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Searching Questions Fulfilling Answers
Today the Akshar Purushottam

Sanstha has expanded into an

international organisation. With

centres all over the world and

over 550 sadhus, it is a firmly

established Faith in today’s

society. Its activities range from

building a traditional seven-spired

temple in London to teaching the

backward classes of Gujarat

to read and write.

However, with the growth of any

organisation there are always a

few people who are curious

about the objectives of the new

Sanstha. For example,

“Why do you spend so much

money in celebrating big

festivals?”, “Are you not

damaging the future of the country

by initiating young graduates as

sadhus?”, “Is the Swaminarayan

Sanstha a part of Hinduism?”

Such questions are put to

Swamishri by reporters, sceptics

and even detractors of the

Sanstha and its activities.

Whatever their motives may be,

these questions give us a clear

picture of this Sanstha and its

objectives; for today’s

society and for the future.
    As The Pramukh

Swamishri as President (Pramukh) and spiritual master, is the person to answer such queries. For it is through his efforts that the Sanstha has become what it is today. In fact, it is fair to say that Pramukh Swami is the Sanstha...
    Question 2

C.B. Patel : Many people do not consider the Swaminarayan Sampradaya as part of Hinduism. Others claim that the name of Radha-Krishna has been completely removed.

Swamishri : This Sanstha is definitely a part of Hinduism! In the same way as many other religions, our beliefs are not different from Hindu dharma. We can see this immediately if we read the Sampradaya’s scriptures. In all the temples built by Him, Shriji Maharaj has installed images of all the incarnations of God. Whereas the Vaishnavs only install images of Shri Krishna and followers of Lord Rama only install images of Sita and Rama. Does that exclude them from the eternal Hindu Culture? That is their faithful devotion to their God. Shriji Maharaj has written that one should respectively bow before all devas, but keep faith in only one - ‘Purushottam Narayan.’ In all the temples of the Sampradaya, there are images of devas and they are all served food and worshipped. When Shriji Maharaj talks about Brahman and Parabrahman, He does so using knowledge from the Vedas. He has never ostracised any deva.

Dipak Bavaskar : How does mankind benefit from Satsang and from temples?

Swamishri : There are many benefits. By going to the temple man’s faith in dharma is strengthened. He develops bhakti towards God, his life is transformed and his evil instincts are destroyed. The result of all this is that he experiences everlasting bliss. He experiences every type of peace - at work, in his home, in society and in his mind. Above all, he attains spiritual peace in his soul. By doing Satsang, he learns how to live in society without becoming entangled in it.

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