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Faith and Fearlessness

Once, in the middle of night Dungar Bhakta undauntingly set out to his farm. Chanting the name of Swaminarayan and a staff in hand he walked through the dark, eerie path. When Dhoribhai saw him arrive alone he asked in surprise, "Weren't you afraid of the ghosts on the way?" Dungar Bhakta replied bravely! "Had you not said that one who chants the holy name of Swaminarayan is accompanied by Maharaj. So I have brought Maharaj with me."
Sometimes when Dhoribhai asked Dungar to help him in farming the land he would reply, "If you talk about God's greatness then I will work and help you in whatever you say."
His spiritual inclination was further revealed through his regular visits to the mandir in Vadtal on Ekadashi and Punam.

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