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Spiritual Care Spiritual Care
Every BAPS activity has firm spiritual roots, daily nourished by prayers and devotion.  


Young sadhus of BAPS
More than young, educated and committed sadhus form the backbone of the BAPS activities. They are strict celibates who avoid even touching money and observe lifetime vows of: Nishkam (non-lust), Nirlobh (non-greed), Nissneh (non-attachment), Nisswad (non-taste) and Nirman (non-ego). In addition to daily devotion and meditation, they study scriptures, philosophy, art, music and perform regular social work. While touring villages and cities for moral uplift, they counsel individuals towards a better life.

Over Mandirs

Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Gadhada

Daily over 150,000 pilgrims visit BAPS mandirs – in India and outside India (in Africa, Europe, America and Australia). Our mandirs are more than places of worship. They are charged with zeal and are vibrant with social and spiritual activities. All major religious festivals are ritually celebrated in their original colour and finery. They create a perfect climate to know about God, Hindu Dharma, Indian culture and life.

Activities conducted in Mandirs or by Sadhus:
More than youth assemblies and children assemblies regularly reach out and touch thousands of youngsters.
A climate in which character, intelligence, virtues, talents, fitness, and spiritual consciousness can flourish, is created through lectures, seminars, stories, audio-visual presentations, dramas, yoga, music, crafts, folk dances, rhymes and games.
Student and leadership training camps set ablaze in them the fire of service and sacrifice, devotion and dedication.
Special camps and conventions for girls and women concentrate on inspiring the ideals of pure womanhood.
The Sanstha organizes majestic child and youth conventions and holds healthy competitions of their proficiency in arts, crafts and talents at local, national and international levels.
Whether it is the weekly assembly or the annual convention, all members, young and old, enhance the quality of their lives, and help raise the standard of morality and spirituality of their family, friends and the society they live in.


Morning Puja

 Devotees performing morning puja

Every Swaminarayan devotee begins his or her day by performing the morning puja. It involves meditation, self-introspection, spiritual visualization, rituals and scriptural reading. This worship has strengthened inner spiritual values in hundreds of thousands of people.

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