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Welcome to the Guest Book. This is where viewers have expressed their opinions on BAPS' work and Web site.
In order to prevent unwanted e-mail to them, some of our visitors have asked us not to list their e-mail addresses.

You can also add your opinion by signing our Guest Book.


Welcome to the Guest Book. This is where viewers have expressed their opinions on BAPS' work and Web site.
In order to prevent unwanted e-mail to them, some of our visitors have asked us not to list their e-mail addresses.

You can also add your opinion by signing our Guest Book.


Dayanand D. Patel
Gahanna India
October 30 2001

I read the Page Title "Lord Swaminarayan" If any individual read and implies the Code of Conduct written by GOD, they definately live better life. If Sanstha publish these code of conduct on a Card Board 8''x11'' in Enlish and distribute to our youngster would be very helpful to our Indian Community. I am not a strick follower of any perticular subsection of Hindu Religian, however I follow many of same code of conduct for my own life and our family. Our religious book "Geeta" covered many of the same principle, These code describe with very simple language.
Pranav Patel
Ahmedabad India
October 29 2001

jay swaminarayan to all viewrs of this website. well daily murti darshan is the best part of this site. and swamibapa's photo gallary in which we make great darshan of bapa so please go ahead.
Gandhinagar India
October 29 2001

Hai jay shree swaminarayn to all.i realize that there is no any clean site like like to thakfull to pramukh swami(bapa).he is father of new jeneration .he is my father,mon,life also my aim .just darshan of that person gives me lots of power to fight with prolems which comes anywhen and anywhere .
Ankit Kumar
Melbourne Australia
October 28 2001

I am a follower of Swaminaryan's teachings and I really appreiciate this website. But I would like to give a sugesstion as well. The sugestion is that there should be a option of asking a personal question, That will attract more person towards the website and more over it will be helpful to bhagatjanh.... as well

Prakash Kamdar
Wheaton USA
October 28 2001

//Jai Swaminarayan // All of us have calenders, cards, flyers and letters with images of Lord Swaminarayan, Sadgurus, Sants and Mandirs. Back in India we used to immerse these in rivers or big lakes or seas. We cannot do that here because of local laws and it's not appropriate to dispose them with other trash. Can we have special receptacles at all the mandirs where we can bring these paper/plastic material for proper disposal? Or is there another alternative?
Patel Paresh Ishwarbhai
Ahmedabad India
October 26 2001

i am doing everything for getting rajipo from swamibapa. i remember one thing that i have plan to go USA but i am not accept the offer from employer. At this time i think that i am lost one golden oppurtunity in my life. But what happen after some days WTC at new york crashed by terrorist. i am also go for job near this building but swami save my life and i thanks to him and never give rewards for this.
Abhimanyu Singh Sisodia
Liverpool UK
October 25 2001

jai swaminarayan, i very happy after seeing the daily darshan of prabhu swaminarayan at the net
Meeta Patel
Watford U.K
October 25 2001

To Baps, I enjoy your home a lot since I am a Swaminarayan as well. when I click on Shastriji Maharaj it never has a life presentation and all the other Gurus have.
Mrugesh Patel
Torotonto Canada
October 23 2001

First and foremost I am proud to be swaminarayan, there is no other religion like it. Second of all this web site is a great way to get in touch with bapas daily routine. Keep up the good work.
Balbhadrasinh G.Jadeja
Bhavnagar India
October 23 2001

I am very please to visit this sight. Please arrange to pur some screen savers and wall papers of murties or swami bapa which can be downloaded and can appear on Compyter every movement. or when computer not in work. Hope you will concentrate on this sugessions.
Dhwani Pandya
Edison USA
October 22 2001

"Sakhi nahava padhare maharaj re!" in jalzilani samiayo, an excellent lyrics, music composition and singning by Premvadan Swami and saints. We are waiting for this type of more and more kirtan from web team, please provide facility to download this kirtan. Jay Swaminarayan
Desai Payal Kamleshkumar Ahmedabad India
October 22 2001

daily murtidarshan is a good idea.i like all murtis.i always download it and put it on my desktop.that why my all mornings are lovely thanx
Sudhir Modi
Palanpur Gujarat-India
October 22 2001

Very good website of the best Sanstha of the world. It keeps me in touch with Bapa Pramukh Swami Maharaj and Bhagwan Shri Swaminarayan.
Rachana Patel
London Middlesex
October 21 2001

this website in excellent, it shows the importants of swaminarayan and it's vert east to get infomation about swaninarayan. but there is no selected box for us to send this excellent website to our friends or family if it is not difficuly please make this available Thankyou
Akshar P. Patel
Mansfield, Ohio USA
October 20 2001

JS to everyone... theres nothin much to say but you guys are doing a great job... i wish there would be a page about what BAPS is doing for the WTC attacks... keep up the good work!... i'm proud to be an american!
Surat India
October 19 2001

this is for the web designers of this site.... hey cant we put some e- greetings on this site?...diwali is wud be fabulous to send some spiritually meaning ful greetings with murti darshan..... do think it over.... jai swaminaraya
London UK
October 19 2001

hello, jay swaminarayan BAPS built a very nice site forn satsangi's & visitors as well.. if u want to about swamishree's vichran , satsang news & many more you can get from this site.. jay swaminarayan atush
Viral P Upadhyay
Nadiad India
October 19 2001

I am an APC student. I feel great for it. APC and Satsang are very important in one's life.
Mrs. Viraj Niket Barot Gandhinagar India
October 19 2001

jay swaminarayan! Aksharderi & Akshardham is very wonderful gift for us.This site very beautiful. I think it is a very important site for us.
Pipavav Port India
October 19 2001

I am very glad to visit this site. please put more bhajans which may enable devoties to down load
Mira Patel
October 19 2001
I believe that this on the webpage you should allow requests to be made for certain publications to be shipped to certain mandirs... like if San Jose Mandir needed a large number of older publications for new generation of families, then they could put a request in on the webpage and this request be known to askar pith, so that they might know how many of a certain book that they need....
Pramod Gadhia
Kampala Uganda
October 17 2001

iam a regular visitor to the BAPS website.i will be highly obliged if you can email some short prasangs from Swaminivato or Vachanamrit or some prasangs of Pujya Swamibapa on a daily or as convinient basis to my email address.
Kala-Jyoti Redfern
New York USA
October 17 2001

What a super web site! Very informative, loads of pictures. Hope to visit the mandir in December.
Jatin P.Shah
Toronto Canada
October 17 2001

I and my wife is appearing for satsang parichaya exam which will be held in Feb 2002. My daughter will be also appearing for satsang prarambh exam. Could I request you to keep past few years papers (atleast 6 - 7 years )on web site (and not only one pre test paper ) so that we could print them and be thorough with the exam. My ultimate aim is to be thorugh with hundred such questions and get highest score to please Bapa.
Dilip A Patel
Vadodara India
October 17 2001

Jay swaminarayan the site is not updated as scheduled to 16-10-2001 please update it fast.
Jayesh Sisodiay
Surat India
October 16 2001

jay swaminarayan. i am balkayarkar. fist time saw the this side. i like the BAPS and good working . pramukhaswami's work is best.i am also work in this organisation. world best org. Jay Swaminarayan
Raksha Taylor
Camden London UK
October 16 2001

this is the most sarvopori site on the whole net!
Dharit Patel
London England
October 15 2001

hi, i would just like to say, how great and informative it is- it has answered many of my questions and the site has also enlightened me by the excellent inspirational photos. keep up the brilliant work!
Suchi Vaidya
Liverpool UK
October 14 2001

hey!i often come and visit this site, often to take time out of my hectic life to reflect on my religion and bapa. He has helped me with miracles in the past year and i love him for it. It is SO important to have faith and stick to ur religion because the rewards and help when u need them are unforgettable. Thanx for helping me to keep in tuch with my religion in allways poss!
Vaibhav Alpesh
Tank Sharjah U.A.E.
October 14 2001

Jay Swaminarayan. I love Kirtans & Swamibapa's audio blessings. I do daily murti darshan in this site.

Rohan Patel
Indore Holy place (india)
October 13 2001

jai swaminarayan to all ,hey i like to visist this site in evrymorning .this make me away from all bad happenings of day thanks to all supporters who make this site .and provide lots of sukh to all devotees
Pankaj Patel
La Palma USA
October 12 2001

This is great site. It is full of information who don't know anything about our religoin. Even I found some thing that I never heard about Lord Swaminarayan. Jay Swaminarayana!!!
Ankit Shah
Sydney Australia
October 12 2001

Jai Swaminarayan, This is a great site for all those looking for inspiration and b.a.p.s. is a great organisation, and I'm glad to be a part of it. It'll be a lot of fun when bapa visits OZ next year in Feb.
Bina Solanki
Pune India
October 10 2001

It`s a wonderful & eternal site.i was very delighted to see this site on`s one of the very few worth sites on the`s mind refreshing after murti darshan & after reading swamini vato.and i hope further also u keep bringing on topics that matters we human beings & give a spiritual rather divine solution. jai swaminarayan
Nikita Patel
Houston TX
October 10 2001

Jai Swaminarayan, i am reading enlightening essays regular. P.Saints are providing divine guidance for life. As i am swaminarayan many classmates in my college asked me that they did not find any essay or details regarding Male-Female "Maryada" in BAPS. Why Sadhus are not talking with Female, can you provide any essay for this with facts and figure. Thanks
Pravruti Mehul bhadesa
Dar-Es-Salaam Tanzania
October 10 2001

jay swaminarayan to you all i am very glad about this site it makes me know everything happening in the bapa daily
Kalpen Patel
London United Kingdom
October 10 2001

The web site is excellent. I am a frequent visitor of this site. Mostly I visit this site to see Swami Bapa's vichran and photos. Other section I like in this site is "Enlightning Essays". Some of the essays give real insight of the life and teach you how to lead a good life and how to build your self confidence. I would like to see more of this types of essays on site. All other sections are brilliant too. Jai Swaminarayan
L. N. Shetty
Valsad India
October 9 2001

JAI SWAMINARAYAN !! This is the first website that I have visited in my life. It is indeed a wonderful and amazing website. Thanx
Mahesh Ganatra
Rajasthan India
October 8 2001

This site is simply devine. It is very informative and leads towards a simple and honest life. It gives us the total insight to life as a whole and how to live righteously.
Krupa P Patel
Northampton U.S.A.
October 4 2001

Jayswaminarayan I like this web site becouse it gives me alot of knowledge about bhagvanswaminarayan
Ramesh Pathak
Pune India
October 3 2001

An excellent site. Pramukh Swami Maharaj and Shri Swaminarayan have affected our lives immensely. We are truly indebted to them.
Mrs. Kathleen J. Perez Wheelwright, Ma. U S A
October 3 2001

A very good friend that I met almost a year ago recommended this site to me as a way of learning more about the Hindu culture and religion. I trust my friends opinion and will visit this site frequently to learn more. What I have seen and found out is very encouraging and interesting so far.
Ninna Shah
Los Angeles USA
October 3 2001

I request you to provide Swamibapa's future vicharan schedule on web, so that everyone know where swamibapa is and do the mansi pooja and one more benefit is that devotees who want to take swamibapa's laabh can schedule their programm specailly NRI Satsangi. i hope my request will consider and swamibapa's vicharan schedule will upload on web.
Aswin Mehta
Jersey City USA
October 3 2001

I am doing darshan of different murtis in daily murti darshan, now from last few days murtis are not new, most of them are repeating, either you select it from vicharan or from past month, i think in daily darshan you jave to provide new murtis everyday. thanks
Kajal Patel
Islington London
October 3 2001

The web page is a good idea, it is very easy to show people what our region and culture is about. Plus to show people what the mandir looks like without attending in person and how the organisation works in the charity section.
Devanshu Swadia
Mumbai India
October 3 2001

I am a regular visitor of the temple. The web site is too good. Kindly update me on the new festivals etc. at the temple.
Mukesh Sonani
Ahmedabad India
October 3 2001

As a Swaminarayan, I can only say that Its an Online Bhakti. Lord Swaminarayan is available online.
Chirag Jansari
Ahmedabad India
October 3 2001

jay swaminarayan to all viewrs of this nice religious website and when i see it i feel that i am always with swamibapa and i always attech with our sanstha's activities and our sanstha's minute to minute's progress so i specially give my regards to param pujya swamibapa to give us pretty gift in this 21st century
Birju Dave
Mwanza Tanzania
October 2 2001

i liked the site very much as i have come to know alot more about swamibapa i would like to get the web sites for the Kirtans, that would enable me to play them early morning , otherwise the web site is just fantastic keep furnishing us satsangis withnsame type of infp
Nishika. Patel
Montreal Canada
October 1 2001

hi my name nisha and i have visited your website every time i log on, and i find it very interesting. i myself and my whole family belives in swaminarayan. just to let you know this website is very well done. keep up the good job.
Anil Dholakia
Allentown, PA USA
October 1 2001

You may want to include driving direction to the temples on your website. I was looking for the Edison, N.J. temple. Unfortunately, I could not find any directions. Could you please e-mail directions from Allentown, N.J.? Thank you.
Rekha Mistry
Fullerton,CA USA
October 1 2001

Thank you for providing the wealth of information on your website, I will share with my family and friends.
Vineet Singh
Auckland New Zealand
October 1 2001

Hello, i am new to swami narayan organisation and came to know about it through my new room mates in NZ.I personally feel that the organisation is very well organized and after going to the weekly sabha here in auckland it makes me feel much more enlightened and their is some feeling which is can't be explained in words, just can be feeled.
Surat India
October 1 2001

it is lovely visiting the site make an album in which there r pictures of akshar deri, akshardham,etc.
Keyur Khamar
Edison New Jersey (USA)
October 1 2001
Jay Swaminarayan to all. I usually check many sites other than this swaminarayan one, just to see them. I believe in BAPS and Swami Bapa and no other, but sometimes, I just like to look at other sites. The site is amazing, and even better for the fact that we are the one sampraday, with the ONE guru who made a statement about the tragedies here in the USA on September 11th (I live in NYC). I love Bapa, I love BAPS and I love this site, thank you for everything.

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