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National Yuvak-Yuvati Shibir 2006
26-28 August 2006 – Warwick Conference Park

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A three-day National Yuvak-Yuvati Shibir (Youth Convention) was organised at Warwick Conference Park from Saturday 26 to Monday 28 August 2006. A total of 385 yuvaks and yuvatis aged 23-40 attended. The atmosphere was charged with great enthusiasm as this was the first ever Yuvak-Yuvati shibir of its kind held in Europe.

The theme of the shibir was Niyam-Nishchay-Paksha & BAPS Ek Parivar – The Power of One. The three days were divided into four sessions: The first session concentrated on Niyam. Sunday morning was dedicated to Nischay. The afternoon was devoted to team-building activity games. The latter part of the day focused on Paksha. Monday morning was the concluding session: BAPS Ek Parivar.

The shibir through a combination of speeches, audio-visual presentations, classroom sessions, discussion groups and role-play sketches highlighted both the need and process of achieving personal and Satsang development. Two learned sadhus from India, Shrihari Swami and Shrirang Swami were also present to share their words of wisdom with the youths.

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