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Kishore-Kishori Summer Shibir 2006
Vachanamrut: His Word. Our Life



August 2006
USA - Canada

With the objective of getting in-depth understanding of the Vachanamrut and to implement its teachings into daily lives, the Kishore-Kishori Summer Shibir 2006 was organized in each region across North America in August 2006. The theme of the summer shibir was Vachanamrut: His Word. Our Life.

Kishores and Kishoris relatively new to the concepts in the Vachanamrut attended classes which gave information on the times during which the Vachanamrut was compiled and explained the basics of Vachanamrut. The more experienced kishores and kishoris learned about Bhagwan Swaminarayan's personality and how to cross reference Vachanamruts. They also practiced different techniques to easily explain the Vachanamrut to others.

Apart from going through classes and activities, the kishores and kishoris also attended evening programs where they learned about moral values and spirituality through games and activities. Successful professionals spoke on wide range of topics including how spirituality helped them in their lives.

Saints through relevant examples, were able to convey to the youths how applying the principles of the Vachanamrut into one's life can have an extremely positive effect. The participants departed with a strong wish to do accordingly and please Param Pujya Pramukh Swami Maharaj.

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