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As soon as the letter excommunicating Pragji Bhakta from the Satsang came to Junagadh, he set off for Mahuva. The bhandari had given him some ladus for his journey. After travelling for some time he broke his journey to eat a little. As soon as he put a piece of ladu in his mouth, he felt a terrible burning sensation in his body. He realised that the sweets contained poison, so he buried them deep in the ground and, with great difficulty reached Mahuva. He was able to digest the poison through yoga, but boils developed all over his body. Then Maharaj gave him darshan, touched his whole body with His hand and advised him to take some soup of black beans. With this remedy he was completely cured within a short time.
Then, once, Swami visited Una with Acharya Bhagwatprasadji Maharaj. Pragji Bhakta went there for Swami’s darshan. Swami met him in private and consoled him. He pleased him with prasad and sent him home.
From Una, after visiting several places, Swami and Acharya Maharaj came to Mahuva. The devotees of Mahuva had arranged a grand reception for them. Pragji Bhakta had reserved special foodstuff for the guests. The foodstuff which was offered by others was not fit for the sadhus. It was getting late. So Swami Pavitranand remarked, “Pragji has been excommunicated but not his rice and pulses. Accept his foodstuff.” Thus, the timely assistance from Pragji Bhakta inspired respect for him in the hearts of the devotees.
In the assembly some of the senior devotees of Mahuva asked Acharya Maharaj, “We can understand your excommunicating a person who is unrighteous, but we fail to understand why you should excommunicate such a great devotee like Pragji Bhakta.”
The sadgurus promised, “We are going to take him back into the Satsang.” In the scorching summer heat Pragji Bhakta used to squat in front of the tents of the sadhus and return home only in the evening when the religious discourses were over. Thus, all realised that although Pragji had been excommunicated, his love for Satsang was increasing day by day. Pragji Bhakta had also requested Pavitranand Swami to take him back into the Satsang. During this seven-day stay, Gunatitanand Swami, too, had met Pragji Bhakta in private and had given him much bliss.
Soon after this, Swami was invited to Amdavad by Acharya Ayodhyaprasadji Maharaj, who had fallen ill. Swami gave him great comfort. At the insistence of Ayodhyaprasadji Maharaj, Swami celebrated the Ram Navmi festival at Amdavad and talked to the devotees and sadhus about the supremacy of Shriji Maharaj. Acharya Maharaj and other sadgurus had also arrived from Vartal. Pragji Bhakta had also come there with a desire for the darshan of Swami and had put up outside the mandir. Occasionally, when Swami went out, Pragji would have his darshan and would tell all, “Look, there goes Akshar.” Thus, Pragji Bhakta spread the divine glory of Swami. Swami told the bhandari to send food for Pragji Bhakta to eat.
Acharya Ayodhyaprasadji Maharaj of Amdavad served Swami sincerely and with full devotion and won his blessings. Then Swami went to Nadiad and from there he went to Vartal. Thousands of devotees welcomed Swami with overflowing love and devotion, performed his pujan and offered him dhotis. Swami also graced them with his learned talks on brahmagnan and then returned to Junagadh.

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