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Other Events in Brief

  • Then Swami Vignananand passed away.

  • Swami Yagnapurushdas developed a reverent love for Pragji Bhakta and desired for his spiritual communion.

  • On festival occasions he got the opportunity of Pragji Bhakta's spiritual company.

  • Swami Yagnapurushdas (Swamishri) became convinced of the truth of Akshar and Purushottam and started to spread the new gospel.

  • Swamishri inspired Satsang through his tour of villages. And whenever an opportunity came his way, he availed himself of the presence of Pragji Bhakta and his disciples - Swami Vignandasji and Swami Mahapurushdasji.

  • Pragji Bhakta's sadhu disciples were respected by all because of their saintliness.

  • In Bhadrod, they were blessed with divine joy from Pragji Bhakta.

  • After completing his studies in Sanskrit grammar, and Sanskrit literary works like Kirat and Raghuvansh, Swamishri started Gita Bhashya (commentary).

  • In 1891, Swamishri travelled in the villages of Dabhoi and Mandala and preached the Akshar Purushottam philosophy.
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