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30 April 2000 Cleveland, OH First Annual Health Fair
15 April 2000 Charlotte, NC Health Fair in Charlotte
9 April 2000 Edison, NJ Shree Hari Jayanti Samaiyo
8 April 2000 Houston, TX The Community Health Fair
9 March - 9 April 2000 Edison, NJ Shree Hari Parva: A month long celebration for the birth of the Lord
19 March 2000 Los Angeles, CA Holi Festival in Los Angeles
19 March 2000 Charlotte, NC Holi and Fuldol Festival Celebration
12 March 2000 Miami, FL Ground Breaking Ceremony of a BAPS Mandir
10 March 2000 Chicago, IL America's First Traditional Cultural and Community Complex
13 February 2000 St. Louis, MO Vasant Panchami Festival Celebration


30 April 2000, Cleveland, OH: First Annual Health Fair

The Cleveland center held its first annual Health Fair on Sunday April 30 at the BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir in Brunswick, Ohio in conjunction with Association of Indian Physicians of Northern Ohio (AIPNO). 85 physicians provided their expertise to about 600 attendees.

The Health Fair provided a platform for the physicians to volunteer their services for a noble cause. The physicians came from various backgrounds of the medical field and performed exams/tests in their respective fields. The attendees were offered exam/tests in the fields of geriatrics, pediatrics, endocrinology, etc. The test/exams ranged from blood test to glaucoma screening. After the Health Fair, a Sunday meeting was held in the mandir, where talks were given by area physicians on important health-related issues to promote health-awareness in the Indian community.

15 April 2000, Charlotte, NC: Health Fair in Charlotte

A free medical camp was organized in the Mandir with 9 doctors providing their expert services to the community. 116 persons had complete health checkups, 110 blood tests, and 90 volunteers donated blood. Free medications were also distributed. The festival turned out to be a celebration of body, mind and soul!

Los Angeles Kishore Mandal performs a traditionl folk dance on the Holi Festival

IDCA Diamond Association donates $10,001 to BAPS for Orissa Cyclone Relief

19 March 2000, Sunday, Los Angeles, USA: Holi Festival

Bochasanwasi Shree Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS) held festivities for Pushpadolotsav / Holi and Bhagatji Maharajís Birth Anniversary in the presence of Sadhu Uttamcharandas and Sadhu Kaivalyamurtidas on March 19, 2000 at the Shree Swaminarayan Mandir in Whittier.

The festivities began with the melodious dhoon, prarthana and devotional songs depicting the colorful and joyous spring season. It was followed by an inspiring discourse from Sadhu Uttamcharandas. The youth group presented a heart-warming "Holi dance" welcoming the spring.

Due to the confident faith in activities of BAPS throughout the world, the IDCA (association of the Diamond merchants with 110 members of Indian origin in LA,) has always chosen to extend their relief help through BAPS. With noble hearts, the IDCA members came forward with their generous donations of $10,001 to BAPS for the Orissa relief projects. BAPS has undertaken massive relief projects in the most recent cyclone in Orissa, where many people lost their lives.

The celebrations ended at 7.00 PM with aarti followed by mahaprasad. Approximately 1,200 people attended the festivities.

19 March 2000, Charlotte, NC: Hundreds celebrate Holi and Fuldol festival

The children have been hearing the story of Prahlad and Holika for many years. They got a chance to see it performed nicely in the BAPS Mandir in Charlotte, where hundreds from Carolinas had gathered to celebrate Holi, Fuldol and the birthday of Pragji Bhagat. The youth wing had enthusiastically prepared the decors. They presented devotional bhajans of the occasion. The audience loved the skits that were performed by teenagers and kids.

Mandir and Cultural Complex Model, Chicago

The youth performing story of Prahlad and Holika

Ground breaking ceremony is performed by saints

Ground breaking ceremony Entrance

12 March 2000, Miami, FL: Ground-breaking ceremony of a BAPS Mandir

For many years the Satsang has been spreading rapidly in the Miami region. There is a great need for a temple in this area of South Florida. The seeds of this dream were sown on March 12th, 2000 when the ground-breaking ceremony of a BAPS Mandir was performed in Boynton Beach. Amidst devotional fervor the saints performed the Vedic rituals with over a thousand people joining in. Devotees from all over Florida, Atlanta, and other centers joyously participated in this historical event.

10 March 2000, Friday, Chicago, IL, USA: America's First Traditional Cultural and Community Complex

BAPS is building the first traditional Cultural and Community Complex in Chicago. Work on the Haveli, a majestic Cultural Complex, is progressing at a rapid speed. The building excavation and foundations have been completed. Waterproofing/dampproofing, underground plumbing and underground electric work have progressed significantly and about ninety nine percent of the structural steel and deck have been erected. Through out this month waterproofing, underground plumbing, underground electrical, building backfill and concrete deck work will continue.

Well on schedule, the Haveli will be completed by October 2000, when HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj will ceremoniously open it, amidst great fanfare, for the benefit and perusal of the community and our youth.

Mandir and Cultural Complex Model, Chicago

December 1999, Erecting the front and the north basement level walls of the Haveli

Children singing traditional song


13 February 2000, St. Louis, MO: Vasant Panchami Festival Celebration

Vasant Panchami Festival was celebrated with great fanfare. The Kishores and Kishoris did all the decorations befitting the festival. Speeches were delivered on various aspects of the book of moral codes "Shikshapatri", written by the Lord Swaminarayan. The magnanimous work of Shastriji Maharaj was also lauded. The charm of the festival was that the small kids and teenagers were involved in all the programs.

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