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Searching Question Fulfilling Answer
Each person struggles through

live. For some the trials are

overpowering, for others a bored

status quo prevails,and

for a minority mountains are

pounded to dust in

the search for meaning and joy.

Within the invisible depths of

each soul there is a yearning.

A need to know ‘Why?’.

‘Why do we live?’,

‘Why do we experience problems?’,

‘Why are we travellers on the

journey of life?’.

In the search for answers to

their uncertainties many turn to

the God-realised Saint.
    Travellers On The Journey Of Life
    Those who call him Bapa...

To a disciple, the guru is the doorway to redemption. However, on the path to realisation would be aspirant has to endure the trials and tribulations of life. Who can he turn to for help? Except to he whom he calls Bapa...

Dr. Bhagubhai (Devotee) : Swami. This sabha being held in your presence must be the same as the sabha held in Akshardham? Are the same types of discourses being held there too?

Swamishri : In Akshardham, there is only happiness emanating from the darshan of God. There is nothing which resembles this world.

Kanubhai Amin (Devotee) : It is said that there (in Akshardham), one can see tej - divine light - everywhere.

Swamishri : Exactly. There is no kind of darkness in Akshardham. Darkness is only found where there is the perception of being the body. Besides, if there is tej then there is no chance of falling asleep! There is no sense of being the body, thus there is only tej everywhere. But the tej is soft and cool, it doesn’t scorch one’s eyes, it caresses them. There is a soft breeze. Not like the wind here on earth, which sometimes doesn’t blow at all, only to suddenly gush at high speeds causing destruction. The cool breeze creates a feeling of tranquillity. Everything is comfortable. There is no type of hardship or misery. The happiness of God pervades the whole atmosphere.

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