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  1. A poor Patel in Gondal earned his living by selling lemons. In the afternoon he would walk one mile from the town to rest in the serenity of the riverbank by the Akshar Deri. He was aware of the sanctity of Akshar Deri. The fact that the old Swaminarayan School had given it on hire to a person of the Khoja community who grew onions on it worried him. He wondered when would the divine place be developed. Once, while he was going towards Akshar Deri he saw a radiant 16-year-old ascetic. The Patel bowed at his feet and asked, "When will this place get developed?" The ascetic, who was Shriji Maharaj himself, replied, "Patel, don't worry. In a few years time there will be a three-shikhar mandir here. Thakorji will be offered thal and the mandir will have golden kalashas. This place will become divine and will inspire miracles." Then the ascetic disappeared. Patel was amazed and pacified by the incident.
    A couple of years later when Shastriji Maharaj had started building the mandir the Patel narrated the incident of the divine ascetic.
  2. There was a blacksmith in Gondal who went every evening for darshan at the Ashapuri Mata mandir. On returning home he would always see three balls of light descend upon Akshar Deri. A few years later when the excavation work for the mandir pillars was going on he told Shastriji Maharaj about his experience and asked him as to what the three balls of light were. Shastriji Maharaj replied that Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh came in the form of light to have darshan of Akshar Deri.
  3. One night, during the mandir construction project in Gondal, Yogiji Maharaj was sleeping near Shastriji Maharaj. In the middle of the night a black cobra bit Yogiji Maharaj on his left index finger. Everybody in the room got up. Shastriji Maharaj immediately instructed, "Take Jogi to the Akshar Deri and chant the dhun." Yogiji Maharaj had become unconscious because of the powerful venom. While the dhun was being chanted Shastriji Maharaj placed his hand on Yogiji Maharaj's head. At 4.00 a.m. Gunatitanand Swami appeared to Mohan Bhagat, who got up from his sleep, and told him that nothing would happen to Jogi. Mohan Bhagat then went to Shastriji Maharaj and narrated what Gunatitanand Swami had told him.
    When Bhagvatsinhji Maharaj came to know of this he sent word to Shastriji Maharaj that he was sending a doctor. Shastriji Maharaj said that there was no need because Jogi would get well by the power of the Swaminarayan dhun. After 12 hours Yogiji Maharaj became conscious. Yogiji Maharaj was saved by the divine power of Akshar Deri and blessings of Shastriji Maharaj.

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