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mages of Eternal Joy Images of Eternal Joymages of Eternal Joy


Yogiji Maharaj boarded a train. It was a stuffy compartment, and on the facing bench were seated some carefree youngsters. Once the train picked up motion, Yogiji closed his eyes and began to sing a devotional song; he was soon lost in love for the Lord. His resonant voice, its sweet and soothing tone filtered through the atmosphere. "Anubhavi anandma brahmarasana bhogi re......." Yet these divine words pricked the ears of the youngsters. They were blatant and impudent, and highly inflammable. "Stop your foolish singing ! It's disturbing us!" they complained vehemently and resumed their game of cards that had them glued. Before a fellow sadhu could explain in defense, Yogiji Maharaj, abruptly stopped singing and took out his rosary to quietly chant the name of the Lord. For him, the name of the Lord was important, not the manner. The train moved along and Yogiji remained steady in devotion, while the youths sank deeper and deeper into the excitement of cards. Game after game, they continued ceaselessly. Then suddenly, one of them realized that they had missed their station. The train had passed it long time ago. Instantly, their joy vanished. They grew agitated and frantic, not knowing what to do. Quite pleased to see them in trouble, the sadhu quipped, "See Swamiji, they insulted you and stopped you from singing the Lord's song. This is why they've missed their destination. They deserved it..." But Yogiji intervened; "No, one should not say that. Just think how deeply engrossed they were in playing cards that they forgot everything else; we too, should become so engrossed in devotion to God." Perhaps the sadhu could not instantly see goodness in the youngsters, but he did sense the great- heartedness of his Guru. Yogiji never ever found a fault with

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