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February 1999
      Wonder of the World
23 February 99 Khedbrahma, India Tribal Assembly
21 February 99 Gandhinagar, India Meeting with His Holiness Shri Balwantsinhji Maharaj
19 February 99 Atladra, India Swamishri honors Shri Hatim Jakiyuddin Saheb
17 February 99 Atladra, India Tribal Upliftment Day
12 February 99 Nadiad, India Launching Bicentenary Celebration of the Swaminarayan Maha-mantra
9 February 99 Karamsad, India Pramukh Swami Medical College
7 February 99 Vidyanagar, India Medico-Spiritual Conference
6,11,13 February 99 Vidyanagar, India Students’ Annual Day Celebration At Our Hostels
5-7 February 99 Auckland, New Zealand Towards Better Living Camp
1 February 99 Badalpur, India Pramukh Swami Computer Center


23 February 1999, Tuesday, Khedbrahma, India: Tribal Assembly.

A mammoth tribal assembly was organized in the morning. The assembly commenced with a traditional welcome song by a group of tribal people and speeches by various government officials. Swamishri addressed the assembly of 8,000 tribals who had traveled from 90 neighboring villages, " Shabri was a tribal and she faithfully waited for the darshan of Lord Ram . Eventually Lord Ram came and accepted berries from her hand. The Lord was pleased by her pure devotion and love for him. Lord Krishna did not attend Duryodhan's feast but accepted a meager dish of spinach leaves from Vidurji. God never goes to those who are arrogant. Lord Swaminarayan accepted millet bread and spinach offered by an ordinary, tribal devotee in Jetalpur. He also visited the humble, poor home of Sagram Vaghri..." Swamishri then inspired the tribal congregation not to get superstitious, to abstain from all addictions and killing of animals and promote an interest for education in their children. Swamishri distributed clothes to some of the poor tribals and announced that a special program for distribution in all the villages would be carried out in the next few weeks. 475 tribal natives gave up addictions during this mammoth assembly. The BAPS announced that a mobile medical dispensary van will from then on travel for the service of tribals in the region. Swamishri sanctified the van and declared it for the service of the poor tribals

21 February 1999, Sunday, Gandhinagar, India: Meeting with His Holiness Shri Balwantsinhji Maharaj.

His Holiness Shri Balwantsinhji Maharaj, guru of the Sikh Sampradaya met Swamishri.



19 February 1999, Friday, Atladra, India: Swamishri honors Shri Hatim Jakiyuddin Saheb.

Swamishri honored Shri Hatim Jakiyuddin Saheb, head of the Alvi Vora community. A conversation on the need of morality and brotherhood on the spiritual path took place between the two spiritual leaders. Shri Hatim Jakiyuddin Saheb said to Swamishri, "I have heard of your fame and the immense reverence that people have for you. Thousands of people thirst for your blessings. I am indeed very pleased to meet you today..."

17 February 1999, Wednesday, Atladra, India: Tribal Upliftment Day.

The day was announced as ‘Tribal Upliftment Day’. The murtis of Thakorji were dressed and decorated in rural, forest clothes and ornaments. Swamishri was welcomed and surrounded by the enthusiastic tribal devotees when he descended the mandir steps. Their colorful mirror-studded clothes and the rhythm of their dance charged the mandir precincts with emotion and devotion. At 10.20 am Swamishri attended the morning assembly dedicated for the devotees from the tribal areas. Programs reflecting the tribal lifestyle and festivals were presented excellently. Various festivals and dances were performed in tribal style, color, music and rhythm. A welcome dance, Mataji’s chariot, boat dance, war dance and a display of fast sword movements and other weapons, simply stunned the urban audience of devotees.

Addressing the gathering on the importance of the Swaminarayan Mantra, Nadiad


12 February 1999, Friday, Nadiad, India: Launching Bicentenary Celebration of the Swaminarayan Maha-mantra.

An all-day dhoon programme was launched at Nadiad in the presence of Pramukh Swami Maharaj as part of the Bicentenary Celebration of the Swaminarayan Maha-mantra. Swamishri himself inaugurated the programme after his morning puja by chanting the dhoon for 7 minutes. 197 years ago, Lord Swaminarayan announced the Swaminarayan mantra for His devotees. To celebrate its Bicentenary, the sanstha has arranged a three-year program. The announcement of the programs was to be made in Swamishri’s morning puja. The backdrop had a banner and the name ‘Swaminarayan’ written in different colours. During Swamishri’s puja, the sadhus sang bhajans glorifying the Swaminarayan mantra. Pujya Viveksagar Swami spoke on the glory and history of the Swaminarayan Mahamantra. Today, a 24-hour programme of chanting the Swaminaryan maha-mantra was to be launched by Swamishri. The occasion was inaugurated with the lighting of a lamp by Swamishri and then he addressed the gathering, "Bhagwan Swaminarayan came on earth with His divine abode, muktas and divine powers. And when Ramanand Swami passed away he declared the ‘Swaminarayan’ mantra for all. The glory of this mantra is unique. By saying it one becomes free of physical and mental illness and ultimately one becomes blessed with God’s divine abode. Whenever any national or social problems arise, Yogiji Maharaj used to chant the Swaminarayan mantra. "This mantra has been given to us by Bhagwan Swaminarayan, therefore we should chant it to please God. We should engage ourselves according to our suitability and degree of faith. Now let us chant the Swaminarayan mantra..." And Swamishri, with eyes closed and absorbed in the God, began chanting Swaminarayan, Swaminarayan. The devotees chorused the mantra and the atmosphere was charged with divinity. For seven minutes Swamishri chanted the mantra. Announcement Lord Swaminarayan announced the Swaminarayan mantra on the thirteenth day after the demise of Ramanand Swami in 1802. To celebrate its Bicentenary, Pramukh Swami Maharaj has announced a programme of personal and group participation. The Swaminarayan mantra can be, (1) written repeatedly in a book (2) chanted while doing the rosary (3) chanting the mantra in an organised morning procession on the local streets.

9 February 1999, Tuesday, Karamsad, India: Pramukh Swami Medical College.

Swamishri and Shri Ashok Bhatt, Health Minister of Gujarat, inaugurated with Vedic rites the bronze images of Shastriji Maharaj, Yogiji Maharaj and Pramukh Swami Maharaj in the vestibule of ‘Pramukh Swami Medical College’ in Karamsad.


7 February 1999, Sunday, Vidyanagar, India: Medico-Spiritual Conference.

This evening Swamishri attended a medico-spiritual conference organized by the Sanstha's Medical Wing. More than 500 doctors were present for the conference. In his address Swamishri said, "Just as one has to abide by the dharma (duties) of the body, similarly there is a dharma for atma. And by fulfilling them one achieves a balance. "... You learn of how the body functions through study. You also operate to make things proper inside so that a person can function properly. Likewise one should also learn to understand the importance of Atma through which one can experience inner happiness and peace..."

6,11,13 February 1999, Saturday, Vidyanagar, India: Students’ Annual Day Celebration At Our Hostels.

6 Feb, '99: An annual day programme was celebrated by students residing at our Chhatralaya (hostel) in Vidyanagar. 11 Feb. '99: Swamishri attended the annual day programme of students residing at our Chhatralaya in Nadiad. 13 Feb. '99: Swamishri graced his presence at a wonderful annual day assembly presented by the students residing at our Chhatrlaya in Atladra.

Children with saints at the Towards Better Living Camp, New Zealand  

5-7 February 1999, Friday, Auckland, New Zealand: Towards Better Living Camp.

Forty youths and children attended a three-day 'Towards Better Living Camp' from 5-7 February 1999 in Auckland, New Zealand. The camp was conducted by four sadhus who dealt with interesting and practical topics and discussions like vegetarianism, study techniques, India's contribution to the world, power point presentations, Matru Devo Bhava, Prayer, Peer Pressure and Need for a Guru. The lectures and discussions were punctuated with fun and games. The participants pledged to study regularly, attend weekly Satsang sabha, bow down to parent and adopt a vegetarian diet.

1 February 1999, Monday, Badalpur, India: Pramukh Swami Computer Center.

At 11.15 am Swamishri inaugurated the ‘Pramukh Swami Computer Center’ set up in the mandir premise for school and college students. The center, the first in that area, will provide an opportunity for students to learn and operate computers.

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