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Bhagatji Maharaj
Bhagatji Maharaj


Gunatitanand Swami bestowed much divine grace upon Pragji Bhakta, who had selflessly served Swami, through mind and body, with deep devotion and love for three-and-a-half years. Now Swami wanted him to experience the divinity of God. He asked Pragji Bhakta to sit in meditation in a secluded place. At the end of the ninth day of meditation Swami asked him, “Do you see anything?”
During the meditation he continuously had the darshan of Swami’s murti. Swami asked him to remain attentive. On the tenth evening of his meditation, he saw an intense light in which he had the darshan of the graceful divine murti of Shriji Maharaj. He was dressed in saffron robes. Pragji Bhakta’s joy at the sight of the divine figure of Shriji Maharaj was boundless. Tears overflowed from his eyes. He enjoyed this darshan.
Pragji Bhakta was completely overwhelmed by this divine experience. He offered his prayers and said to Maharaj, “O Master! O Maharaj! You have made me fulfilled. I do not deserve this, yet you have graced me with your divine darshan.”
Shriji Maharaj smiled and said, “Swami has earned you this merit.” Then He disappeared. But now Pragji Bhakta began to see Maharaj’s divine murti continuously in his heart.
Just then Gunatitanand Swami arrived. Pragji Bhakta fell at his feet. He was overwhelmed by what he had seen. He asked Swami, “Shriji Maharaj gave His divine darshan, but why had He worn saffron clothes?”
Swami said, “He gave darshan in the form of a sadhu, but now see!”
So saying, Swami looked at him and Pragji Bhakta had the darshan of the divine and graceful murti of Shriji Maharaj in Akshardham, dressed in glittering garments and ornaments.
Shriji Maharaj graced him and said, “I am under the loving command of Swami and you have won Swami’s heart. Therefore, I am now at your command, too.”
Pragji Bhakta’s joy knew no bounds. His heart danced with joy. Now he was impatient to reveal Swami’s greatness to the people.
Thus, Swami fulfilled the promise which he had given to Pragji three years previously.
Pragji Bhakta’s moulding into a divine receptacle was complete. He was filled with divine nectar. Now Swami exhibited his divine power and grace through Pragji Bhakta. He observed, “This Pragji does so much service and continuously offers devotion that people will make him their guru, even though he does not desire so.”
Thus Swami appointed Pragji as the guru of all his devotees. He instructed Pragji Bhakta to preach to and purify all the devotees. Also, Swami commanded Pragji to reveal the true form of Mul Akshar in Satsang, and to make people fearless by giving a divine assurance that they will experience divine bliss if they worship Shriji Maharaj.
By his contact with the paras, Pragji himself had now become a paras. Now he had no fear. He started telling people, “Gunatitanand Swami is the manifestation of Mul Akshar, the divine abode of Shriji Maharaj.” He intuitively knew the desires of the devotees and brought them to Swami for atonement and purification. Word went round the entire Satsang that Swami fulfills all the wishes of Pragji Bhakta.
Pragji Bhakta’s father left his mortal body and was blessed with Akshardham. Pragji Bhakta was reluctant to go to Mahuva, but Gunatitanand Swami told him to pay a visit. It was his first visit to Mahuva for four years. There, he stayed in the mandir and talked to the devotees about the greatness and divine power of Gunatitanand Swami.

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