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A counsellor - “How can I

convince my child to...”

A visionary - “Who was I in my

past life...”

A psychologist - “How can I cope

with the guilt...”

A friend in need - “Why did God

take my son and not me...”

A guru - “How can I progress

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The many roles of Swamishri.

Sometimes we can catch a glimpse

of all these within the space of

just a few hours. He opens his

doors to the world, and for those

who walk in, he opens the doors of

their hearts, letting in light where

there was once darkness.
    The Meaning Of Life
    The Family

Freelance journalist Kaushik Joshi interviewed Swamishri concerning the problems faced by Satsangi families in a non-Satsangi society...
    Question 2

In an effort to stop our children from going to our neighbour's house to watch TV, we buy a TV set of our own. But now we have lost control. How can we teach them what they should and should not watch?

Swamishri : Although there is a lot we can learn from TV, it is also a menace. Through it, all of our traditions are being washed away. Many bad habits are learnt directly from the TV. That’s why it’s best for devotees not to buy a TV. But if we don’t, then there is always the risk that our children will simply go and watch it next door. But there is a solution. We should gently convince them not to watch TV. If we explain the disadvantages of TV patiently and lovingly, then in the long run it will have a greater effect. Also, we should offer them some alternatives to TV such as Satsang, ghar-sabha, bal-sabha and suitable reading books. And if the child is talented, arrange for him to take classes in singing, music, art, etc. Slowly they will draw away from the TV - that is the only way. The child should feel in his heart that -‘I should not watch TV’. However, first we have to believe that ourselves, before we can teach them. Only then will this menace disappear from our homes. Otherwise there is no controlling what they watch.

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