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What does Bhagwan Swaminarayan like?
National Sanyukta Mandal Summer Shibir 2010

Warwick Conference Park
Saturday 28 August to Monday 30 August 2010

With the grace and blessings of Pramukh Swami Maharaj, the National Sanyukta Mandal Summer Shibir was held at Warwick Conference Park during 28-30 August 2010, where over 350 participants attended from across the UK. The theme of the shibir was based on Vachanamrut Gadhada Section Ι 76 – the type of devotee Bhagwan Swaminarayan likes.

The shibir opened with the theme video on the negative influence of swabhavs, followed by a drama ‘Akshardhamna Zarukhe’ performed by Leicester Mandal. Yogvivek Swami then explained Gadhada Section Ι 76 on how swabhavs shape and influence our lives.

The shibir was interspersed with speeches, discussion sessions and video shows to make it lively and interesting. The discussion sessions were well received by the groups, in which there was a discussion on each of the swabhavs – krodh, irsha, maan and kapat. Everyone had a say which made the session interesting and also gave an insight on how one could overcome one’s swabhavs.

The history of the chestha was presented by Prabuddhmuni Swami, where everyone learned how Premanand Swami composed the verses at the instructions of Gopalanand Swami who wanted devotees to continue the smruti of the lila of Bhagwan Swaminarayan.

A sports session was organised for people to energise themselves and meet other participants. The session included a discussion on the benefits of regular exercise and things to be aware of while playing sports by Girishbhai. The Mahila Mandal participated in a devotional Bhakti Ras programme.

Bhagwan Swaminarayan strongly dislikes one observing faults in others. This was illustrated by a drama ‘Padvu ja Nathi’ performed by volunteers from London. Pujya santos eloquently explained the consequences of observing faults in others and how to curb this bad habit.

Tyagprakash Swami led a live interactive session with the audience on ‘Yogino Marg’. Questions were asked and the audience was asked to vote by texting their answers, which were displayed on the screen live.

On the final day, a drama entitled ‘Antardrashti’ enlightened the audience. Shukmuni Swami delivered a speech on nirdoshbuddhi, giving an insight on understanding God and the Satpurush.

The shibir closed with a speech by Yogvivek Swami that highlighted what people should take from the shibir to improve their spiritual lives.