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BAPS National Karyakar Shibir 2006
25-26 August 2006 – Warwick Conference Park

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The BAPS National Karyakar Shibir entitled ‘BAPS Ek Parivar – Niyam, Nischay and Paksha’ was held at Warwick Conference Park on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th August 2006. The shibir was attended by 386 karyakars. Satsang Prasar karyakars from all UK and Europe BAPS mandirs and centres participated in this shibir. The concept of Niyam, Nischay and Paksha was explored in three sections over one and a half days. Shrihari Swami and Shrirang Swami through their speeches gave invaluable insights on how to efficiently perform our karya as ideal karyakars and explained the qualities of an ideal karyakar.

The sadhus and karyakars through their presentations demonstrated ‘How to Work with Each Other as a Team’, ‘How to Balance Satsang and Vyavahar’, ‘How Pramukh Swami Maharaj is an Ideal Leader’, etc. The karyakars were also provided with further guidance through classroom sessions, dramas, debates, multimedia presentations, group discussions and Customer Services Training.  This helped the karyakars to understand the importance of their seva and their role in the Sanstha. At the end of the shibir, each karyakar received a team building puzzle as a memento of the shibir.

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