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Welcome to the Guest Book. This is where viewers have expressed their opinions on BAPS' work and Web site.
In order to prevent unwanted e-mail to them, some of our visitors have asked us not to list their e-mail addresses.

You can also add your opinion by signing our Guest Book.


Welcome to the Guest Book. This is where viewers have expressed their opinions on BAPS' work and Web site.
In order to prevent unwanted e-mail to them, some of our visitors have asked us not to list their e-mail addresses.

You can also add your opinion by signing our Guest Book.


Happyn Patel
Ahmedabad India
May 31 2001

hi there jai swaminarayan to all i would fail to express my feeling for this great site. this site is really very knowledgeable, superior, inspiriour those who had visited & those who will visit this site.
Haren Mehta
Westerville, Ohio USA
May 31 2001

I am beginning to make it a habit of daily darshan before commencing my duties at the office. Efforts of BAPS in the field of humanitarian services are truly inspiring. My family and I applaud the works of BAPS and constantly seek blessings and guidance of Swami Bapa. Jai Swaminarayan.
Janak Pipalia
Ahmedabad India
May 31 2001

website is very neeful who came not in satsang is very useful for them. from this i get daily routine information of our sanstha and swamibapa's vichran. and i felt that i got more than information from it which i need.
Nishit Fumakia
Toronto Canada
May 30 2001

once again the sanstha has excelled in publishing several satsang features through this web-site. keep up the job. the pictures have been incredible and the web site has inspired everybody to keep the roots of our satsang. keep it up!!! jayswaminarayan. thank you very much.
Madhusudan Annaldasula
Chtaura Lebanon
May 30 2001

Jai Swaminarayan, This is one of the World's best spirtual and Dharmic site on the internet. May it enlighten the number of lost souls of this world and help all the people to achieve the ultimate bliss.
vadodara india
May 30 2001

i always remember swaminarayan bhagwan and get lot of peace in my mind;a reign of happiness and progress prevails everywhere that i experience as well as enjoy spiritual environment. jay swaminarayan.
Pranav Patel
Ahmedabad India
May 30 2001

well our website is no.1 website in all religious websites and i daily look it for my murtidarshan and get latest news of swamibapa and sanstha. shashtriji maharaj fight and make this sanpradaya the greatest sanstha. now swamibapa makes its worldwide no.1 and my pleasure is that i am a member of this sanstha. i am a kishor mandal sanchalak of memnagar kishore mandal and i give thanks to swamibapa from this website we always contact with our sanstha and we seems that we are with swamibapa.
Chirag Patel
Atlanta, Ga USA
May 29 2001

|| Sri Swaminarayano Vijayate || || Shreeji Swami Bhyo Namaha || Jay Swaminarayan everyone! This website has offered a lot of information about satsang. I have learned so much from the data. I visit the website everyday to see the current news. I hope you like this website, too. I hope you all gain knowledge from this website, also.
Puja Patel
Irving USA
May 29 2001

Jai Swaminarayan! this website is great!!!! it is helpful in satsang! its incredible. its cool that we know and learn more about whats going on in india and around the whole world! its awesome! thanks for all
Alpesh R. Tank
Sharjah UAE
May 28 2001

Jay Swaminarayan. Aarati & Dhun are now on net its really very good. Please try to add some video clips of bapa's vicharan & organisation's activity to make the site more interesting. Jay Swaminarayan.
Manoj Brahmbhatt
Dubai UAE
May 28 2001

Can we have another audio set of SADGURU SAINTS' pravachan through this we feel that we do "Saint Samagam" sitting far from our country. Jaiswaminarayan
Dr Hasnain Latif Patel
Mumbai India
May 27 2001

I feel as an Indian first and a believer in the Almighty, I have been touched by the spirited writings. If I could only shake away the robes of responsibiity, I feel that I have found a guru
Amit G Dolia
Ahmedabad India
May 26 2001

I am very much appreciate from this kind of work like our "Akshar purshottam Sanstha".
Vijay Madhusudan Makwana
Mumbai India
May 26 2001

Jai swaminarayan, I am regularly visiting this web site and i used to downloand mostly all the nice photos of swami bapa and his divine speeches with photos of murtis of different mandirs. Recently, the mp3 format arti, thaal, dhun i liked much. If you can give more such things i will be happy. If you can arrange to give only swaminarayan dhun (complete) it will have wasting effect.
Sydney Australia
May 25 2001

The website is very well design and easy to navigate.I hope you open a multi lingual version of the website.
Hetal Patel
Philadelphia USA
May 23 2001

Jai Swaminarayan. I'm from the Philadelphia Kishoree mandal. I think this website is interesting and really teaches things to people who are and aren't Swaminarayan. I just want to say good job and keep up the good work!
Vinay Verma
South Kensington London UK
May 23 2001

It so nice to have a temple near you in a foriegn land and a great website to bring closer to god, motherland and yourself. In past when I was in India I never thought about a temple so seriously, I used to take it for granted and after coming here, I really felt like running to the nearesst temple. I was missing it and then I realise the importance of temple in our life. God bless all who are associated with this great temple in Neasden UK.
Baiju Vyas
Rajkot India
May 23 2001

Jay Swaminarayan,, what a wonderful site this is!!! thanks a lot for all the informations & nice Temple in Rajkot.excelent presentation of various activities of the BAPS. pictures are excelent. each event is documented in excelent manner with photographs.realy it was a great work on quake time.
Mysore India
May 23 2001

jay swaminarayan online download of bhajans if you can provide than it is better for us where new casset is impossible to get very fast so that we can download that cassets kirtan. thanking you regards piyush
Ahmedabdad India
May 21 2001

this is one of the nice relegious site which i have visited since last two years so i am very happy that we also have some religious ness in our mind . "Jay Swaminarayan""
Usha Patel
Dar Es Salaam Tanzania
May 21 2001

Waiting for your pre-test papers for Parichay. For the exams in July 2001.
Ashish Patel
Anand India
May 21 2001

jai swaminarayan need to put BAPS's bhajans in MP3 format. its good that u have put arti,thal and dhun. is there any source from where i can download bhajans in mp3 please help me to find out same.
Dhawal Parekh
Bangalore India
May 19 2001

Jai Swaminarayan. Really divine photographs of Bapa and lord harikrishnamaharaj... too much delighted to find our arti/thal/dhun and bhajan in mp3 now we can also hear it while at work.... really very much inspirational site....really keeps us update with all the minute details of bapa's vicharan..... keep it up... keep still more bhajans/kirtans....all latest ones..... thanx.
Hitesh Harribhai
Durban South Africa
May 18 2001

Jai Swaminarayan. I think that BAPS site improves by the day by allowing us fellow devotees to follow Bapa's work on a daily basis.
Kunal Bhavsar
Orlando USA
May 18 2001
on your home page below all the options you have said that there are 400 temples, while inside you say there are 450 temples. which figures are correct?
Los Angeles USA
May 18 2001

Hi, i am kelly, i am animation and multimedia designer, i have one request to you, can you provide audio-video-multimedia combination show on your spritual website, because your website in famous for it's designing and graphic. Indian dance and spritual stories are excellent strating point.
Ohm Patel
New York USA
May 18 2001

Jay Swaminarayan, i want to know about Male and Female maryada in Swaminarayan Sampraday, can you provide one essay on this topic so everyone can understnad why Swaminarayan saints and devotees are so strick about their rules and what are the advantages. Thanks
Chetan Patel
Baroda India
May 18 2001

!!jai swaminarayan!! This site is really wornderful. You are realy doing very good sewa.
Mukesh Barot
Nairobi Kenya
May 17 2001
All hindu's pride is only this site,really we proud for it.
Anju Joshi
Colorado Springs USA
May 17 2001

This is THE BEST web page I have ever seen. It is very informative, colorfull & graphic. It really inspires the young inquisitive minds. Well that is the idea, that if the young minds are inspired they will open that field and read just for the inquisitiveness and if that happens, only then they will be educated and thus get the knowledge. Thank you to all those great innovative brains who came up with wonderfull ideas. Hope with His Holines Pujya Pramukhswami's blessings the innovator innovates and the inquisitives gets more inquisitive and the hungry ones become more hungry for such religious path and knowledge. GREAT JOB.
Banglore(Baroda) India
May 17 2001

"JAI SWAMINARAYAN TO ALL" v.v.happy to visit this site because of my roaming job in construction company. Earlier also i have sign this guest book earlier i was waiting for the reply.
Keyur A Mistry
Anand India
May 16 2001

It is very good site to watch & get the information about current event happeing in this organisation.amd also to download some good photographs of swaminaryan and our guru pramukh swamimaharaj.
Sunita Patel
Loma Linda USA
May 16 2001

Jai Swaminarayan....This is a very interesting site..I feel that I can learn alot about our religion,culture,and so much more.
Dharmendra Shastri
Bhopal India
May 16 2001
Dear sir, i like you idiology & sputurlistaion's & thinking. everything is fine you are doing perfectly. we all are like it very much. pl. if possible gives us blessing and advise at our email address thank you
Pinky,Neetal,Binal and Tejal
Preston England
May 16 2001

Jayswaminarayan everyone and hello we'd just like to say that the swaminarayan website is really good and interesting. we've downloaded brillient arshewad given by swami and keep up the good work Jswaminarayan
Prital Sanghavi
Manhattan USA
May 16 2001

Hi, nice webstie, thanks for providing arti,dhun and thal in mp3 format. One suggestion to you, can you provide historic audio and video blessings of swamishri e.g Akshardham opening 1992, Amrut Mahotsav 1995, London mandir opening 1995, Lord Swaminarayan 200th bith celebration 1981, Aksharbrahm Guntitanad swami 1985, CFI 1991 etc. I hope you we all devotees get these blessings soon!
Kanjibhai Pathak
Porbandar India
May 16 2001
"jay swaminarayan" i like your website and i also interested.
Nitin Ruda
Leicester Englang
May 15 2001

Jai Swaminaryan This site is superb! I am a balak who lives in Leicester. I think this site is excellent because it teaches you about the satsang and tells you about what bapa is doing.
Sudipta Manik (bengali)
Calcutta India
May 15 2001

jay swaminaryan, i bilieve god swaminaryan , pujjya pramukh swami maharaj great spirtual master in the world,i see akswardham newly teach my basic life style. thanks
Dhawal Tank
Toronto Canada
May 14 2001

I came across this site which I found most satisfactory. I used to live in Ahmedabad. When I came in Canada I had a sudden thirst for the things I had missed there to see and come. But this site gave me everything. The daily murti darshan helps me see my homeland again and the Akshardham site satisfies my desire of me not going there when I was in India.
Dr. Subhash Patel
Vadodara India
May 14 2001

jay shree swaminarayan excelent presentation of various activities of the BAPS. pictures are excelent. each event is documented in excelent manner with photographs. subhash patel
Nigam Parikh
Ankleshwar India
May 13 2001

To site maker:- Dear site maker, you not place murti of bapa or akshar and purshotam.I find almost site but it not appear by me.please put in the site. Thank you.
Ashwin Rathod
Surat India
May 13 2001

This web site is the best religeous website.It's design is also good and out look also.This is a good fascility to know current news about BAPS and dear swamishree.Dowan load fascility of swamishree's photograph as well as audio blessing is best,I like it most,because i like swamishree's photograph at different countries.I surf this site daily and feel my life as very lucky in this cyber world. Now i want to see Pujya Pramukhswami with NOBEL PRISE. One get surprised that " what is such in Pramukh swami that attract whole world". Pramukhswami has Divine Power which is the superior in the universe despite Swamishree has not any educational degree on any political backgrowand . I request to Baps that provide fascility of E-mail and chating on this web site as one can contact with Saints and Devoties of BAPS. Best of luck to pramukhswami for his health and pray to good that give long life to Pramukh Swami.
Dharmen Udeshi
Mumbai India
May 12 2001

Watching this site is a pleasure, which is maintained & developed with great care. The developers & all other people must be accoladed for making great site. This experience to me is as good as visiting a mandir. Jai Swaminarayan........
Akshay Dave
Dubai U.A.E.
May 11 2001

i have been happy to see pramukh swami maraj in dubai he gave us lot of knowledge about lord swaminarayan may pramukh swami maraj come again to dubai and give us aashirwad
Surat India
May 11 2001

respected sir, akshardham is very-very beutiful .my orrissa guest is very happy for see akshardham.
Akshar Purushottam Patel Cleveland USA
May 10 2001

This website is getting better and better every week. I love the new BAPS achievments. i wish the best of luck to the people updating this page.
Sankalia Gangaram Maganbhai
Vadodara. India
May 10 2001
Jai shree Swaminarayan.There is good information & knowledge of lord Sahjanand.Always new things awaited.Always refresh our knowledge.
R Patel
Auckalnd New Zealand
May 10 2001

Jay Swaminarayan Inspirating! Those wonderful essays truely moves me. Also the Daily Murti Darshan brings out that something special from without our hearts. We become more eager to engage with confidents in studies and seva when we read such Divine Inspiration incidents.
Schaumburg US
May 9 2001

I really like this site. Especially the daily murti darshan. It's really awesome, how u guys change it every day. I like everything on this site. thanks for everything salini
kalpna ruparelia
Ottawa, Canada
May 8 2001

jaiswaminarayan; The site is excellent and very informative. Sudhir and I enjoy going thru the contents.
Gloucester Gloucestershire
May 8 2001

I recently visited the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir on a school trip, I thought it was a magnificent building! Our teacher has set us a project on it! Its so far an enjoyable project!
Dhaval Brahmbhatt
Ahmedabad India
May 8 2001

No question about a great site. It reflects the power of this sampradaya. I would like to see more and more content on the website and more photographs. I would also like to see the kirtans to come on the website especially old ones which are not relesed as cassets. If download offering is not possible then streaming should atleast be there. Also the daily murti darshan section should be such that if someone misses one day, he can go backwards and see the old daily murti darshan photos.
Amish Patel
Union City, California USA
May 7 2001
I am a regular visitor for the Swaminarayan temple at milpitas, california. After browsing through the web site i felt as if i did not know anything at all. I am always attracted towards learning new things.. may it be cleaning home to help elders to making a home. I guess this site would really make people browsing it realise the indian culture and spiritual aspects of life. As such Bapa has given us so many things to work on that one life is not enough for it. I really thank everyone involved in putting up this site together.
Roshen Gopal
Rustenburg S. Africa
May 6 2001

Jay swaminarayan, how would i be able to obtain the past papers for the pravesh exams of july 2000 and february 2001.i have tried the relevant bookshops in south africa but to no avail. I would like the english version of the exams.
Minesh Prakashbhai Patel
Anand India
May 6 2001

Jay Swaminarayan, I have visited this site and I appricate for your hard work to show our hindu riligion to the world. I wish you will more improve add more subject for the people.
Archana Rasik
Bhadaliya Rajkot India
May 6 2001

Jay Swaminarayana by seeing this website we felt like we are in the swaminarayana mandir itself . It makes us more pure and near to the bapa.
Sanjay Rathod
Surat India
May 5 2001

hi all . jay swaminarayan to all.i like this site very much. i want to say that "life is a most beautiful thging given by god to us ". live it happily. i like all the photos & everything. i m sit on net 1st time & when i opened this te i m very exited . & i m very happy to see this site. .
Meeta Patel
Watford England
May 5 2001

I am a Swaminarayan I go to the London mandir every Saurday. I do not wish to complain but i have to in this case.In the Shastriji Maharaj File there is a program about his life in pictures I clicked on it and nothing happpened I have been waiting for 4 weeks now and wsh for you to sort out this program right away.
Brahmbhatt Kajal
V. V. Nagar India
May 4 2001

I would like to visit your site it's really nice. If i wont more information about "baps" what can i do ? Tell me and give me replay.
Nisha Raghwani
Iowa U.S.A.
May 4 2001

Thanks you so much for putting up such a wounderful site which is not only educative but also gives us chance to keep in touch with out culturals/religius root. It is excellent website to come a cross. I am absolutely impressed. The most thing i liked was the daily Murti Darshans, its very well presented site. This is a great Website -the best!!! actually.
Pravin Tora
Edison USA
May 4 2001

Jay Swaminarayan, to all webmaster of, One request to you, can you provide audio blessings of Swamishri, of major festivals like cfi usa, cfi london, lord swaminarayan 200 birth celebration, akshardham opening(Yogi Shatabdi), Bal Mahotsav,Amrut Mahotsav, First blessings after swamishri's heart surgery, If you can provide these blessings it is a great seva for all satsangi. Thanks
Dhruv Patel
San Jose USA
May 4 2001

Hi, I am a regular visitor of this great website. I want to give one suggestion to you, Can provide download option for vicharan section's photo gallarey and audio blessings on the same day or next day when you upload it, the reason is that in my ravi sabha we plan to display presentation of vicharan section and play audio blessings in kishore sabha and ravi sabha.
Rakhee Gokal
Johannesburg South Africa
May 3 2001

I visit this site everyday mostly before I start my work in the morning so that I may have murti darshan and thus have a good day. I love the divine inspirations and the entire site is so informative. It has helped me in many of my speeches. Thank you and Jai Swaminarayan!
Pinki Patel
Fairview Heights USA
May 2 2001

I learned many things about BAPS from this web site.

Milan Pala
Jamnagar India
May 2 2001

We are very happy by seeing this site.
Hani & Mayur Patel
Dubai U.A.E
May 2 2001

jay swaminarayan this site is very well organised &i love it i love dialy murti darshan because the pictures r just fantastic i am very very happy bapa visited dubai i am going to everday to bapa's darsan
Mayank Amin
Lansdale USA
May 1 2001

Jay Swaminarayan! I am a kishore from the Philadelphia Mandir. I have a couple of requests...can you update the site more often so that we know where Swamibapa is recently because as of now, you update the site every two or so weeks and we have no clue as to where Swamibapa is currently or what he is doing. Thanks a lot! Jay Swaminarayan...I Luv Bapa Forever!
Rekha Vig
Bell USA
May 1 2001
Your website has been designed marvelously! It is very informative and has easy access to all of the presented information. I can't wait to get the opportunity to view the Mandir in person. Thank you!

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