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A Quiver Of Arrows

Great kings are great teachers. There was once such a king. His ministers had no unity amongst themselves. To teach them unity the king commanded that a quiver full of arrows be brought to the court. When it arrived he said, ''Anyone who can snap this whole quiver into two will be given my kingdom.'' All the ministers, one after the other, tried but none could break the quiver.

Then the king took one arrow from the quiver and asked a minister to break it into two. Even the weakest of the weaklings could do this! The king explained to his ministers, ''If you have unity in the same way as these arrows when they are together, then we will be victorious everywhere.''

Gunatitanand Swami has said in his sermons, ''If all of you - sadhus, parshads, brahmacharis and devotees - live with unity, then no matter how strong your inner enemies may be you, will be able to defeat them. But if you have no unity, then even the smallest of faults will drive you out of Satsang.

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