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National Kishore Karyakar Convention 2005:
I will always be with you


April 8-11, 2005
Saddlebrook, NJ

Introduction: In an attempt to inspire and train the next generation of karyakars from around the nation, kishore sanchalaks and kishori sanchalikas gathered in Saddlebrook, New Jersey at the Radisson Hotel for a 3-day shibir beginning on April 8, 2005. The theme was based on P.P. Swamishri's promise to all kishores and kishoris during the National Convention in Orlando, "I Will Always be with you". Workbooks for each of the classrooms and workshops were prepared to serve as a mandal guide during KarCon and thereafter. These documents were organized into a binder, which were then provided to sanchalaks/sanchalikas during their registration.

Mukhpath: The mukhpaath packet was based on the chesta booklet that was given out in Regional KarCons. The quiz was administered on the first night and consisted more of application of the chesta meaning rather than memorization. The sanchalaks were expected to know the various leelas that Maharaj did in his life and relate it to P.P. Swamishri's daily schedule.

Workshops: In order to develop karyakars into the leaders of their mandals, workshops focused in on how to accomplish this goal. The workshops ranged from Turn it up a Notch, a workshop focused on improving overall sabha skills and how to effectively be a good speaker; to Star Search which taught the karyakars the importance of searching for new talent and eventually taking an active role in developing it. Look in the Mirror taught karyakars the importance of writing reports, analyzing them, and defining success measures. The Gear up and Adapt workshop focused on the launch of the summer shibir.

Group Discussion: To lighten things up a bit and also to be able to exchange ideas the group discussion focused on the everyday problems that RCs and sanchalaks face. All sanchalaks and RCs also gave in their input on how they can solve those problems. Also Houston and Chicago sanchalaks gave advice from past experience on how to prepare for the other region's mandir mahotsavs.

Evening programs: The purpose of the evening program was to inform all the delegates of the various projects taken on by different regions for 2007. The theme for the evening program was "Our Vision for 2007". The breakdown of this theme consisted of three aspects: Mandal Goals / Niyam Dharam amongst Karyakars, Bapa's Vision for 2007, and Regional Project Updates. The program began with a panel discussion led by with Dr. Tushar Patel who interviewed 6 different visionary sanchalaks from around the nation. During the program the Regional Admin Coordinators gave a brief overview of what their region's goals were for 2005, and the Regional Coordinators also enlightened the audience with prasangs in their regions in which Swami personally gave them a goal for 2007. The Evening program also included a guest speaker, Dr. Navinbhai Mehta, who spoke about balancing one's life. The program ended with a game in which 4 kishores had to do impromptu acting. Overall, the evening program was very entertainment and a definite message was portrayed as it did focus on Pramukh Swami's vision for 2007.

Saints' speeches: P. Vivekyogi Swami started the Friday night shibir off with a series of light prasangs in which he explained that Maharaj and Swami are goal-oriented in everything that they do. P. Kaivalyamurti Swami talked about various ways in which we can keep Maharaj and Swami with us at all times. P. Amrutnandan Swami talked about the importance of constantly thinking of Swami while doing our seva, and he also illustrated that we can't retire from our seva simply because it gets frustrating, because Swami has never retired from his responsibilities.

Viday Session: The final message that was portrayed to all the delegates was essentially the shibir's message and its purpose, to be on the next level when Swamishri comes to America in 2007. All delegates understood that when Swamishri comes in 2007 "it should be obvious that there has been a change" in America's kishore mandal.

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