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Bhagatji Maharaj
Bhagatji Maharaj


Akshar Gnan Proclaimed

Once, while returning from Vartal, Swami arrived at Sarangpur. There, Vagha Khachar (Bapu) told Swami that he frequently has dreams of fighting. Swami asked Vagha Khachar to accompany him to Junagadh. Bapu could not live without an attendant, so Swami asked Pragji Bhakta to serve him. Pragji Bhakta served Vagha Khachar and while serving, he used to explain the greatness of Swami to him. However, Bapu did not like Pragji Bhakta’s preaching. So he left him. But he was not able to live without an attendant. Gunatitanand Swami persuaded him to keep Pragji Bhakta in his company. He agreed, but stopped listening to Pragji Bhakta’s talks.
Vagha Khachar saw that all the devotees of Swami at Junagadh were cheerful and happy. But he was wondering why he did not experience that joy. Once, he talked to Dama Sheth of Mahuva about it. Dama Sheth told him, “Keep faith in Pragji Bhakta and accept Swami as Mul Akshar.” Vagha Khachar said, “I will believe this only if Swami tells me in person.” So, Pragji Bhakta meditated on Swami, who was talking to a congregation, and drew him to the garden where they were.
Pragji Bhakta said to Swami, “This Vagha Bapu wants to ask you a question.”
Swami said, “What Pragji is telling you is the truth.” Vagha Khachar asked directly, “Swami, are you yourself Akshar?” Swami smiled and said, “Yes.” Vagha Khachar experienced divine peace and his drawbacks were overcome.
Pragji Bhakta had to face many obstacles and insults while spreading the glory of Swami as the manifestation of Aksharbrahma. But how could he resist himself from sharing with others the joy of realising the manifest form of Aksharbrahma?
Once, Swami asked Balmukunddasji to call Pragji Bhakta, who was fast asleep. Balmukunddasji called him thrice, “Wake up, Pragji Bhakta. Swami is calling you.” But Pragji did not wake up. So, he returned to Swami and said, “Pragji Bhakta is fast asleep. I called him by his name but he did not wake up. Swami smiled and told him to go back and say, “Gunatit, please wake up.”
Balmukunddasji again went to Pragji Bhakta and called out, “Gunatit, please wake up.” Immediately Pragji Bhakta woke up and came to Swami. Swami said, “Pragji is dead. He has become Gunatit.” Thus, he explained the greatness of Pragji Bhakta to all.
Once, Pragji Bhakta explained the divine greatness of Swami to Kama Sheth of Una. The Sheth lost his temper and slapped him. That night Maharaj appeared to Kama Sheth in a dream and ordered, “Ask forgiveness from Pragji Bhakta.” In the morning the Sheth went to the assembly and, prostrating before Pragji Bhakta, he begged for forgiveness. He bowed before him and presented a dhoti to him.
As instructed by Swami, Pragji Bhakta discoursed to the devotees and prescribed atonements to purify them. Once, Pragji Bhakta asked Swami, “At present you burn the sins of the devotees and purify them. But what will happen when you are not here any more.” Swami replied, “Maharaj is always at your command and by your guidance they will become pure.”
Once, Pragji Bhakta talked about the divine greatness of Swami to Kothari Trikamdas of Junagadh mandir. He did not like it and angrily told Pragji Bhakta, “If you talk like this then someone will beat you up”.
Swami came to know about this. He led Trikamdas to the office and said, “Do you want to see the divine radiance?” So saying he gave him a glimpse of his original divine form. The entire room became filled with the divine radiance. Then that light travelled upto Swami and merged into him. The kothari was convinced of Swami’s divine form. Thus, Pragji Bhakta helped innumerable sadhus and devotees realise the original form of Swami and convinced them of the fact that Swami himself was Akshar, the heavenly abode of Shriji Maharaj.

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