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The Horse Breaks A Leg

A horse once had a dream. In his dream he had an accident that broke his leg. Long after waking, the horse remained sitting down because he was convinced that his leg was injured. Nothing was wrong, except that his dream had carried a great impact on his thinking. Even when forced to stand up, he stood steady on three legs, while holding his fourth leg limp and loose. The owner couldn't make the horse move an inch let alone make it trot. Puzzled and confused, the owner sent for a vet. He confided, ''This horse of mine is healthy and strong. Nothing's wrong with him. He's not ill nor hurt. The only thing is that he has a limp leg and refuses to walk. He seems to have broken it in his dream!''

The vet was an expert and chalked out a plan. He advised, ''Prepare two hundred horses and line them up for action. Let the sounds of guns and cannons thunder in the air. When these horses run,
the limp horse will be shaken from its dream and gallop ahead.''

It worked. The horse was awakened from its dream. Just as the vision of the dream affected the horse, we too are influenced by the words of other people. They may confuse and mislead us from our faith in Lord Swaminarayan. We feel our faith weaken but by constantly living within an atmosphere filled with words describing the glory of the Lord, we are awakened to the fact that
Lord Swaminarayan is the Supreme God.

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