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Children present mukhpaath during Swamishri's morning walk

The Bal-Balika Din morning assembly

Swamishri personally meets children


Wednesday, June 9, 2004

    In a society where bad influences and peer pressure drastically affect the children and their future, Pramukh Swami Maharaj's love, care, and efforts for balaks and balikas have truly created strong-minded children who can withstand such forces. To bring about this awareness and reassure their commitments to a righteous lifestyle, the children of BAPS celebrated a Bal-Balika Din today.

    When Swamishri came out for his morning walk, two balaks dressed as bullocks pulled a cart and led Swamishri to the mandir hall. They symbolized the famous words of Brahmswarup Shastriji Maharaj: "Hu To Akshar Purushottam No Baladio Chhu". During the walk, balaks chanted Shlokas, recited entire Vachanamruts, presented "Swami Ni Vatos," and sang Sakhis, all of which they had memorized. During Swamishri's pooja, children recited all the verses of "Shri Vasudev Vimalamrut Dham " and "Bhaktachintamani Gaan" along with the singing of kirtans.

    In a special morning session for children, saints and children competed against one another in games, which ultimately brought out satsang related messages. Swamishri's presence and participation in the games brought joy to every child. In his blessings at the end, Swamishri emphasized the need of unity, love and harmony amongst the children.




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