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Searching Question Fulfilling Answer
Each person struggles through

life. For some the trials are

overpowering, for others a bored

status quo prevails,and

for a minority mountains are

pounded to dust in

the search for meaning and joy.

Within the invisible depths of

each soul there is a yearning.

A need to know ‘Why?’.

‘Why do we live?’,

‘Why do we experience problems?’,

‘Why are we travellers on the

journey of life?’.

In the search for answers to

their uncertainties many turn to

the God-realised Sadhu.
    Travellers On The Journey Of Life
    From all walks of life

On a normal day, Pramukh Swami Maharaj meets men from all walks of life... lawyers, celebrities and even fishermen! There are those who have known him for years, and those who for the first time come to meet him in search of guidance...

Rai Chaudhary: As a rule I chant God’s name daily. If I break my rule, even if only for a day, I feel guilty that I have eaten without first remembering God...

Swamishri: It’s good that you have such a niyam. If we are to progress in life, or even at the office, then we need niyams. Such discipline also helps us intensify our devotion and strengthen our faith in God. Also, we can apply ourselves better in our activities. In your office you should do your duty as a collector, but in front of the sadhu be a humble disciple. Work in such a way that the people, the government and all parties benefit from your efforts. Today, man uses his status to distance himself from the public, but that is not a practical approach to working. Basically, we are here to help solve problems. Yet, if we refuse to even meet them, then our work becomes meaningless. When someone comes to you with a problem, even if you do nothing else but simply listen to him, you will have lifted half the burden off his shoulders.
  Rai Chaudhary: What you have said is very true. We (at the I.A.S. training centre) also encourage our members to patiently listen to anyone who wants to talk. Even if the problem is beyond our reach and we can’t help, at least he gets peace of mind knowing that someone took time to listen to him...

(2 May 1989, Rajkot)

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