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Vishwashanti Mahapuja goes around Johannesburg

South Africa, July-August 2006

During the auspicious month of Shravan, the BAPS Johannesburg branch performed a series of three Vishwashanti Mahapujas at the new satsang centres in and around the Johannesburg area.

The first mahapuja was held at Johannesburg Southern Suburbs on Sunday 30 July 2006, where some 150 new people participated.
The second in the series was held at the Hindu Mandir in Rustenburg, where about 60 people attended.
Finally it concluded with the Mahapuja at the  BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir in Mayfair West, where some 200 devotees attended.

These Mahapujas attracted many new faithful persons who were encouraged to participate in the puja. Many applauded the sanstha on the wonderful style of delivering the Mahapuja vidhi with the explanations which helps to understand the significance and symbolism of the rituals.

All participants prayed for peace in the world; peace in the country; and peace within everyone’s heart.

Guests at these functions were introduced to the socio-spiritual activities of the Sanstha and gained a better understanding of the life and work of Bhagwan Swaminarayan and Pramukh Swami Maharaj.

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