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Kishores dance as Swamishri does his morning walk

Swamishri offers Annakut prepared by Kishori Mandal

Kishores report their activities to Swamishri


Thursday, June 10, 2004

    Pramukh Swami Maharaj's great influence has helped develop moral and spiritual values in youths who live in a society where they can easily go astray. To recognize Swamishri's unremitting efforts in light of this manner, BAPS kishores and kishoris organized a Kishore-Kishori Din under the title, "Naran'da Influence".

    During Swamishri's morning walk, kishores dressed as sadhus danced with joy while another kishore recited an entire Vachnamrut. During Swamishri's pooja, kishores devotionally sang "Ek Same Amdavad Manů" which describes Bhagwan Swaminarayan's leela charitra (divine actions) in Amdavad. Kishores and kishoris, during the morning session, had an opportunity to listen to senior saints prior to Swamishri's arrival. After Swamishri arrived, saints and kishores participated in games that brought joy to everyone. Swamishri, who was in a very jovial mood, blessed everyone. He emphasized the "Akshar Purushottam" upasana and explained the importance of becoming "Gunatit" through the association of the "Gunatit Sant".

    During the evening program, kishores, through the use of interviews; dramas; speeches; multimedia presentations; and real life incidents, explained the dangers of peer pressure that lead to drinking and dating. Swamishri, during his blessings, explained the difference between satsang (right company) and kusang (wrong company), and asked all to follow the path of satsang. Kishores also performed festive dances to honor, praise, and welcome Swamishri. At the end, all kishores joined hands with Swamishri, who ultimately raised his hands high up in the air signifying his close companionship with youths.




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