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Searching Questions Fulfilling Answers
For decades Swamishri has been

guiding others towards God.

Inspiring them in times of

hardship; consoling them in

times of sadness, he has been a

constant source of light in their

lives when there has been only

engulfing darkness. But what

has been his source of inspiration

over the years? How has he

managed to remain composed

during incidents of both honour

and insult? What drives him to

push himself night and day in the

service of others? Delving into

the depths of his heart we find

the source of his light...
    His Source of Light
    The World Through His Eyes

Swamishri has met many different people from all over the world. How does he see all these people...
    Question 4
American Citizens - Clark Cogswell, Tom Esperito and Peter Duelze...

What is the best thing in life?

Swamishri : God has given us this wonderful body. The best thing in life is to use it to do bhakti and Sant samagam, and to keep faith in God and His Saint.

Have you ever had a bad thought?

Swamishri : We have thoughts about God only and about how to do good to others.

Have you ever sinned?

Swamishri : How can we have sinned? Since birth we have been in Satsang !

(27 June 1994, Orlando)

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