patel
Columbus, OH USA
December 15 2002

Jai Swaminarayan everyone! Whenever I need to do a research report for a class, this website is here for me. I can always count on I think this site is the best!!! I get to know whats going on around the world! Lov you, Bapa!! Jai Swaminarayan
Chintan Patel
Kansas City USA
December 14 2002
Jay Swaminarayan I am an APCian.. i really miss those Kirtans and Prabhatias of APC, thanx to this Site ! i could still get to listen those wonderful kirtans. I would be delighted if full Kirtans were also included in the free Bhajans list !! Is it possible to put some small Real Player videos of Sansthas major festivals ?
Lawrenceville usa
December 15 2002
Sahajanand swami ni jai !! I really enjoyed surfing through this website. Lord Swaminarayan's life in a pictorial presentation is just too good. Jai swaminarayan !!
Patel Hitesh B.
Valasan India
December 15 2002
Thank you very mush for free downloading Bapa Blessing
Nilesh R. Bhavsar
Hendersonville, NC USA

December 14 2002
Hello and Jai Swaminarayan, The website is very nice and has good features. Just wanted to share that ... Regards, Nilesh
Falguni Patel
Philadelphia usa
December 14 2002
this site is very great because it gives all the vichran information and gives me darshan of Maharaj and Swami in new vaghas every day.
Philadelphia us
December 14 2002

Jay Swaminarayan...Special thanks to those who put their most effort and time into keeping this site up to date and easy for us to access...Keep up the incredible seva...Some recommendations, could you add some more bhajans and fix it up so they can be downloaded onto windows media player or even have some video clips of Bapa or events...that would be nice, thanks...and keep it up Regards, mayank
Rakesh Surati
Greensboro usa
December 13 2002
Deepak P. Sheth
Morbi India
December 12 2002
Dhaval Patel
Nairobi Kenya
December 11 2002
this is a very very good enthusiastic inspires many.keep up.
Archana Bhatt
Ahmedabad India
December 10 2002
very well designed web-site. pictorial information of all saints has been developped excellent. i have already subscribed bal prakash. There is one suggestion, can't we use bigger & thicker font/ letter size in magazine? it will make children of 1/2 std. to read it comfortably!!! Jay swami narayan
December 10 2002

Jai Swaminarayan. I think that this religion teaches good things.
North york canada
December 10 2002
jay swaminarayan to all
rajnikant patel
Yogesh S Patel
Mumbai India
December 10 2002
Jai swminarayan, This is very good work which bapa has done we got all information about sanstha & bapa"s update early so we can get swamiji"s information. Thank you. jaiswaminarayan.
Shoba Padmagiriswaran
New York USA
December 10 2002
Hi there, I met 2 gentlemen (including Pravin or Pradip) of your organisation at the Federation of Indian Associations last Saturday. I had promised to look up your webpage. Looks great. Though not immediately, I will go to your temple some day soon. Keep me posted. Shoba Padmagiriswaran, # 20 Second Street - Aptt 910, Jersey City, NJ 07302 Ph. 201-424-7482 Sarve santu sukhinaha Om shanti
Nilaykumar Vitthalbhai Patel
Yonkers, New-York-107 10
December 9 2002
dear devine religious guru I am very glad to know that swaminarayan sampraday is working for the existence and realise of "GOD SWAMINARAYANA"
Shritu Shah
Mwanza Tazania
December 7 2002
jaiswaminaraayn viewerz! diz site iz the best site i've eva eva seen!
Daniel Camellato
Toronto Canada
December 7 2002
....A friendly, familial way to expand the horizon of my awareness of the world, and my place amongst my brothers and sisters. A terrific organization.
Hasmukh Patel
Derby. ct. 06418 U.S.A.
December 7 2002
Jay swaminarayan to all. Wish you happy birthday to pramukh swami maharaj and i hope many many return of this day in your life. Thank you very mach for this website becose peaple know about swaminaraya smpradays activity.
Ahmedabad India
December 6 2002
Very Happy birthday to swami bapa. -Rajul and family
Palak Patel
lakeland United States
December 6 2002
hi everyone!!..js i feel good after coming on this website even though i dont come on very often it still feels good to check out new daily murti's.. bye js
Gordhan Patel
Maple Hts USA
December 6 2002
Jai Swaminarayan, One of the best Web site where you could get very details on Swamanarayan activities, hindu utsavs, on audio and video forms. You could get the daily darshan of Lord Swaminarayan from BAPS temples from all over the world. Gordhan
Harish Patel
South Bend USA
December 6 2002
This is Great.Just Inspirtotion.
Harendra Patel
Bharuch India
December 6 2002
i love pramukhswami wish him happy birthday& also praying him to give me ashirwad to do good of my soul.
Ashwin Patel
Charlottesville USA
December 5 2002
Jay Swaminaryan,
Mahendra Chimanbhai Patel
Peachtry (atlanta) U.S.A
December 5 2002
Mihir Patel
Kingsbury England
December 5 2002
dear sir hello your mandir is wonderful i'am a student at the swaminarayan school opposite the road and i enjoy visiting the mandir for darshan every morning. thanks from mihir patel
Chaitali Maitra
Kalyani INDIA
December 5 2002
want to visit your temple during January 2003.
December 4, 2002 I really love it when they show Bapa's clips at Ravi Sabha, can that be a regular part at every Ravi Sabha? It would be nice also if they ask people to be quiet during this time as I find for me, it is the most important part of the Sabha. My heart is always overjoyed to see Bapa even in the little films and I start crying as I am so happy to see him. I would also love to see Bapa walking, talking, doing Puja(entire Puja showing everything), eating, doing dhyana etc. Can you make these into DVD and make them available, please?

Alin Patel
Preston UK
Pinesh Patel
Boca Raton USA
December 3, 2002
Daily murty Darshan is Fantastic. The Imformations regardig the upcoming events are also up to date Jai Swaminarayan To all the Satsangies.
Captain Narendra Dasondi
Ahmedabad Gujarat, India
December 3, 2002
I am glad to visit the eighth wonder in nesdon london uk
Dr. Mukesh Delvadiya
Sabah Al Salem Kuwait
December 2, 2002
Jay Swaminarayan, Vachanamrut Quiz may be very useful to memorise the titles and quatations of vachanamrut.Thanks. Dr.Mukesh

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