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Vachanamrut – The Word of God
National Kishore-Kishori Shibir 2010

Warwick Conference Park
Wednesday 25 August to Friday 27 August 2010

With the grace and blessings of Pramukh Swami Maharaj, over 400 kishores and kishoris experienced a journey of enlightenment and education as the essence of The Vachanamrut – the words of Bhagwan Swaminarayan – was delivered through a series of eye-opening presentations and classroom sessions at Warwick Conference Park during 25-27 August 2010.

The opening session began with an introductory video that provided the ideal motivation for all attendees to learn and imbibe the contents of the shibir. Following an entertaining drama prepared by kishores from Leicester which dispelled some of the common misconceptions regarding the Vachanamrut, Yogvivek Swami delivered a powerful keynote speech emphasising the importance of the scripture and urging everyone to focus attentively for the three-day programme.

The second session included a presentation by Paramtattva Swami on the subject of ‘Our Vachanamrut’ which delivered the message through a series of multimedia and live features. Further reflection on his speech was discussed during the classroom sessions that allowed kishores and kishoris to ask questions and develop their understanding further.

The second morning of the shibir began with an analysis of Bhagwan Swaminarayan as an adept teacher by Anandpriya Swami and Tyagprakash Swami. Further classroom sessions were organised to allow an interactive element to the programme. The particular subjects covered in these sessions included: ‘Vachanamrut:A Guide to Life’, ‘Art of Introspection’, and ‘Hinduism and the Vachanamrut’.

The afternoon session of the auditorium continued the learning, switching the focus to the Guru Parampara where Amrutvihari Swami, Yagnatilak Swami and Tyagprakash Swami explained the choicest Vachanamruts of the Gurus and the significance of these in our lives.

Despite the damp weather, an energetic sports session provided an opportunity for participants to partake in various indoor and outdoor sports which energised and refreshed the youngsters as well allowed them to interact with participants from various parts of the country.

The evening schedule inside the auditorium was a fusion of culture and music as selected group bhajans and instrumental performances that were performed during the adhiveshan on Wednesday were presented, one of the highlights being Rakesh Gunchala of Birmingham performing on the santoor. The adhiveshan for all karyakars is a two-year event which concluded on Wednesday as participants presented their various individual and group items to a panel of judges.

A video presentation of the recent India Trip attended by 42 kishores and kishoris followed thereafter before a kirtan bhakti programme by santos concluded the evening session. Among the highlights of this impromptu devotional programme included the bhajan, ‘Rasiyo Ras Rame’, to which kishores spontaneously danced and remembered the smruti of Bhagwan Swaminarayan who played ras in the village of Panchala.

The final morning of the shibir began with an insightful and practical teaching by Pujya santos on how to study the Vachanamrut. Through analysis and interpretation, kishores and kishoris became better quipped with the techniques to strengthen their understanding of the scripture.

Yogvivek Swami and Shukmuni Swami concluded the shibir by explaining how the Satpurush is the gateway to Akshardham using references from the Vachanamrut and episodes from the life of Pramukh Swami Maharaj.

The shibir ended with another exceptional video presentation to complete a memorable three-day event which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who attended, and left all with the distinct impression that there is much more to be learned, imbibed and gained from the Vachanamrut.