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Welcome to the Guest Book. This is where viewers have expressed their opinions on BAPS' work and Web site.
In order to prevent unwanted e-mail to them, some of our visitors have asked us not to list their e-mail addresses.

You can also add your opinion by signing our Guest Book.

Akash Patel
Charlotte United States
November 30, 2000

Well as you know I am Swaminarayan and therefore this is the best website on all of the internet. There is no other website that you could benefit more from.
Darshana Patel
Fremont California
November 29, 2000

hey, this website is really cool also it gives me information about what Bapa is doing, were he his, and it also gives me more information on the sanstha and its history. i think it would be better if you add more things for kids also more prasangs about the guru parampara. this website is also cool because even though iam not were Bapa is, i can see what happen and smile at the wonderful pictures of him! thank you jay swaminarayan
Abhinn Patel
London United Kingdom
November 26, 2000

This website is very useful to me. I learn so much whenever i go on to this website including the storys that are told on the tale of wisdom. Please do inform me about news things that is happening at BAPS Jai Sawminaryan Abhinn

Patel Tejas Arvindbhai
Ahmedabad India
November 25, 2000

jai swaminarayan, i've got divine experiance form your website.I think it is one of the best website in the world which is base on hindu culture & social activities of your sanstha & i'm really impressed by your different social activities. I've seen your delhi akshardham photo on this website & it's really look vary beauty.But please update your web daily.
Nitin Bharambe
Dar es salaam Tanzania
November 25, 2000

I found it to be really very enlighting after visiting the site. Moreover the articles are really very excellent which throws light on the real facts of life. If you can increase the periodicity of fortnightly articles to weekly it will really help people, who are serious and ready to change their personality, to face and live life in a better way.
Jayendra Amin
Harrow U.K
November 24, 2000

we find your web page very usefull, and interesting. swami's darshan is very alokik and very divyabhav. jaiswaminarayan.

Sharmili Rameshlal Patel
Desplaines USA
November 24, 2000

Jai swaminarayan I just want to thank bapa for everything that he has done for me. He found me the perfect husband and brought me closer in satsang. Thank you, bapa. You have inspired me in many ways.
Pravin Tora
Edison USA
November 23, 2000

Jay Swaminarayan New Delhi Akshardham presentation is excellent and my family and all friends feel that we are present in the New Delhi Akshardham. Selection of photographs is very perfect. I like the most Shilanyas section because all rituals are traditional way and Swamishri's joy for "Delhi ma Danko Marvo Che" dream of his guru H.D.H. Yogiji Maharaj is near to fulfill. I am proud that in New Delhi "Akshardham" is the first in it's style unique complex which will represent Hindu cultural and "Akshar Purushottam Upasana" Jay Swaminarayan!
Pravin Tora
Edison USA
November 23, 2000

Jay Swaminarayan I visited Chicago Haveli on website. Carving is marvels and Haveli feature is for social and spritual purpose.It is an excellent presentation of entire festival. I Notice that website news section is upload on each festival day. From my home i enjoy that i am in chicago. My entire family get the Swamibapa's blessings on internet.
Sonal Patel
Cordele, GA USA
November 21, 2000

JAY SWAMINARAYAN all the satsangis. Ti is really a nice website. This site is very help ful for our activities and its well maintained
Deepa Patel
Atlanta USA
November 21, 2000

Jai swaminarayan. I think this is an excellent excellent website. As I was looking through the pictures of bapa's vicharan, it brought back so many memories of bapa in atlanta, chicago, and especially perry. I think we have found the best guru in the world, words can't describe him. This website is an excellent way to keep in touch with where he is, as well as a way to learn more about our satsang. I especially like the essays, they are informative, and the topics are nice. For all those that worked on this site- wonderful job.jai swaminarayan.
Darshini Patel
Cleveland USA
November 21, 2000

I truly love this site. It so much information about our fellowship-BAPS. And our GURU:Pramukh Swami Maharaj is the best person in the whole world. He helps you through good times and bad times. The sight is wonderful! Keep up the excellent work! Jai Swaminarayan!
Bhargav Patel
Ahmedabad INDIA
November 20, 2000

From the day i came to know about our web site in ravi sabha i am visiting it when ever i go to cybercafe to check my mail and one day i found that i can even listen to swamibapa's ashirvachan but this is the point from where coplications begun when ever i click on the icon to listen to the ashirvachan i face numbers of things from real player and no matter what i do i have not been able to listen the ashirvachan plase tell me how can i here ashirvachan on line without downloading it because downloding always run out of time dur to slow speed.

Yogesh Patel
Cleveland USA
November 20, 2000

Jai Swaminarayan !! What a wonderful site...What I would like to suggest is, a detailed essay on the definition of "Hinduism" on the website. Please define, what, why, when, how about Hinduism. Thank you….
Hemant Patel
Willits US
November 19, 2000

Pranam to Swami Bapa, And all Muktas. How I send my message to Pujaniya Swami Bapa and other saints? If you guide me please I heartly appreciate your kind help. Your namra das,Hemant Patel
Saurabh Ray
Clarkston USA
November 19, 2000

Jay Swaminarayan Why don't you guys put bhajans on the web. It would be nice. And Pictures of Divine moments of Bapa. Thanks Saurabh na Jay Swaminarayan
Rana Digvijay
New Delhi India
November 18, 2000
Kalpen Shah
Carteret USA
November 17, 2000

Excellent Work. Very informative. Feedback: It will helpful if you display upcomming(future) events and details on the site.. eg. Bapa's birthday in ANAND and program .. When , What.., Bapa's future travel..
Premal P. Desai
Valsad India
November 17, 2000

vandaniya swamishri, i seen your web-site & i feel that i am a lukky person because i got the chance to visit this site. i want to know something more about "swami bapa" .
Mehul Patel
Louis Trichardt South Africa
November 17, 2000

very interesting and a very beautiful website.i hope many people come to hear about this website and our organisation and turn to our divine master his holiness pramukh swami maharaj.
Baba M Joshi
Bangalore india
November 15, 2000

The Info & Photos About Delhi Akshardham Are Really Superb. If this superb i am sure the Monument will Surely be mind boggling and Beyond Imagination
Alpesh R. Tank
Sharjah U.A.E.
November 15, 2000

This site is really very nice, which keeps us updated with all the information regarding our great BAPS. This site can be made more interesting if it contains video clips also.

Narendra Laljibhai Ghelani Vadodara India
November 14, 2000

Param pujaya bapa, aaje me PC lidhu.Mara computor per tamara darshan thaya. Aa joy hu ghano dhanya thayo.aavi krupa mara darek kam ma karta rahejo.
Mahendra Mahendra Shrimanker Raleigh USA
November 13, 2000

Good organization with definate goals towards keeping Hindu culture together with present and future generation. Good Luck and you all have our support.
Ms Patel
New York USA
November 13, 2000

i was just wondering, in the children's section of the pictorial shikshaptri, where are slokes 1-10 as well as others?
Suchita Vaidya
Liverpool England
November 13, 2000

hey, this is the first time ive been on this site and it is great!!! much more interesting than i thought it would be!!!but, y'no, you could add the contacts of more european mandals, as you only have uk and thats what i was looking for. But i love the site, makes ya feel proud! i just wanted to know if you had the paris mandal's web page or contact number, as i need it, if u could get back to me, thanx.
JS, suchi

Harish Parmar
Gandhinagar INDIA
November 13, 2000

The site is well organised and nicely designed still some of the requirement's r the photographs which can be set as wall papers and some screen savers of Lord Swaminarayan. If this can be made available and given in the download sections then its very good as we people sitting on our computer require some good images of Lord Swaminarayan to put on our desktop and as screen savers also.

Amit Patel
Ranip,Ahmedabad India
November 12, 2000

I am really happy after seeing this website. What a designing in this site! Here i can see each and every types modification. In future,i hope each and every people will say "Who is the maker of this website?" and "Who is the guide?" Really,Pramukh swami is great saint well as look like swaminarayan bhagawan.
Jasmin N.Kacha
Junagadh India
November 12, 2000

thanks a lot for providing such info which we can see & put it in our life with the help of comp,sitting at any part of the world .... j a i s w a m i n a r a y a n !!!!!!
Jaydev Ahir
Bangalore India
November 10, 2000

Jay swaminarayan . This site is really wonderful though I am not visiting this site first time but this site gives much information about the institution and about swami bapa he is great, the new features of audio added in the site is really appreciable.
Tejal, Neetal, Binal and Pinky Preston England
November 9, 2000

We just wanna say a big JAYSWAMINARAYAN !!!! 2 all of u out there-This site is a GREAT inspiration 2 every 1 & i feel they should continue producing more and more thingz like this. The programme in London was BRILL and we just wanna say that the DANCES performed were EXCELLENT.
Neetal Paresh
Preston U. K.
November 8, 2000

I think we should have more photo's of bapa and the saints also think we should be able to listen to the bajans the sangeet saints are singing!

Ankita, Achal
Ahmedabad India
November 8, 2000

this site is very well informative but it wud had been more better if closeup photographs of murti of various temples shri ghanshyam maharaj wud have been put up.
Anuradha Bhatia
Bombay India
November 8, 2000

I liked the website very much. It has enlightened my soul. Thank you for the spiritual guidance. It has given me alot of peace.
Mahendra Ashabhai Brahmbhatt Vadodara Gujarat,India
November 8, 2000

Progress in right direction to suit the 21st centuary,as asked by Lord Swaminarayan quote" hamara satsangione desh ane kal pramane jivan rakhvu" unquote.keep it up. details of any significant events should be loged asap.
Bimal Gohel
Rajkot India
November 7, 2000

I am satsangi. It is fentastic to have a tour on our site. To Swamishri is going to do "Khat Vighi" of Akshardham to be built at Delhi. Congratulations to Maharaj-Swami, Swamishri, Sadguru Saints and our satsangis and Non-satsangis, those who are connected to our Socio-spiritual Movement.
Harish Patel
Durham US
November 7, 2000

Could we have a monthly calender @ all the events listed in the printed issue for those of us who do not have a printed days when we have Agyaras, and moti agyaras etc. Thanks
Dharmesh Patel
Cleveland USA
November 7, 2000

This site is very helpful for our mandir activities and its well designed, maintained. Keep up the hard work! !!!Last but not least we all love you BAPA!!!
Bhavesh Choksi
Matawan United States
November 6, 2000

Since i am a satsangi from Edison, New Jersey, i really don't need to give an opinion because i know Maharaj is Supreme God of the infinite universes and Bapa is Pragat AksharBrahman. The website is fabulous because Bapa's haribhaktas and santos are the greatest and most creative. JAY SWAMINARAYAN
Patel Suryakant
Pittsburgh PA. USA
November 5, 2000

Jay swaminarayan. This is a good site for information keep it up.
Yagna(vaghu) Dave
Mississauga Canada
November 4, 2000

heartiest jai swaminarayan and happy new year to one and all i had a great darsan/samagam at chicago and wow! now i can visualize the same on our website. so fast i could'nt believe it. i feel this website is revolutionary in bringing younger generation to satsang as they would'nt have gone thru prakash/patrika/bliss with that interest and enthusiasm as the website is presently doing. millions of dandwat pranam to our beloved guruhari pramukh swami maharaj for protecting future generations.
Mehul Desai
Ahmedabad INDIA
November 4, 2000

It is really a nice website.I used to surf on net & regularly surf our BAPS website. It is relly a good website.TRY TO PUT Video Presentation on NET if possible.
Jeremy Charles
Chester England
November 4, 2000

I am learning about Diwali in my religious studies and visited your site to learn more. It was very interesting as I am a Christian and don't know a great deal about your religion up to now. Thank you

Neha Patel
Salisbury USA
November 3, 2000

hey Jai Swaminarayan! i'm Just Checking out our swaminarayan always its the best and ...the chicago haveli opening was the best the yet.....we and America misses you Bapa ....we all love you! you will always remain within us...
Ashish Patel
Leicester UK
November 3, 2000

I am very happy and amazed to visit this website.I would request you to send my prayer to P.P.Prumukh Swami so that he can bless me and I can achieve my missions very smoothly in my life. The prayer : "O prabhu maru jivan taru divya ardha bani raho" Jai Swaminarayan

Rajni Suthar
Brampton Canada
November 3, 2000

Jay Swaminarayan to all the satsangis This is a marvellous step taken by the BAPS sanstha & easy way established by the sanstha to do the Darshan of our god & our Supreme Guru.I am proud to be a satsangi.

Mr T.S.Janardanan
Madurai SouthIndia
November 3, 2000

We are from south India. For the past two years we are in Gujarath and enjoying the bliss feom Lord Swaminarayan. The website is introduced to us at Ahmadabad. Now we feel we are very proud after getting touch and more close to Pramukhji maharaj and Jai swaminarayan organisation. Recently we visited Akshar dham at Gandhidam and found enchanting and like to get more information in person and thro web in future.Jai ! Jai ! Swaminarayan. Jai Swaminarayan.
Arpit Patel
Mogri India
November 3, 2000

jai swaminarayan really a good work done by you all people to create this web site. which is very useful to people to understand and to know about lord swaminarayan and the swamibapa and about whole satsang.i am proud to be a swaminarayan.i stay near swaminarayan mandir please make some live coverage of pp swamibapa when he doing pravachan at any occasion.
Anand India
November 3, 2000

Dear sir your site takes much time to compar to another site the user can't wait for much time. by the way site to good. i really apriciated your performance.
Arvind Vyas
Ahmedabad India
November 2, 2000

this website is very much infermative and helpful for me to keep in touch with news about Shree BAPA. after getting retire from the job it keeps me busy either way.
Modi Jigar Govinbhai
Ahmedabad India
November 2, 2000

this is very good site which informs swami bapa's vicharan shows very beautiful photo gallary of swamishri. but one suggestion is there for you. please make the site less graphical so it can be opened very fast.
Nikunj Patel
Gandhinagar ( Gujarat) India
November 2, 2000

Jay Swaminarayan. Daily, i can attend "Ravi-Sabha" by our website. Vichran, photographs of swamibapa, News, Announcements etc.,i can get through this website. But, i was looking for 'Annakut' photographs from our London mandir in this website. I couldn't find it any way. Hu BAPA na regular DARSHAN karoo chhoo(through this website). Thank You.

Kanti M Dodhia
Nairobi Kenya

November 1, 2000

An excellent site to visit. It was really pleasing to note that the news of the meeting between Pujya Pramukh Swami Maharaj and President Bill Clinton was announced with such speed on the internet. Also the diwali and annkut news were announced with such speed. The site is very informative and gives a lot of information about the sanstha.

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