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A counsellor - “How can I

convince my child to...”

A visionary - “Who was I in my

past life...”

A psychologist - “How can I cope

with the guilt...”

A friend in need - “Why did God

take my son and not me...”

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The many roles of Swamishri.

Sometimes we can catch a glimpse

of all these within the space of

just a few hours. He opens his

doors to the world, and for those

who walk in, he opens the doors of

their hearts, letting in light where

there was once darkness.
    The Meaning Of Life
    Which Way to Spiritual Progress?

According to your agna, I have been doing puja daily for the last 10 years. As yet I still haven’t been able to totally concentrate in my puja and I have not experienced any bliss either; I only get thoughts about other things. How can I improve my concentration in my puja?
Although we do puja daily we don’t have as much mahima of God and His Sadhu as we would should have. If we can realise Their mahima, we will experience Their bliss.

Swamishri : We should sit in our puja and contemplate Their mahima and also think that God Himself has come to sit in my puja. Also, when having darshan of the murtis in the temple we should think that we are having darshan of God Himself, not just statues of stone, wood and metal. Yogiji Maharaj used to see God in the murtis whenever he did darshan. If we can do this, then we will experience the same bliss of darshan which he enjoyed. Also by keeping such a thought in our mind we will be able to keep everlasting divyabhav in the images.

How can one destroy laziness?

Swamishri : Laziness is a terrible enemy. Because of it we ruin so much of our work. If we can stop being lazy, we can really progress. A lazy man never gets ahead in his work. He is never successful in his occupation, family matters or even spiritual activities. Thus he never feels peace in his heart. If we are to make progress we must remove laziness. Laziness is when we think, ‘I’ll do it after an hour.’ We shouldn’t postpone work even for a minute! Whatever work we are given we should complete it immediately.
On the spiritual path there is no place for laziness. We need regularity. If we have decided to turn five malas daily then five it must be! We should always attend discourses. If we are supposed to go to the temple then we must go. If we are regular in fulfilling our daily niyams we will get ahead. But if we become lazy - ‘I’ll do it tomorrow or the day after’, then we won’t be able to achieve anything. It is the same in any activity be it labour, farming or studies. If we believe laziness to be our enemy we can then destroy it.

My wife is confused as to whether she should worship Lord Rama or Lord Ranchhodji.

Swamishri : What’s there to be confused about? She should worship whichever deity she has affection for. Rama or Ranchhodji, both are names of God. She should do bhakti of whomever she has faith in; only then will she experience peace.

(22 July 1992, Bochasan)

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