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Welcome to the Guest Book. This is where viewers have expressed their opinions on BAPS' work and Web site.
In order to prevent unwanted e-mail to them, some of our visitors have asked us not to list their e-mail addresses.

You can also add your opinion by signing our Guest Book.


Welcome to the Guest Book. This is where viewers have expressed their opinions on BAPS' work and Web site.
In order to prevent unwanted e-mail to them, some of our visitors have asked us not to list their e-mail addresses.

You can also add your opinion by signing our Guest Book.


Dimple Patel
Dallas USA
March 31 2002

To Bapa, I ask for your forgiveness. Whatever differences I had with other people who believed in your faith I held you responsible for it. Events that have occurred since than untill today made me realize who you are. I do not deserve forgiveness, but my brother in law told me if you ask with your heart and true faith without any ill feelings you would forgive. Please accept my apologies and give me strength to face the consequences. I realized the value of family bond and relations, religion and samaj. If you forgive me I will have strength to withstand my actions Give me strength to face the present and future and forget my past.
Rajesh Daxini
Surendranagar India
March 31 2002

Jay Swaminarayan,it is great to be with bapa and time is not sufficient at any period of time. bapa is bapa and no one on this universe can do the work what bapa is doing at this age.
Baltimore U.S.A
March 31 2002

Jay Swaminarayan. I am a frequent viewer of your web site.I am delited when ever I get DARSAN of PUJYA BAPA.I would like to suggest that when we open your web site ,there would be a dhun being played at the back ground so that A satsangi or bin satsangi viewer can get piece of mind to listen it & be delighted thru the viewing of the web site.I am pleased to see the fulldolostav photos.I feel as if PUJYA SWAMI BAPA is sprinkling colors on me.If the same pictures are prepared in video clips,the viewers will feel themselves that they're there.BAPA BLESS ME & GIVE ME STRENGTH TO FIGHT OUT THE DIFFICULT SITUATION. NO DOUBT I HAVE YOUR BLESSINGS WITH ME SO THAT I CAN DO MY JOB WELL & HAVE A GOOD HEALTH. JAY SWAMINARAYAN.
Brijesh Patel
Auckland New Zealand
March 29 2002

I think that this swaminarayan belief is great as when the opening on the Auckland temple happened then i met Pramukh Swami and i enjoyed that experience !!! .
Shritu Shah
March 28 2002

Aarti Ben Valera
Victoria Australia
March 27 2002

I am very pleased with photo gallery of previous to recent vicharan shots provided on the web site. It gives great satisfaction, and upliftment to be in tune with all information of Swami Bapa. Especially unusual snaps like plane travelling, to Ajanta Caves is something we never would know about. I would like to put in a request and would appreciate very much for all the new publications of books printed in gujerati, if they were also printed in english and available by mail to overseas like Australia etc.
Anil Kumar R.Patel
Chennai (Baroda) India
March 26 2002

Jay swaminarayan, This is an excellent site for our satsangis.My job involves lots of overseas travelling. Currently i am in China and with the help of this site i am able to listen all kirtans and performning murti darshan.This also helps in explaining other peoples about our religions.In china ,people looking at tilak and chalo on my fore head ask lots of questions and they become curious to know about our religion. This site also help me in explaining about our religion to others. Jay swaminarayan
Philadelphia US
March 26 2002

hi jay swaminarayan i love this website aspecialy vicharan, wallpaper, daily murti darshan and all information about satang but can u put the amavad and philadelphia mandir's murti b/c i see always mahelav so please!!! i think we sent u the new pictures of phila mandirs murti so can u please?? okey bye jay swaminarayan thanks
Rucheet Patel
North Caldwell, NJ USA
March 25 2002

Jai Swaminarayan. This is a wonderful site that has been compiled by so much dedication and hard work through the insipiration of HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj. I greatly appreciate it because it keeps me on par with satsang even though i am studying at a university that is far from home. It's great to be connected to such a great Sanstha, for news, questions, or any satsang related topic. Jai Swaminarayan
Nitinkumar Ishwarbhai Dholakia
Bhavnagar India
March 25 2002

Jai Swaminarayan to Bapa and all Sants We are regular satsangi at Bhavnagar[Gujarat], feeling peace at heart.
Meeta Patel
Watford U.K
March 24 2002

I am writing because you took down 101 tales of wisdom.For kids 101 tales of wisdom is fun and understandable instead of Gems from the Vachnamurut. Please try and put on a weekly tale on Satsang
Manish Barot
Ahmedabad India
March 23 2002

Jay Swamminarayan Is it possible to gave the next vicharan of bapa by monthly. eg if the month is march than from 1st of march to 31st march in this period which place bapa stay. I see this web site it's really wonderful and give the peace to mind. And really thanks to all of you for giving us religion web site. And i really love to see the photos of shreeji maharaj and swami bapa.
Pranay Bhakta
Vyara (surat) India
March 23 2002

Jai swaminarayan to all of you... Site is designed in excellent graphics.World best!! It inspire and motivate through enlighting essays. Thanks for bhajans in mp3. Swamibapa koti koti vandan.. Jai swaminarayan...
Chirag Jansari
Ahmedabad India
March 21 2002

jay swaminarayan to all viewrs of this supreme website in the world. i am very happy to look swamibapas vicharan in far east and delhi. and i am download kirtans from our mp3 downloads and do daily murtidarshan from our website. its the greatest gift in 21st century by swamibapa. jay swaminarayan from chirag.
Vinoobhai R.Patel
Franklin Park USA
March 21 2002

Excellent website Regarding BAPS activity -Hat's off to BAPS and their dedicated satsangi's.It is difficult to describe the way it is expanding and rendering humanity service. Thanks
Harsh Jardosh
Leicester United Kingdom
March 21 2002

Jai Swaminarayan to all. I think that this is a very usful site for all aged people and it is the best and the most creative as well as the most interesting site i have ever been on. I give you all my support and with BAPAs blessings our good work will always be the best. Jai Swaminarayan to all.
Pranay Patel
Pottstown USA
March 21 2002

i just happened to surf in to this website, being a son of a swaminarayan myself, I wanted to know that if BAPS contributes in any way to the Hindutva movement in India which is damaging the Secularity of India in the my eyes and the eyes of the world. As an Indian American, I have no high ground to say this since I left my country but the least BAPS can do is to promote unity of India regardless of religious difference.
Pravin Kansara
Birmingham England
March 21 2002

Jai Swaminarayan, It is in the interest of our brothers and sisters that this web site has been created and i'm proud to see that it is well used and very informative may maharaj bless those who make good use of it and for many generations to come keep up the good work jai swaminarayan
Yogesh Masuria
Jamnagar India
March 20 2002

Kanti Makan
Toronto Canada
March 20 2002

Murti darshan is great and can be taken to another height by giving full darshan of all the murties in that mandir . this creates an atmosphere of virtual presense. If had visited the mandir previously it will rejuvinate the experience and the bliss. JAY SWAMINARAYAN
Parth J. Jhala
parlin, nj usa
March 19 2002

This site is really well developed with all the free downloads, wallpapers, daily murti darshan, swami's incidents and vachnamruts. I regularly visit here and spend half an hour atleast . I am really thankful to the people responsible for this. Job really well done.
Chetan Timbadiya
Surat India
March 19 2002

I have seen lot of another spiritual site like which is made by vadatal sanstha but this site is incredible unbelievable that i ever seen before. The vichran,photogallery,daily murtidarshan really i have no idea what to say? or also team of devloping this site it is hard to believe such a fantastic and superb site. i visiting this site everyday.
Bhumip Patel
Sydney Australia
March 19 2002

This is global place for every satsangi, From here we can do daily darshan of murti also i like most is the updated reported of swamishr's vicharan.Enlightening essays, this essays are really nice and feel the abssence of saint in sydney.thank you. jay swaminarayan
Pranav Patel
Sydney Australia
March 18 2002

jay swaminarayan to all viewrs of this website. well mp3 downloads are the best part of this website now a days. and also the gem of vachanamruts from which can everyone understand the secrets of vachanamruts very easily.
Ankur Desai
Austin USA
March 18 2002

Jai swaminarayan, This website is exceellent. I have one suggestion. Some time we need book, audio or video cassette immediately and it is not available from local Mandir's book store. It would be nice if we can buy it from this website online and pay for it through credit card. It would also generate revenue for maintenance expenses of this website. Same way we could able to pay for prakash/patrika online rather than waiting for 8 weeks.
Khyati Vijay Kadia
Halifax Canada
March 16 2002

Pujya Shree Pramukh Swami Maharaj Ni Jay I really like this site Pretty much and viewing everyday for performing the Divya Darashan of Pujya Shree Swami Bapa.
Baba M Joshi
Pondicherry India
March 16 2002

I am happy that our Swaminarayan sampradaya website is there on the net a real boon to satsangis. The net is a partly dirty place where mind corrupting sites exist. I start my day with daily murthy darshan. and i love those enlighting essays. I wish that are published as an book. I love swami baba and he is all and sole. JAI SWAMINARAYAN.
Bhargav P. Desai
Navsari India
March 16 2002

The BEST in the selfish world. It's like a beautiful cool waterfall in the desert. Many Many heartly thanks to the maker of this website & Heartly "JAY SWAMINARAYAN" TO H.H.SHRI SWAMIBAPA.
Asha Nandha
Liverpool U.k.
March 15 2002

Being a devotee, I visit this site frequently, the information and the pictures are wonderful, as this is the only medium I have for accessing information on Swamishri's movements, which I would otherwise not be aware of, so thank you for the pictures, which are v. good, the inspiring editorials, and as usual, I will continue visiting these site! jai Swaminarayan.
Rushi Trivedi
Ahmedabad India
March 14 2002

hello jay swaminarayan to all viewers and to the moderator.the site is very beautiful better than the other sites of swaminarayan sites.i enjoyed it much because it gave me the whole prescription and the philosophy of our sanstha and the photos of the lord swaminarayan and guruhari pramukhswami maharaj and our guru parampara it is pretty good and i was astonished at it.
Bharti Maru
Surat India
March 13 2002

jai swaminarayan....!!! it had begun with admiration for the site developers...there comprehensiveness in terms of knoweldege for sampraday and technology applied....but now the admiration has proliferated for the n-number of people who rejoicing the site and making it a rule to visit it everyday.....aint it a real wonderful thing about swaminarayan sampraday...that inspite of all those distractive things on net...people reverting to something hole and meaningful as this. guest book is really inspiring.
Roshni Dalia
London England
March 11 2002

I think this website is excellent, it gives many people more knowledge on the swaminarayan faith. I want to know if you can get the results of the satsang exams. I also think you should put some more pictures to download as your background.
Nimish Patel
Ahmedabad India
March 11 2002

Hi, Jay Swaminarayan to all satsangi friends.Well I am not a Guest but I am a family member of Whole Sampraday, the pics of mahamantra mahotsav and swamibapas are excellent also daily mandir darshan is the best and i appreciate our sansthas nice gift for free download all kirtans, wallpapers. I would also like to know Bapa's current Vicharan if any body knows than please mail me.... Once again its a nice nothing to say about BAPS & I am very proud because I am a Satsangi. Jay Swaminarayan.
Amrish Patel
Sydney Australia
March 10 2002

hello jay swaminarayan to all viewers of this website. i really like this website very much and i always seems that i am always with swamibapa and i think that its the most beauty website in this religious world thanks to founders of it and swamibapa to give us most beautiful gift of 21st century.
Haresh N Patel
Baroda India
March 9 2002

Jai swaminarayan It is very good experience to visit this website I want full bhajans&kirtans in mp3 formate to Downlode in my PC So give me information about correct Location in this website Thank You Jai swaminarayan
Subramanian H. Iyer
Ahmedabad India
March 8 2002

Jai Swaminarayan, I am a Satsangi from Shahibaug, Amdavad. Needless to say, the website is beautifully designed and very informative. Thanks very much for beginning the wall paper section. It is superb. Now, if you could start screen-savers too, it would be of great help for Satsangis who use PC on a daily basis. Thanks and once again Jai Swaminarayan, Subramanian H. Iyer Shahibaug, Ahmedabad
Vivek Patel
Eugene, OR. 97401 USA
March 6 2002

Jai Swaminarayan, I love daily moorti darshan and read different essays,they are very inspiring. This is the best way to keep in touch with bapa and sant.
Bhavita Solanki
Mombasa Kenya
March 6 2002

Jai Swaminarayan, i am not a guest but belong to the Bochasanwasi Swaminarayan sampraday. This site is simply 'MIND BLOWING'.It provides me with almost all the news especially Bapa's vichran and the site deepens my knowledge about our Hindu dharma as well as the Swaminarayan Dharma. I Thank the whole team who has made this site because its worth browsing it.
Rakesh P Gohil
Surat India
March 6 2002

This site is like destination for every human being in the world of Internet or Global Village.Being an Ex. APC Student from Nadiad and true follower of the swaminarayan religion this site keeps me in close contact with our beloved Guru H.D.H. shree Pramukh Swami Maharaj and his vicharan. The Murti Darshan section is amazing and how can I forget to mention one of my most favourite Download Section, which fills every corner of my PC's and makes it a virtual temple.In sum, it has been my routine activity to visit this wonderful site. Thanks to all who is involved in making this. Jai Swaminarayan
chirag jansari
Ahmedabad India
March 5 2002

jay swaminarayan to all viewrs of this best website in the world. mp3 downloding, free wallpapers are the best parts of this website now a days. well i would like to suggest to join our site to make member of this group to make contacts with our satsangis worldwide. well lets we pray for bapas health and peace for gujarat.
Goo Dallas Hewett
Dee Why, Sydney Australia
March 4 2002

dafternoon, I have visited your very interesting site over the past month, and enjoyed the experience.I was lucky enough to meet with Swamishi, during His recent Vicharan.I was a Flight Attendent on His flight from Perth to Sydney and looked after his group.I was blessed and left the aircraft with a most enlightened and gracious feeling.I would like to thank the group for leting us have such close contact with Swamishris and thank Him for his blessing and kind words.Can I also thank Sadhu Anand Muni Das for his words, and that I am disappointed that I could make it to the Swaminarayan Temple during the visit to talk some more.I do hope to visit in the future.Thank you & Goodvibes Dallas.
Prakash Jai Patel
Birmingham uk
March 4 2002

hello jai shree krishna i am a student at Aston university and studying religious groups in organisations i have chose to study the swami narayan movement and have found the web sites very interesting . please could someone from the movement at baps please e mail me the reason swami narayan devotees are told to refrain from eating onions and garlic it is an anwser i can't find in the web site much appciated -
Chandresh Harilal Raiya
Ahmedabad India
March 3 2002

Jay Swaminarayan This is the best site giving the complete information regarding the BAPS sampradaya but the speed of this site is very slow it takes much long to download the photos or any content from the site.
Belgaum India
March 2 2002

Felt very peaceful. Love reading articles published in the TOI. Would want to hear more. I have downloaded the MP3 bhajans. Very very Spiritual. The organisation should conduct discourses to the office goers as this would bring down the stress levels of the people in this highly stressed out society. Jai sri Ram!
Arjun Bajaria
Dar es salaam Tanzania
March 1 2002

It was a wonderful job you all have done. I am from Dar-Es-Salaam. I listen to the bhajans every day. they are really nice Please keep it up. Common BRAVO! Jai Swaminarayan
Mehul.M. joshi
Mwanza Tanzania
March 1 2002

I just want to say,that since i have joined the satsang it has been a great great benifit to my daily life.with the grace of poojya pramukh swami maharaj's my life style has changed i had all these bad adictions.but i haven't seen him physically i would love to see him when he would give us visit here in mwanza.

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