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20 May 2001, Sunday, Atlanta, GA: Medical Camp and Exhibition

Atlanta Mandal celebrated 110th Janmotsav of Yogiji Maharaj with devotion and jubilation. It was a combined effort by Balaks, Kishores, Kishories, Yuvaks, and Yuvati. One stage was decorated with an incident from Yogiji Maharaj’s life at Akshar Deri when he was bitten by a snake. attended by over 1200 devotees.
Following the jivan bhavana of Yogiji Maharaj to do good of all, BAPS Medical Services organized an eye examination camp between 9am and 3pm. Vision, glaucoma, and retina tests were performed on 100 people. This camp was successful due to Dr. Chen, eye surgeon, and five other physicians, along with 15 volunteers from BAPS Medical Services.
Another unique feature of the festival was an exhibition on the life and work of Yogiji Maharaj prepared by Atlanta Kishore and Kishori mandals. The exhibition was comprised of three sections: 1. Timeline of Yogiji Maharaj, 2. Seven Pillars of Yogi Geeta, and 3. Satpurush na Sankalpo that included 7 min multimedia presentation on Yogi Bapa's wishes coming true through Pramukh Swami Bapa (Satsang in America, London Mandir, Akshardham). More than 430 guests visited the exhibition, which will run for the next 3 weekends.
During the samaiyo, Yuvaks sang Kirtans, and narrated prasangs of Yogiji Maharaj’s life. Six Balaks told why they love their Guru and the mandir. Saints spoke on Sanskar – Ghadtar. Kishores and Kishoris who recently graduated were recognized.

Kirtan by balaks

Stage decoration

Exhibition on Yogiji Maharaj

Bhajan by kishores


26 May 2001, Saturday, Boston, MA

Celebrated in the presence of three Santos, the Samaiyo included dhoon, 5 kirtans, 2 speeches, 1 drama and 1 video presentation. Saints narrated divine and inspiring life incidents of Yogiji Maharaj. The drama was based upon the Family-Values. The synopsis of the drama was that the parents, who ignore their children, end up losing their children, who are their most important wealth. It depicted how BAPS, under the guidance of Pramukh Swami emphasis bal samskar.

20 May 2001, Sunday,Toronto, Canada

Yogi Jayanti Samaiyo included pravachans, kirtans and a multimedia presentation that projected major aspects of Yogiji Maharaj's jeevan bhavna. The kishore and balak described the virtuous characteristics of Yogiji Maharaj as a child and as a youth. The two major pravachans provided a glimpse into Yogiji Maharaj's 'sadhuta' and his utmost desire to bring 'satsang nu sukh' to every individual that came in his contact. The multimedia presentation touched each and every individual in the audience.

Balak narrated prasang

Kishores singing kirtans


Kirtan gaan

Drama on bodh katha


Exhibition in Haveli

20 May 2001, Sunday, Chicago, IL

A spectacular cultural program depicting the magnificent life and accomplishments of Yogiji Maharaj was organized, choreographed, and entirely performed by the youth. The event was highlighted by multiple dances, devotional bhajans, and heart-touching dramas illustrating the humbleness, honesty, and divinity of Yogiji Maharaj, as well as his unflinching devotion and service to God and his devotees. Hundreds who attended this auspicious event admired the spirituality of Yogiji Maharaj portrayed by these items and also cherished the speeches of saints. An exhibition displayed in the foyer of the Haveli presented various aspects of Yogiji Maharaj’s life.

May 26 2001, Corpus Christi, TX

Yuvaks and Kishores from Houston mandal came to join in this celebration. All bhajans were dedicated to Yogiji Maharaj. The speeches elaborated on the significance work of Yogiji Maharaj and his achievements. A video of Yogiji Maharaj thrilled the audience.
At this event, Carroll High School donated a check to BAPS Care International to provide food, shelter, and clothing to the earthquake victims in Gujarat. Finally 150 people performed Aarti took Prasad was


Kirtan gaan

Kirtan gaan

20 May 2001, Sunday, Dallas, TX

Bal and Yuvak Mandal celebrated Yogi Jayanti samiyo with lot of devoted preparation. Balaks presented prasangs on Yogi Bapa’s tolerance, seva, devotion and nirmatsarta. Yuvak Mandal performed 2 dramas : Gadhe jaisa Bel Jaisa and Shamshah ka Prashna. A speech and a video darshan followed. Kishore Mandal decorated the main hall with traditional black and white photographs of Yogiji Maharaj. About 800 people attended the festival.

20 May 2001, Sunday, Miami, FL

Yogi Jayanti was celebrated in the presence of about 300 devotees in the Palm Garden's High School. Main feature was Kirtan-Bhakti. Balaks and Kishores sang bhajans of Yogiji Maharaj with various instruments. Touching "Prasangs" from the life of Yogiji Maharaj were also narrated.

Bhajan by Bal and Kishore Mandal


Drama by Kishore mandal

20 May 2001, Sunday, St. Louis, MO

Over 150 people celebrated Yogi Jayanti at the St. Louis mandir. The celebration included Gujarati presentations, Multimedia presentations, and bhajans by balaks and Kishores. Kishore Mandal presented a beautifully choreographed drama moral of drama was how a wicked guru used to make money from innocent village people. It conveyed the message of choosing the right virtuous guru like Yogiji Maharaj and Pramukh Swami Maharaj in one’s life.

20 May 2001, Sunday, Jersey City, NJ

In this special festival of Yogiji Maharaj the balaks and kishores presented various bhajans, prasangs and presentations. Even some 'Bodh-kathas' were narrated in a humorous way. Saints did relevant parayan and speeches. More than 500 people attended. A distinctive program was that a parayan on Yogi Gita was done for preceding seven days after the evening arti.


20 May 2001, Sunday, Los Angeles, CA

Yogiji Maharaj Jayanti was celebrated in the presence of saints by over 1000 devotees. Bal Mandal presented devotional Kirtans and discourses were presented on the various life incidents of Yogiji Maharaj. The youths staged an inspiring drama called “Andhde Bhut Bhadyu” (A blind man discovers a ghost), which sent out a message that one should learn one’s facts before announcing it to others. Two power point presentations exhibiting various snapshots of Yogi Bapa were also displayed on the large screens.

29 May 2001, San Jose, CA

Kishore Mandal did Yogi Jayanti samaiyo in the presence of saints. Yogiji Maharaj’s favorite topic “nirdosh buddhi in everyone” was narrated based on Vachnamrut. Inspiring incidents from Yogiji Maharaj’s Life were presented as dramas by Balaks and Kishores. The climax was an excellent presentation of the kirtan “Yogi Bapa na prem ma…“ by kishores from 2 sides of the stage in the form of a traditional Qawwali


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