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Los Angeles


Saints sing kirtans at the start of the Kishore/Kishori Din Assembly

Kishores present

 Kishores perform lively dances in Swamishri's presence

 Swamishri blesses the Kishore/Kishori Din Assembly

Saturday, June 26, 2004

    The BAPS West youths organized a Kishore/Kishori Din program at the Anaheim Convention center celebrating Swamishri's relentless efforts to enhance society and Satsang. They uniquely described the current and future progress of Satsang due to Swamishri's efforts with a news report from "BAPS News West."

    Kishores also presented Swamishri with many awards, such as the "Lifetime Achievement Award" and "Sadhuta Award". Real-life incidents of West region kishores and kishoris who preserved their faith in difficult circumstances were narrated. Kishores performed dances to welcome Swamishri and spark the enthusiasm for the proposed construction of a new temple in Chino Hills.

    Senior saints also conveyed their wisdom in the assembly. P. Viveksagar Swami explained the many hardships Swamishri has endured for the constant progress of Satsang and societal work. P. Doctor Swami stated that the roots of peace and happiness lie in God, and to realize God, one must find the true Saint.

    Many dignitaries were also present in the assembly. Honorable Judge James Gray of the Superior Court of Orange County presented a plaque to Swamishri for Swamishri's commitment to Hinduism and compassion for humanity. Finally, Swamishri blessed the assembly elaborating on the four aims of one's life, dharma, artha, kama, and moksha. He explained that one needs dharma in every aspect of one's life. One also needs to acquire the knowledge of atma and Parmatma, which is accomplished through the association of the Saint.




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