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Stunning Performance

A pundit was delivering a discourse on the epic Mahabharat in the village square. Midway, the narrator passed away. At the insistence of all, eleven-year old Dungar Bhakta continued the narration in a fluent, scholarly manner. While he discoursed, he skillfully played the maan (a brass pot). The village folks were simply stunned by his unique performance and lavished praise on him.
As time passed by, regular visits of senior sadhus from Vadtal saw the flourishing of Satsang in Mahelav. Through the spiritual company of Adbhutanand Swami, Dungar Bhakta's wish to become a sadhu was strengthened. He thus began his quest for a powerful Guru. His relatives however, on learning of his resolve to become a sadhu, tried to dissuade him with their love and affection.

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