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The Sesame Scholar

There was once a brahmin. He began to study Sanskrit. But he didn't have a very good memory. He could never memorize anything. He would try, but then he would quickly forget.

One day he filled a large bowl with sesame seeds. Next to this he placed a gourd. Then he said a Sanskrit word and put a sesame seed in the gourd. He repeated the word and placed another seed in the gourd. In this way he filled the gourd repeating the same Sanskrit word over and over. He then emptied the gourd and began repeating another word. This was his daily routine.

After some time he became a great Sanskrit scholar. He would defeat others in debates on the scriptures. Whenever a scholar from another place came for a debate the people always selected the Brahmin to speak for them. They knew he would win the debate. He was very clever. Everyone called him the tal-tumbadi-shastri. We should also study with courage and determination. Never say, ''I can never learn this. I can't remember anything.'' Always look to the tal-tumbadi-shastri for inspiration.

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