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National Personalities

Dr. Verghese Kurien, Chairperson, National Dairy Development Board, Gandhinagar, November 1992

During his visit at the Centenary Celebration of Yogiji Maharaj, Dr. Kurien expressed: "I am a Christian follower but I am happy that I have been invited here and honored. This shows that there is no distinction between religions in this organization. Religion is that which brings man closer to man... The sacrifice and organizing capacity here is exceptional. I am full of hope that the people of Gujarat will learn something from this festival."

Ramkrishna Bajaj, Leading Industrialist,
Gandhinagar, November 1992

Ramkrishna Bajaj was impressed by his visit to the Centenary Celebration of Yogiji Maharaj. In an assembly he said: "The organization is splendid and beyond words. It has been done with great insight and intelligence and is very captivating. Without devotion such mammoth organization is not possible. Even the government cannot do this. You are reviving our traditions. Here, I find discipline and dedication."

The Chief Minister of Maharashtra,
Shri Manohar Joshi, 31 March 1995

During the inauguration of Swaminarayan Nagar in Samudraal, a town reconstructed by the Sanstha after the earthquake in Latur, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra lauded the Sanstha's services. He said: "I have never seen such wonderful work elsewhere. The Sansthaís relief and social work during such a disaster (Latur earthquake 1993) has provided society with a new life and strength to bear the pain and suffering. This effort has been of great help to us."

H.E. Venkataraman, President of India, 1995

H.E. Venkataraman was all praises for the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, London, during his visit in 1995: "I have seen all the mandirs of India and of the world. In fact, I have built a few myself. But I have never seen a mandir like this. It canít be the work of man. It has to be the work of God."

Bhaironsinh Shekhawat,
Chief Minister, Indian state of Rajasthan, 1996

Shree Bhaironsinh Shekhawat praised the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, London, saying: "Out of the power of his wish, Swamiji has built a magnificient mandir in London and has obliged us with this great benevolent act of erecting this monument of Indian Culture. Today, hundreds of educated sadhus, inspired by the benevolent ideals of Swamiji are moving in society to spread the message of Indian Culture. Whenever I see such dedicated volunteers, I am humbled."

Chandrashekhar, Prime Minister, India, 1996

"The work of the sadhus and volunteers is truly praiseworthy. Our Pramukh Swamiji has inspired them. This in itself is strength for us, because the strength of India originates from the actions of our sages and voice of our saints."

Jagatnarayan Kapoor,
President, Indian Science Academy, 1992

The Centenary Celebration of Yogiji Maharaj in Gandhinagar, 1992, impressed Shri Jagatnarayan Kapoor. During his visit he commented: "Here, I find the modern application of science and technology. The 17,000 volunteers are actively serving from morning till night. Our world needs such volunteers. I hope the lamp you have kindled will keep giving light to the whole world."

Mrinalini Sarabhai, Esteemed Danseuse, 1992

During her visit to the Centenary Celebration of Yogiji Maharaj in Gandhinagar, 1992, Mrinalini Sarabhai shared her feelings: "What an exhilarating, divine and devotional atmosphere of love and joy where humanity has gathered in a wonderous song of love. And through it the deeply moving smile of Yogiji Maharaj blessing us all."

Mr. R. Chidambaram,
Director, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, 1993

"Under the guidance of His Divine Holiness Shri Pramukh Swami, this Sanstha is pursuing excellence in its efforts to impart spiritual values to people, particularly young people."

Mr. Nani Palkhivala, Eminent Economist & Advocate of India, November 1985

During his visit to the Bicentenary Celebration of Gunatitanand Swami in 1985, Nani Palkhivala said: "What impresses me most is your total tolerance, how you regard all religions as one, how you regard service to mankind, the brotherhood of man, in other words, you stand for very high ideals. And I think if the salvation of India and of the human race is to be achieved it can only be through the great ideals which I find being propagated here."

Dignitaries at Akshardham Monument, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

The former President of India,
Shri Giani Zail Singh, 1985

During his visit to the Bicentenary Celebration of Gunatitanand Swami in 1985, the then President Giani Zail Singh opined: "It is the gestures, activities, life, sacrifices, spirit of renunciation and benevolent deeds of great saints and sages that made a great nation out of our country. The Swaminarayan Movement is one such Faith that has been so serving the nation. Many saints and sages have descended on this earth and enshrined the highest ideals of life. Who has preserved those values? It is saints like Pramukh Swami who have imbibed them. By virtue of their lives and deeds, they possess a spiritual appeal; because of which people listen to them and get inspired to live by those values. The Government needs such noble saints; however, they do not need the Government. And had I not visited Akshardham, I would have missed a lot in my life."


Hon. Atal Behari Vajpayee,
Prime Minister of India, 16 May 1993

During His visit to Akshardham Monument, Gandhinagar, the PM opined: "A pleasant surprise! The effort of filling the whole ocean into a pot is truly commendable. The concept is attractive! The noblest experience of leaving a long-lasting impact through the combination of light and sound. A project worthy of emulation, which transmits the eternal message of religion right down to the common man. Congratulations!"

Shri B.V. Doshi, Eminent Architect,
21 November 1992

"Akshardham is timeless, where people can learn about the eternal quest, values, the soul, and about man and his duties. It is not just a temple, it is a place for a cultural quest, and through this it is a quest of the self. It is a place where people will not be sitting in one place only but they can do research, see the Multimedia show, the museums and finally I think after they have gone round they would go to the temple where the spirit is. This is probably one of the rare temples built in contemporary times where one can expect thousands of people to come and yet it will not look crowded. I think this is important. It is an integration of a contemporary sect or philosophy and its manifestation in the form of a temple."
Dr. Dinesh Vyas, Eminent Advocate & Economist, 16 November 1992

"To be very honest I don't have any words to describe my feelings of respect for Akshardham. I have seen the whole Akshardham complex. It has been built very beautifully. I think it is a creation of a great spiritual power. The spiritual power that is here will be responsible for the progress of our future India. I am very impressed with Akshardham. Indian culture has been presented here at its best. Whoever comes here will take with him a power and life's noble values that will be of great benefit to him in future."
H.E. Shri Abid Hussain, Former Indian Ambassador to USA, November 1992

"A visit to this great house of Devotion and Spirituality is like a pilgrimage to one of India's biggest shrines. Akshardham is a place of virtue, devotion and knowledge. Going through the place makes me feel inspired - the glory of India's past and the efforts of present sages and the hope of a better world to follow, swells the heart with joy and confidence. India's sanskruti and culture, the presence of godliness all around makes one feel proud of being an Indian. In building Akshardham, Swamiji has made India's spiritual life alive. Here man stands between the visible and the non-visible and through the teaching of the great Swamiji it becomes possible for ordinary men to experience the Almighty Lord of the world, the maker of this universe. May Swamiji's message of love, harmony and devotion spread and make this world a better place. "
Pundit Shivkumar Sharma,
Eminent Santoor Artiste, 8 November 1992

After seeing Akshardham the renowned Santoor artiste commented: "A rare Monument which is created out of total devotion, dedication and selfless service."

Shri R. K. Laxman, Internationally acclaimed cartoonist, 17 August 1997

After seeing Akshardham Shri R. K. Laxman noted: "Excellent, elevating experience!"

Shri L.K. Advani, President, Bhartiya Janta Party, November 1992

"I have seen many exhibitions and museums in many parts of the world. But I can say with all honesty that I have not seen a presentation of Indian values and ideals so beautiful and effective as here in Akshardham. It is so beautiful that it is simply beyond the ken of imagination. The ancient Indian belief of the sages is portrayed here through the presentation of the fundamental principles of all the religions of the world. Our concept of 'The world as one family' is really effective.
I believe that whoever comes here will take a deep and lasting impression of spirituality with him. I am sure that not only Indians will yearn to visit Akshardham but foreigners will also be attracted to it."

Shri Geet Sethi, World Billiards Champion, November 1992

"Akshardham is unique and overwhelming in its appeal. I have never seen a complex so beautiful, so thought-provoking and so well-managed.

During his visit to the Centenary Celebration of Yogiji Maharaj he was impressed by the organization of the festival. He said: "I am very impressed with the responsibility and organizational capability of all the boys. Their dedication and enthusiasm is exemplary."

Shri B.J. Diwan, Rtd. Chief Justice, High Court of Gujarat, November 1992

After seeing the spiritual township at the Centenary Celebration of Yogiji Maharaj, Shri B.J. Diwan commented: "Mind boggling, planning and organization have been harnessed to the cause of religion and moral as well as spiritual advancement. Under the able leadership of revered Pramukh Swami Mahsaraj, people of all ages and all walks of life, have rendered these Celebration a major event in the life of everyone."
Dr. K.P. Narsimharao, President, Medical Council of India

"The simplicity and saintliness of Pramukh Swami touches deep. He never allows his greatness to ride upon his shoulders and lives naturally like one of us. His actions touch the heart."





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