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Searching Questions Fulfilling Answers
For decades Swamishri has been

guiding others towards God.

Inspiring them in times of

hardship; consoling them in

times of sadness, he has been a

constant source of light in their

lives when there has been only

engulfing darkness. But what

has been his source of inspiration

over the years? How has he

managed to remain composed

during incidents of both honour

and insult? What drives him to

push himself night and day in the

service of others? Delving into

the depths of his heart we find

the source of his light...
    His Source of Light
    “Why did you decide to become a sadhu?”
    Question 2

Kanubhai Mehta1 : Please describe any spiritual experiences you have had. Because today people are crazy about having visions.

Swamishri : Of course one can have spiritual experiences by ashtang yoga, but the main cause of our experiences is guru krupa (the grace of the guru)! Meeting Shastriji Maharaj was my greatest spiritual experience.

Is this experience a vision of some sort?

Swamishri : No. As we went on doing seva we earned his grace and blessings and thus our experiences intensified... The more our guru was pleased, the greater happiness we experienced. This happiness stays throughout our life. We don’t become miserable over temporary objects.

Today many sadhus offer to give people visions. Are they real or fake?

Swamishri : Everyone does things according to their own customs. We do not interfere in such matters. As far as we are concerned, we remember God and bless people and God does the rest...

What has been the happiest experience in your life?

Swamishri : Serving my guru. Basically, meeting a true guru is happiness itself!

What do you regret in your life?

Swamishri : By God’s wish we do our work. Everything happens according to His wishes. Even if we achieve nothing and everything falls apart, that too would be by God’s wish; (By keeping this understanding) we have no regrets.

(12 March 1986, Bombay)

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