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An Imposter Guru

There was an imposter guru. He regularly faked samadhi and fooled innocent people in every village he visited. When someone asked him, ''O Master, can you tell me where my father has gone after his death?'' the guru would boast of his powers saying, "Wait, I'll go into deep samadhi and
search for him.''

Then he would stage a show of samadhi and pretend to speak with a transcendental vision, ''Your father, yes I see him sitting in the assembly of heaven.'' The gullible neither questioned nor doubted his hypocrisy. But one day, a sharp young fellow asked, ''Dear guruji, where has my father gone?'' The guruji summoned all his energies and entered samadhi, ''Your father, is sitting in Vaikunth, the abode of Lord Rama.'' ''Will you please bring him here,'' the young man asked. ''No, no! You cannot call him here from there.'' ''If you are incapable then shall I call him?'' So saying the boy shouted, ''Father!'' And there, sitting alive in the group of people before the guru, his father stood up,
''Here I am, son!''

The hyprocrisy of the guru was publicly exposed. Lord Swaminarayan has always condemned hypocrisy. It is better to have little but true devotion and never fall into the trap of faking virtues.

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