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Houston Mandir Moods


Swamishri and saints in front of the Mandir

 Beautiful landscaping surrounds the Mandir

Shri Akshar Purushottam Maharaj seen through archways and columns beneath a magnificent central dome

The exquisite central dome

    A Mandir is more than a house of worship or a place of prayer. It is a place where time stops and the mind becomes still. With the immense peace and purity it offers, the Mandir represents an abode of spiritual love and harmony for all devotees.

    Swamishri has put great emphasis on the construction of Mandirs, and the newly built Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Houston, Texas marks the 17th Shikharbadh Mandir inspired by Swamishri.

    This Mandir, is 73 feet tall, spans 125 feet in length, and 95 feet in width. Situated on an 18 acre site and built according to the ancient Vedic Shilpashastra, or scriptural architecture, there is no metal used in the foundation. Turkish white limestone used in the exterior and brilliant Italian marble used in the interior is skillfully and intricately carved into work of wonder and beauty.

    The minute people lay eyes on one of the 5 towering Shikhars (pinnacles), 4 Saamrans, Ghummat (central dome), or 11 Ghumtis (smaller domes), they will be awestruck. With 136 pillars carved with 7 unique designs, a ceiling with 24 different patterns, and carvings all along the walls, there is not an area of this Mandir left bare.

    The splendor and magnificence of this Mandir are sure to bring peace to any one who visits it.

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