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Pilgrimage by Foot From Ahmedabad to Bochasan by Women Devoteees
6 to 9 June 2007, Gujarat, India


As part of the BAPS Centenary Celebrations the 545 women devotees aged between 10 to 72 pilgrimaged 105km by foot from Ahmedabad, the Sanstha’s headquarters, to Bochasan, the Sanstha’s birthplace.
The pilgrimage took place from 6 to 9 June 2007, and passed through Mahemdabad, Dabhan, Piplag and Mahelav before arriving in Bochasan.
As they walked, the women devotees sang bhajans and dhun, and talked to passers-by about the BAPS Centenary.
In the evenings, satsang assemblies were held, in which local women presented informative speeches, bhajans and cultural programs.