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‘Need for Spirituality in the Modern World’
Satsang Shibir in Scotland

Lochinch Police Club, Glasgow
Sunday 1 May 2011

With the grace and blessings of Pramukh Swami Maharaj, the first satsang shibir in Scotland was successfully held on Sunday 1 May 2011. A total of 51 delegates attended the event at the Lochinch Police Club in Glasgow.

The shibir began with a presentation by Tyagprakash Swami who discussed the need and relevance of spirituality in modern life. This was then followed by a discourse from Aksharvihari Swami on how spirituality could be imbibed through devotional practices during the day. In the concluding session of discourses, Tyagprakash Swami shed some spiritual light on the important theme of relationships.

A group discussion and sports activities followed after lunch which energised the minds of the participants before an engaging question-and-answer session concluded the event.

Before departing, participants offered pledges to improve aspects of their personal or professional life.

Delegates shared that the shibir had generated a very positive impact and they looked forward to building on this platform in this part of the UK.