International Women’s Day

India, 8 March 2009



Hinduism has a long and successful tradition of upholding the rights of women and encouraging their personal, professional, social and spiritual progress.

Continuing this tradition, Bhagwan Swaminarayan, over 200 years ago, worked tirelessly for women’s rights and effected many changes for the benefit of women. Since then, this work has been continued and today BAPS has a worldwide network of active women’s centers giving them a platform to utilize and encourage their talents.

Celebrating this long tradition of women empowerment and to commemorate the International Women’s Day on 8 March 2009, the BAPS Women’s Wing organized special Women’s Day programs at BAPS Women Centers throughout the world.

In India a total of 121 Women’s Day assemblies were organized in which over 68,100 women of all ages participated.

There were speeches by experienced professional women on topics such as family unity, health, education, raising righteous children, daily family assemblies, youth awareness, personality development and other subjects.

The assemblies also featured audio-visual presentations, discussions and cultural programs.

Also, women who had achieved outstanding results in the BAPS Satsang Examinations were felicitated and the mothers of youths who had become sadhus were honored.

The various and inspiring programs was enjoyed by all the participants and invited guests.