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September 1999
23 September 99 Calcutta, India BAPS Helps in Calcutta Floods
11 September 1999 Dallas, Texas BAPS Health Fair
Wading through the innundated streets to supply food to the flood victims
Supplying food materials to the flood victims

23 September 99, Thursday, Calcutta, India: BAPS Helps in Calcutta Floods

On Tuesday 23 September 1999, 312 mm of rain fell in 12 hours leaving the city of Calcutta submerged in water. The sudden downpour and continued rain over a period of 3 days had resulted in widespread devastation:

  • 20 people reported dead
  • 35,000 people evacuated from their homes
  • 25,000 telephones disconnected
  • 70% of the city suffered loss of electric power.
The Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Mandir in Bhavanipore was also flooded. But despite this sadhus and devotees rushed to the aid of others who were affected more severely. They helped others move their possessions to higher, dryer grounds. They provided many households with fresh drinking water and prepared hot khichdi, which was served to the victims. The sadhus and devotees waded through waist-high water, carrying the big, heavy and hot utensils, to serve the victims. As the flood drained away, the volunteers went from home to home to help people clean their premises.

11 September 1999, Saturday, Dallas, Texas: BAPS Health Fair

The BAPS Medical Services, Inc. organized a Health Fair on Saturday 11 September 1999. Representing a wide variety of specialties, 52 doctors treated over 650 patients throughout the day. Senior citizens and youths alike came to take advantage of the medical services being provided. A special area of the BAPS Mandir in Dallas had been adapted to cater for the medical services being offered. The event was sponsored by RHD and Trinity Medical Center, a large hospital located near the Mandir, which provided equipment and other necessary supplies. Opening the Health Fair, Mr. Greg Sims, CEO of the Medical Center, said, "We will continue to support BAPS which is working in society for a cause. We are proud to be a part of this Health Fair which will benefit our local community."


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