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Shri Hari Jayanti Celebration by North America Mahila Mandal

'Sono Avasar Avyo Aaj'

Kishoris bring Shreeji Maharaj in a Palkhi

Balikas perform a dance

Balikas perform Bharatnatayam dance

Kishoris perform a dance

Ladies perform the drama of Jivuba

On the auspicious occasion of Chaitra Sud Nom April 18th 2005, the birthday of Shree Swaminarayan Bhagwan was celebrated across North America by the North America Mahila Mandal. The Event was celebrated with great festivities, contentment and with great devotion. It was as they say a "Soneri Avasar" for the Mahila Mandals across North America.

For the North America Mahila Mandal, this was not just a samaiyo to celebrate the birth of Bhagwan Swaminarayan, but also an auspicious occasion to celebrate an accomplishment of their mega project - Suvarana Samarpan. Offering devotion in fulfilling Swamishri's wishes for the opening of Delhi Akshardham, the mahilas of North America wanted to be a part of history. They decided that the vast oceans between America and India would not hold them back and they worked as one family in the project to raise funds for the sponsorship of Bhagwan Swaminarayan's golden murti in Delhi Akshardham. The funds were raised via sponsorship of the Mahila Hari Jayanti Samaiyo, which involved a campaign of networking for approximately two months to accomplish individual center targets. To further seal their dedication in their beliefs, each mahila, including balikas, kishoris and yuvatis took a niyam for the betterment of their personal satsang. The ladies wing participated by sponsoring Hari Jayanti samaiyo and participating in Niyam Grahan Vidhi.

The main theme of the Samaiyo was 'Sono Avasar Avyo Aaj'. The program was a collage of enduring grand celebration of Bhakti, Samarpan & great devotion. To give a special grandeur to the samaiyo, the Balika, Kishori, Yuvati & Suvasini Mandals performed wonderful dances. Harikrishna Maharaj was brought in the sabha on a "Palkhi' during a welcome procession performed by Balikas, Kishoris, Yuvatis & Suvasinis with graceful dances and Kalash on their heads. The entire atmosphere was filled with divinity.

Drama skits of 'Kalubai', 'Jivubai', 'Brahma Rakshash', 'Laduba', 'Ladhibai', 'Sagram Vaghri', 'Jetalpur ni Ganika' were performed with a great set, lighting effect and magnificent costumes appropriate to match the character to take the audience back in Bhagwan Swaminarayan's time to make them understand the Bhaktibhav of Bai Haribhakto.

The great finale of the celebration was the ladies performance of a Kirtan Aradhana, full of devotional bhajans. The Samaiyo ended with the Niyam-grahan ceremony, which was part of the Suvarna Samarpan project, in which many ladies pledged to an anti-addiction and pure life in Satsang.

Overall the centers in North America celebrated Hari Jayanti with great devotion and love for Maharaj & Swami and showed their samarpan by doing seva for Maharaj's suvarna murti in Delhi Akshardham and joined in Niyam Grahan vidhi to strengthen their Bhakti & Satsang. It was truly 'Sono Avasar' for North America Mahila Mandal and by Bhagwan Swaminarayan & Guruhari Pramukh Swami Maharaj's grace it was a grand success.